Summery: 15 yr old Kagome has just been sent to boarding school on false charges, but her view on things changes dramatically when she gets there. A struggle of juggling lies, maintaining forged status and holding together the only friends that she's ever had. AU

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"Some Place Called Home"

chapter one

Desperate Lies

By : SNOW...........................

"KAGOME!! You get down here THIS INSTANT!!" The voice of Kagome's aunt echoed horribly though out their small house as her uncle came running to the scene.

"What have you done now you stupid wretch?!" Her uncle called from the bottom of the stairs. Kagome came down to her aunt and uncle in a fury like always. "What?"

"Don't you pretend like you don't know- LOOK at this!" Her aunt pointed a shaky finger to a broken vase. Her uncle didn't say anything, but by his apparent glare it was easy to determine who's side he was on. Kagome looked at the pieces across the floor and then immediately back to her aunt.

"I never touched it-" "Don't you give me that!" She growled lowly and Kagome stepped back. "I know perfectly well that you did. You running around here, trying to get me back for grounding you; that vase was an antic!"

"I didn't do it!" They both went silent in shock that she had yelled. "It was probably your dumb cat! It's so fat it's hard not for it to knock the something down-" SMACK!

Her aunt slapped her right across the face leaving a red mark burning into her left cheek as she stared at the floor in shock. "Don't you ever speak back to me you little wench." She spoke in a low tone that sounded ready to kill.

"I've had just about enough of you." Kagome shook in fright and turned to run back up the stairs, but her uncle grabbed her. "You get back here, your aunt it not done speaking to you!!"

At the shock of being grabbed, Kagome kicked her leg free from his grasp and ran past the stairs into the living room where the vase had been broken. "What the hell are you doing? Get over here now!" "NO!!" They started toward her but she grabbed the nearest breakable thing and they froze.

"Stop it! I didn't do anything! I didn't brake your precious VASE, okay?!" she yelled shaking with sobs. "I didn't do it; I never did anything! Why do you do this!? Why don't you just leave me alone!?" she cried desperately.

It was one thing she really wanted to know, what she demanded, was an answer to that question, 'why?' As she held the small thing that she had picked up, she looked at it slightly to see that it was a small glass frog figurine. Her aunts prized possession.

"Kagome, put it down, or I swear to God I'll-" "You'll what? You'll beat me? Give me some more scars to hide in school?" she asked, her voice dripping with anger and sarcasm.

She finished with a short laugh to mask a sob and her voice turned bitter. "Well now I've had it. I've fucking had enough." She stared intently on the floor with a glare that could burn a hole right through.

With a short sniff she looked up to them with tearful eye's. "What did I do? What could I possibly have done to make you hate me so much?" she closed her eyes tightly letting all her tears spill through rolling down her cheeks.

"Here's you're precious frog," she dropped it carelessly on the rug so it didn't brake, and she just stood there. Her Aunt and Uncle just stared, but then her aunt lost her temper again. "You little bitch, do you realize what you could have done if that broke?"

Kagome merely opened her eyes and glared her aunt strait in the eyes. "Well lets find out shall we..." she said tonelessly and lifted her foot above the glass and stomped down, shattering it into a million un-fixable pieces.

The whole room was silent for a whole long three seconds until her aunt lunged at her grabbing her throat and squeezing her as hard as she possibly could. "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU, YOU LITTLE BITCH!!!"

Horrible choking sounds began to emit from Kagome's throat and things were fading slowly; like her sight and hearing. She could barely make out her uncle yell something to her aunt about the phone before he ran into the other room, and then things started to get fuzzy and fade to black.

And then suddenly it was like she was hit with a blast of cold water and she could breath and see again. She took a huge gulp of breath as she heard loud noises and voices return. "...In to the closet!" she heard from her uncle and "..Call the police!" from her aunt.

The police? She thought hazily. Why are they calling the police? Are they turning themselfs in...? she wondered this vaugly as she was dragged across the floor on her knees and then thrown roughly into the under steps closet as the door was shut and locked.

She tried for a moment to get up as all the things around her began to be over whelming, before she hit her head on something and everything went completely black.


Kagome woke up to the sound of sirens. She opened her eye's slowly to realize this was because she was in a police car. "What's going on?" she asked utterly confused. Neither of the cops in the front seat turned around but the one in the passenger seat spoke, saying the one thing she would have never expected.

"Kagome Higurashi, you are under arrest for the attempted murder of Arisa and Hisato Higurashi."

She was speechless.

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As you see I seem to have a thing with angst and child abuse. There is a reason for that; I know too many people who are abused and am totally against it. That's why I write about it so much. A hope to make people more aware.

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