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Chapter Eight
Surprise, Surprise!

Written By: Marik's Girl

Sakura and Tristan walked side by side holding white grocery in their hands. Kero said that it would be best if Sakura was with someone at all times (if possible) to make sure that she was safe… in case of another monster attack or otherwise. Sakura understood that Kero was worried as was her cousin and her new friends… but she wasn't all that defenseless - she is a powerful magician… but at the same time, how could she protect herself or even help her friends when she knew nothing of this enemy? She wondered what was going to happen from now on…? She let out a sigh, confused over the whole thing. Not only because she knew nothing of this enemy… but because of why he was after her. What did she do that made Aki's master hate her so? She really wished she knew what was going on; she didn't want anyone to get hurt either…

Tristan glanced over at his cousin and saw the confused and sad look on her face. It hurt him to see her like this… he was a little upset that he really couldn't protect her from these attacks (sure he could protect her from normal people, not people with magic) but that didn't mean that he wouldn't try; he would protect her with his life - if he had too! She was family and she meant a lot to him… but he did notice the real protectiveness with Bakura… and he began to wonder why he was acting like that; Yami too was protective of Sakura as well… did he like his cousin? Or did he feel that he should protect his new found friend.

Tristan didn't want to think too much into it; so he smiled at Sakura and looked into her sad emerald-green eyes. "Don't worry… everything will be alright." They both stopped walking and she looked up at her cousin and then smiled. "Thank you." She said softly to assure her cousin that she would try not to worry. She then looked up at the clear blue sky and a slight frown appeared on her face. "… I just wish I knew who this person is…" she said softly with sadden eyes. "I don't want anyone to get hurt because of me." Tristan frowned at her. Did she think that she was a bother?


Both teens blinked and looked up ahead and saw a ten-year-old boy with long messy black hair and wide blue eyes.



"Someone is after Sakura?" Joey's eyes widen with shock as he blurted out his shock, as did the rest of the Yugioh gang. Yugi could only nod; his eyes sadden as he thought of the attack. He wished that he could've done something to help her during the attack - sure Sakura was safe with the help of Yami (AND Bakura) but he felt the need to protect her as well. But the question was… why did Bakura, Ryou's dark side protect her for? He was acting like an over protective big brother that wouldn't let anyone near his little sister… at least that was what Yugi thought. But he supposed that it was best not to think too much into it.

"Do you know who attacked her?" asked Téa with concern in her voice and a very worried look across her face. "A women named Aki attacked yesterday… according to this women, her master has something against Sakura… but we have no idea what it is that he has against her." said Yugi sadly. "Did you find anything out about who this master guy is?" asked Joey, but Yugi shook his head. "No and neither does Sakura…" What could be so bad that this master would go to great lengths to kill Sakura?

"That women…" everyone turned around when they heard a deep voice and looked at Ryou - who was now Bakura, his eyes narrow as he looked at the group. "That women Aki said that Sakura did something to her master five-thousand-years ago…" he said as he leaned up against a wall with his arms crossed over his chest; a serious look on his face. The groups eyes widen when they heard Bakura's words and shouted "WHAT!?" at the same time. How could Sakura of done anything five-thousand-years ago when she was only sixteen? How could that be possible?


Sakura blinked as she looked at the adorable ten-year-old with long messy black hair and wide blue eyes… said boy had run up to her and hugged her like she was going to leave him and almost knocked her down on the ground (much to Tristan's dismay and shock) Mokuba Kaiba smiled brightly at her as he hugged her. "Sakura! It is you!" Sakura had put down the grocery bags and hugged the boy back and looked down at the boy and smiled brightly at him.


Both teenagers and Mokuba looked up and Sakura blinked and then stared - their stood Seto Kaiba, a tall boy that was seventeen years of age with short brown hair and beautiful blue eyes; he is wearing a black long-sleeve shirt, black slacks, brown shoes and a silvery-white trench coat. She couldn't believe her eyes… it was Seto, a boy that she have not seen in almost six years. Seto looked up in surprise as he looked at the fifteen year old girl who he hadn't seen in almost six years. As a child, Seto always thought that Sakura was pretty… way more pretty then any of the girls that he had seen; but now she was a beautiful teenage girl. "Sakura?" he said softly as he looked at her. "Seto…"

Tristan looked between the two with a What-The-Hell look on his face. He frowned as he looked at his cousin. "Sakura… you know the Kaiba's?"


Tristan was dumbfounded… he just couldn't believe what he was hearing - his sweet cousin, Sakura - knew Seto and Mokuba Kaiba… Seto on the other hand was a different story; even though he didn't show it, he was shocked that Sakura was even related to Tristan Taylor… well the world was full of surprises… but this? He was having a hard time believing that it was true. Even though the two teenage boys couldn't believe or hear what they were seeing… Mokuba was the happiest - he hadn't seen Sakura in six years and she was like a big sister to him; Sakura was quite happy as well, since she had not seen Seto or Mokuba in such a long time.

At the moment though, Sakura sat on a couch in the living room in the Kaiba Mansion with her hands in her lap. Mokuba sat next to Sakura on her right with a happy smile on his face, while Tristan sat on Sakura's left with a frown on his face. Seto sat in a chair with his arms crossed and his eyes closed. He didn't like the fact that Tristan was in hishome, but he was Sakura cousin… and they thought that it would be best to come here (since it was closer then there house) to explain how Sakura new the Kaiba's… and to explain how in the hell she was related to Tristan… Sakura also was surprised to find out that Seto was the CEO of Kaiba Corp… he had accomplished a lot since she had last seen him and he did it so that he could protect his little brother Mokuba.

Sakura looked up at the clock, seeing that it was 5:46pm in the afternoon. 'Me and Tristan should head back home.' She thought to herself as she slowly stood up. She turned to Seto. "We better get going." She said and then bowed. "Thank you for the tea." She said as a smile graced her lips. Mokuba frowned at her words. "Ahhhh! Do you have too?" Mokuba asked with a pout; Sakura nodded. "Yes… I still have to go home and make dinner…" she said softly as she looked at the sad ten year old boy. "But…" she began as she looked at Seto. "If it's alright with Seto, I can stop by when you guys are not busy. She said with a smile on her face. Mokuba looked at Seto with a hopeful look on his face and Seto could only nod. "That's fine."

Mokuba grinned happily. Both Sakura and Tristan stood up. "Bye Mokuba, Seto!" said Sakura as she waved good bye and then they left. "Isn't it great to see Sakura-chan again?" Mokuba asked with smile; Seto gave a slight nod. "Yes... but I still don't see how she is even related to one of Yugi's friends." he said with a frown. 'Well at least she is not related to the mutt...'


Ishizu Ishtar frowned as she looked at her younger brother; she could tell that something was wrong from the moment she saw him. Something was bothering him, what it was... she didn't know. And she was becoming worried. Sure she knew that Marik wasn't very open to anyone beside herself and Odion, but he has never been like this... 'I wonder what is wrong...' she thought sadly.

There was something indeed wrong... and Marik knew that is sister was worried about him; but he wasn't going to tell her what was bothering him, he wasn't even going to tell Odion for that matter... Marik Ishtar wasn't even sure what was wrong with him... all that he knew or could think about was that green eyed girl with light-brown hair... ever since he had saved her, he couldn't stop thinking (or seeing XD) about her. He couldn't understand what was so different about this girl - she looked like a normal girl, but he had a weird feeling that she wasn't normal; and the fact she was very beautiful... he groaned as a slight blush went across his cheeks.

What was wrong with him?


"Ishtar residence. Ishizu Ishtar speaking."

"Is Marik there?" asked a deep voice. "No, he just left... may I ask who is calling?" Ishizu asked with a calm tone in her voice. "It's Yami." She blinked. "I need to talk to Marik or you about a matter." She stayed silent for a moment before she spoke up again. "A matter... my Pharaoh?" she asked, a bit confused on what he wanted to talk about.

"Yes... do you know of, or have your heard the name Tama?"

Ishizu blinked again. "...Tama...?


Marik blinked when he came into his house and saw the Pharaoh sitting at the table. "What's going on?" Marik asked. Yami looked up when he heard Marik's voice and saw him walk in, still wearing his coat and a confused look on the teenage Egyptian's face. "I have come to ask a favor... and to try to get some answers to my questions." The ex-Pharaoh replied with a serious look on his face. Marik could only nod as he pulled out a chair and sat down. "What's the matter?" Marik asked; still a bit confused at what was going on. "A friend of mine is in danger, someone has already tried to kill her twice." Yami said with a frown. "I am not sure of the reason why she is being targeted... but according to Bakura... a woman named Aki had said that my friend had done something to her master five-thousand-years-ago..." Yami paused for a moment before he continued on. "Do you know of anyone name Tama?"

Marik shook his head. "No." Yami looked down and frowned. 'I was hoping that one of them could tell me something...' he thought sadly. "Did you say Tama?" Three pairs of eyes looked up at the doorway and saw Odion Ishtar. "Yes, do you know something, Odion?" the tall man nodded his head. "Yes, my Pharaoh." Odion said as he walked into the room. "I once read on a tablet about a dark magician known as Tama. She was power hungry and very powerful... until she was stopped by another magician who was pure of heart known as Kura. She sealed Tama away with the cost of her own soul..." He paused before continuing on. "I have also read that Kura was a priestess and the most powerful magician that ever lived."

"But how could that be connected to-?" Yami's eyes widen. 'What if Aki's master thinks that Sakura is the Priestess that sealed her away!?'


A girl with long wavy gray-black and beautiful blue eyes, wearing a dark blue suit and black ankle strap high heels, walked over to a black limo with five women in black suits and sunglasses. She smiled and thanked the tall woman that open the door for her and went inside while the rest followed her into the limo and then the limo drove off towards Domino City.


{ Ancient Egypt }

Ten-year-old Kura jumped onto Bakura's bed with a happy smile on her face, making eleven-year-old Bakura open his eyes. "Kura!" he cried out in surprise as she jumped and hugged him happily, making blush. "Good morning Bakura!" Kura said with a bright smile making the Egyptian boy smile back. "Guess what!" she said as she let go of him and laid down next to him. "What?" he asked as he turn on his side to face her. "Today is the sixth year we've known each other!" she said happily, making Bakura blink at the happy girl. It was true that they had known each other for a good six years... and he was glad that he met her. She was just like him... her whole village was burned to the ground, everyone died but somehow she survived. He was five when he found the four-year-old Kura was curled into a ball and crying her eyes out. He never knew the real reason why he took her in... maybe he was lonely and he needed someone with him... that knew how he felt.

She had never cried since then and he was happy for once in his young life; she was his only friend and he loved her like a sister and he would make sure no one would ever harm her! He would make sure of it!

"You promise to take me to the market place today!" he smiled as she gave him a cute pout. "Okay, okay already." he said with a smile; a smile that he only gave her.

{ Present Time; Bakura's Soul Room }

The spirit of the millennium ring sighed as he open his eyes. He was dreaming of her again; His Kura. He remembered that she meant everything to him and if anything happen to her... he wouldn't know what to do... at first he only thought of her as a sister that he never had. But he soon fell in the love with her... but she was taken from him. He sat up in his bed and tighten his fist, making his knuckles turn white. He narrowed his eyes in anger. He closed his eyes as he tried to calm his anger down. When he thought of that Avalon girl... he wanted to protect her; just like he wanted to protect Kura...


Aki looked at the vast city as she sat on top of a high building, her eyes looking down at the streets of Domino City. She rested her face in her arms with a sad look in pink colored eyes. Aki could tell that this Mistress of the Clow had no idea what was going on. And she never thought that the Pharaoh and the King of Thieves would be protecting the girl. She couldn't understand how that girl could of done any harm to her master five-thousand-years ago when she looked no older then fifteen or sixteen and she had known her master since they were children... he never had so much hate in him... until he had met that woman! Aki narrowed her eyes at the thought of Tama. She hated that woman. She tighten her arms her slim legs. 'Is killing that girl the right thing to do?' she thought sadly as her anger slowly ebbed away; she lifted her head from her arms and shook her head.

'It doesn't matter what I think! I will do ask Master Kaoru commands!'

~ End Chapter Eight ~

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