Many seasons ago, a very young Badrang and Clogg met on their first voyage. Young Clogg was very excited and was running around, waving his sword and talking enthusiastically about himself, about how much fun their first looting mission was going to be, and so on. Young Badrang, on the other paw, was busy repairing a rope and didn't want to get in trouble on the first day out from port, and was getting progressively more irritable. Clogg ignored Badrang whenever he told him to get lost and let him work, and Badrang quickly began to hate him.

Eventually Clogg ran out of things to say about himself and decided to pretend to be interested in what his "new friend" had to say. "So, where're ye from?" he asked.

Badrang glared and said, "I am from somewhere where we are taught not to end a sentence with a preposition."

Clogg pondered this. "Oh, alright. So, where're ye from, ugly?"