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"Some Place Called Home"

chapter four

The Facade of Behavior

It's only been a week, and I'm already starting to forget why I was put here in the first place. This horrible wonderful building that has me easily calling it home. It's an agreeable place, but Miroku assured me discreetly that that frame of mind is only present because I haven't been here too long - or seen the worse;. This west wing. We are supposably the 'sane' ones, which has me questioning what they consider insane if I, the murderer, was not placed in there.

But I wouldn't be stupid enough to question it. I like the position I'm in, because honestly I really am…happy.

Kagome took a moment to read over what she'd just written. After a while she'd decided to start a type of journal discovering that she quite liked writing, and when she had nothing better to do it was a good way to pass the time.

Pursing her lips and pressing the pencil eraser to her mouth, Kagome made an unconscious approving nod before closing the book she'd been writing in. Leaning up off her cushion of pillows, she sat on the edge of her bed and looked around her room.

The desk on the opposite wall sported a small lamp and pencil tin along with various papers and odds and ends and the chair equally decorated with a sweater she'd thrown across it. Her one window had two sets of curtains, a thin set and a heavy dark blue layer, and her bed was of course adorned with her own assortments of pillows and comforters. It looked lived in.

And now it was Sunday. Sango was out at the library working on an essay and Miroku had walked out after her mumbling some excuse to follow. To her knowledge Inuyasha had left earlier that morning which left her with the place to herself.

The corners of her lips turned up and she chuckled, which eventually turned into a full blown maniacally laugh. "It's all mine!" She threw her hands in the air and in a swift motion she grabbed the CD player and popped into the kitchen.

Putting things together she pushed the play button and listened to the intro of Tiny Dancer while sticking bread in the toaster. And as the words began to play she started singing. "Blue jean baby ~ L.A. Lady ~ Seamstress for the band,"

She danced lightly and hummed as she picked up a few things that were lying around and cleaned a little while she waited for toast. She sang a line as the song went into the next verse "Ballerina ~ you must have seen her dancing in the sand," She twirled across the kitchen floor.

She hopped around doing chores and started singing her favorite parts of the song aloud. "Tiny dancer in my hand!" She started really getting into it as she got out the blackberry jam and spreader with her plate, and a minute later as the main chorus came in she broke into full song and dance, in the way you only do when no one is watching.

"Hold me closer tiny dancer ~ count the headlights on the highway!" She spun and leapt onto the couch singing with her eyes closed. "Lay me down in sheets of linen ~ you had a busy day today!"

"Go, go!" Her eye's suddenly snapped open at the foreign voice and her heart jumped into her throat before she did. Inuyasha was leaning against the doorframe, arms folded across his chest and smiling.

Kagome blushed full faced, ear to ear. Suddenly she realized how much louder exactly she was singing than the CD player. "Wh- wha-???" She stuttered and he laughed. "Don't worry, I'm very appreciative of entertainment as I walk in the door." He clapped efficiently, like he was summoning someone.

Kagome stayed dumb struck for a moment longer, then remembered she was standing on the couch. She hopped off reddening again. Inuyasha turned to better close the door. "Do you always sing when you're alone?" Suddenly the floor seemed very interesting.

"Don't make fun." He smiled. "I'm not." She still couldn't find the courage to look at him, but changing the subject seemed very smart right then. "So where were you this morning?" She finally looked up.

He pulled a book from his bag and held it up. "Library." This spiked Kagome's interest. "Oh really, what'd you get?" She snatched the book to his surprise. "Uh," "'The Greater Works of William Shakespeare.' Hm, required reading?" She quirked a brow as she handed it back.

He took it and tilted his head. "What makes you so sure to assume? I could be very fond of Shakespeare for all you know." He made a little smug look. She didn't waver. "Are you?"

He swallowed. "Not really…" Kagome cracked a smile. "I figured as much." She diverted around him to retrieve her toast while he made a face. "Meaning..?"

She took out the bread and began spreading the jam over it as she answered. "You just don't seem like the type to read 1500's plays in your spare time." He walked up behind her. "So you're saying you can tell these things by, looking at people?"

Before she spoke Kagome turned around and was startled to see his face, but his expression made her change her tone. "Well, not entirely, I mean just small things…" She tiptoed over the topic at his obvious distaste to her answers.

He looked for a moment about to ensue again, but switched to a shrug. "Whatever." Turning completely cold he unconsciously tugged his hat down a bit and disappeared into his room, leaving Kagome dumbstruck. "Nice talking with you too…" she shook her head and went back to her toast. Maybe there were some downsides.


The rest of the day slurred by slowly. Miroku returned sometime later with a large red mark on his cheek and disappeared into his room as well, and Sango didn't get back until after dinner. As for Kagome she was spending too much time and energy thinking over Inuyasha's odd outburst earlier.

Currently she sat on the couch between their rooms cuddled up with her knees to her chest and biting her thumbnail. Though it was really quite ridiculous she was absolutely paranoid about the whole shrug off no matter how small it was, and had a nagging need to fix it.

Finally she got up and walked up to his door, grabbing the handle unthinking. "Inuyasha about earlier-" "Jesus!" Kagome looked up to the outburst and was knocked back by something flung into the door. Stuffing it out of her face she caught a glimpse of a white blur and what she assumed was Inuyasha stuffing a hat over his head. "Wha-?" "Do you ever KNOCK?!" He yelled in a flustered manner.

Kagome stumbled back. "I'm- sorry, I-uh.." She closed the door hastily completely loosing her nerve. And being able to think of nothing else to do, she ran off to the first place she could think of, which ironically wasn't her own room.

"Kagome? What's wrong?" Sango was seated on her bed with a bunch of papers. Kagome slumped in the door. "I'm sorry, are you busy?" Sango blinked and suddenly shoved her papers onto the floor. "No, come here and tell me what's up." She patted the space next to her.

Kagome got up and sat on the bed. "Is Inuyasha bi-polar?" she suggested out of the blue. Sango quirked a brow. "Possibly, it depends on the scenario." Kagome snapped her head. She wasn't actually expecting a yes. "Well, not medically. He's…different?" Sango offered with a bit of gesticulation. Kagome blinked.

Sango shook her head. "Nevermind, just- bla, what happened?" Kagome sat up. "Well this morning when he came back from the library he was all jolly robins and sunshine, but when I commented on his book he got weirdly defensive." Sango made a laugh worthy face. "A book??"

Kagome shook off the look. "Well, it was more like- ugh. He got a William Shakespeare play book, and I when he joked that it was just some light reading he had picked up I commented on how he didn't seem like someone that would read plays for a hobby. And then he got incredibly defensive over it."

Sango nodded suddenly like it made sense now. Kagome blinked. "What?" Sango folded her hands in her lap. "Kagome, Inuyasha is really…" she searched for a word. "Deviant. He has some issues that he has yet to resolve or is too stubborn to." She rolled her eyes to the side in emphasis.

Kagome sighed. "Yeah, and he's majorly protective of his privacy." Sango looked up. "How so?" Kagome looked off to the side. "I wanted to apologize for earlier, thinking that I must have offended him somehow, but when I opened the door he yelled and freaked out, screaming about never knocking." She looked back up to Sango. "But up until now he was fine."

Sango shrugged in a typical way. "That's because he didn't know you." Kagome blinked. "What?" Sango sighed. "One of his deals is he'll be completely civil to someone he doesn't know, but as soon as they start to get remotely close to him he becomes his rude, obnoxiously natured self."

Kagome looked troubled. "But, he acts fine around you." Sango shook her head. "He jokes around me. He wont pick a fight because he knows I'll hit him back for every sharp slur of his tongue. He has an insult and retreat defense mechanism. The only reason he's mean is to scare people away." Kagome looked awed.

"That's pretty insightful." Sango smirked. "I've known him too long. I've obtained more knowledge than I wish to know." She tapped her temple. "But if you want to survive with him in the same household, you can't keep walking on egg shells. If he strikes a nerve yell at him." Kagome laughed.

Sango quirked an eyebrow. "What?" Kagome waved it off. "No, its nothing. I just had a really random thought." Sango smiled. "About what?" Kagome looked at her for a moment. "I was thinking how amazing it is, that already, this feels like home. Oh wow, I haven't used that word in a while!" she laughed and Sango smiled calmly.

"Me too." She added, then suddenly looked to the clock. "Ah, I have to get back to work. Procrastination is not a good thing!" Kagome smiled. "Okay, I'll see you later then." She got up to the door then turned around. "Oh, there was one more thing I was wondering - Why does Inuyasha always wear a hat?"

Sango's face sombered over briefly. "When he stops wearing that around here, you'll know you've won his trust." A quizzical expression tugged at Kagome's face, but she fought the urge. "Alright. Goodnight Sango." She smiled lightly. "Goodnight, Kagome." And as she closed the door behind her she leaned back for a moment and looked to Inuyasha's door.

There was no facing him today, but somehow she felt that it would be no field of flowers gaining his trust. After all, Sango had known him for years - and there was something behind her expressions when she spoke of him; like when she spoke, she reminisced, and knew something she wasn't saying.

She shook her head suddenly. "I'm thinking too deep." 'And talking to myself again' she sighed sheepishly and went to her room.

Tomorrow's another day.


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