Switcheroo - Miroku the Hanyou

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Higurashi Sango sat infront of her father waiting for her birthday present. "What did you get me?" she asked eagerly.

Her father smiled. He held out a box to her. Sango squealed and opened it in two seconds flat. She sweat dropped when all she got was a key-chain with a small purple pearl at the end.

Her father smiled proudly. "Sango, what you have there is an artificial version of the famous shikon no tama!"

Sango sighed and threw it to her fat cat, Kirara. Her father's smile faded and he chased the cat. "Sango why did do that???!!!" he yelled, trying to get the small gift.

Sango shrugged and stood up. She went to her room and changed into her school uniform: a short green skirt with a white blouse with a red tie around it. She always left her hair down unless she was forced to put it up.

"I'm leaving!" she called out, going out the door. She stopped when she saw her little brother, Kohaku, standing infront of the old well house.

"What's wrong, Kohaku?" she asked. "Father chased Kirara into the well house," he sighed.

"Then go down there and get her," Sango said in a bored tone. Kohaku jumped up and gawked at her.

"No way are you crazy?!" Sango smirked. "Fine i'll get her and then I get to tell all your friends at school that you were scared."

Kohaku looked at her for a moment. "Fine just get Kirara!" he pleaded. Sango giggled and went down the steps.

"Kirara!" she called. Then she heard a scratching sound coming from the sealed well. "Kirara?" Sango said nervously.

Sango screamed when she felt something at her foot. She looked down and found Kirara rubbing up against her.

Sango let out a breath and picked her up. She turned to face Kohaku who was at the top of the stairs.

"See!" she said. Kohaku mumbled something about stupid sisters. When Sango was just about to go up the stairs again a purple light came from the well and several arms wrapped around Sango.

Sango dropped Kirara who ran up to Kohaku. The arms pulled her down the well.

Inside the well bones from an old monster began to grow back it's flesh. Then a female demon popped up infront of Sango.

From the looks of it she looked like a centipede. "You have it....." she hissed. "Give it to me!"

Sango screamed and put her hands infront of her. A purple light blasted against the demon.

Then everything faded and Sango found herself on the ground. She was shaking slightly. She looked up at the rim of the well.

She was puzzled because she could see the sky. "Kohaku??" she called out. No answer. Sango saw a vine and tugged at it.

Figuring it was sturdy she climed up at the well. She sat at the rim and looked around. She was in a wide clearing and birds were chirping everywhere.

Sango gasped when the centipede demon emerged from the well. Sango screamed and ran straight into the forest.

She could hear the centipede demon closing in on her. Sango reached another clearing with a large tree in the middle of it.

Sango gasped again when she saw a boy covered in vines attached to the tree. An arrow was pearced through his chest.

The boy was either sleeping or dead. Sango blushed and she climbed up the roots. She noticed sharp fangs and he had black hair that was tied in a small ponytail behind his neck.

Then all of a sudden the boy's eyes snapped open. He growled at Sango. "You again," he said, his voice harsh.

Sango's eyes widened. "What? Do I know you?" she asked. The boy started to chuckle. "Don't play dumb with me, Kaede! What's wrong? Suprised to find me still alive!"

Sango had heard enough. "Look I don't know what you're talking about! I'm not this Kaede person you're talking about!" she yelled.

The boy sniffed the air and then stared puzzled at her. "You're not her." Then he turned away. "I should've known. Kaede was much prettier."

Sango's jaw dropped. "Why you!!" All of a sudden an arrow hit the tree centimeters away from Sango's face.

She shreiked and tumbled backwards. A group of men and an old woman were seated on horses.

The old woman gasped. "Miroku... he has awakened!" The woman then looked at Sango. "Who are you?" she asked. She noticed how the girl held a small resemblance to her older sister, Kaede.

"I'm S-Sango," Sango stuttered. The old woman got off the horse. She took Sango's chin in her hand and moved her head so she could look at her.

"Sango...." she repeated. The woman shook her head and stepped back. "Sorry dear. I thought you were a demon or a witch. I am Kikyo," she said.

"HELLO!!! WHAT ABOUT ME YA OLD HAG!!" Sango and Kikyo turned to looked at the boy now known as Miroku.

"You woke him?" Kikyo asked. Sango nodded. "HEY GIRL!" Miroku yelled, obviously refering to Sango.

"GET OVER HERE!!!" Sango groaned and walked up to him. "What do you want?" she asked.

"Can you... pull his arrow out?" he asked, all of a sudden sounding nervous. Sango blinked a couple times.

"Excuse me?" Miroku growled. "CAN YOU PULL THIS ARROW OUT OR NOT?!"

Sango wrinkled her nose at him. "I dunno...."

"Try!" was his response. Sango gripped the arrow but before she could pull it, it disappeared in her hand.

The village men and Kikyo gasped. Miroku strarted laughing. He ripped the vines and pushed Sango.

She fell on the floor and saw Miroku staring at her. "I can smell it," he said, flexing his claws that he just so happened to have.

"You have the shikon no tama!" Sango sweat dropped. 'What is this guy talking about?'

Then without warning Miroku slashed at Sango's side. Sango screamed in pain as a purple glowing ball rolled out.

Everyone gasped except Sango who was groaning. "Do not let him take it!!" Kikyo yelled. She took out a necklace and wrapped it around her wrists as she put her two index fingers together.

The beads shot out and reappeared around Miroku's neck as he was bending down to pick up the jewel.

"What the--?" Miroku pulled and tugged at the necklace. "Grab the jewel and run!" Kikyo called to Sango.

Sango snatched the jewel and ran for all her life was worth. Miroku growled and chased her to a bridge over a river.

He landed infront of her, stopping her from getting across. "Hand over the jewel and I won't have to kill you," Miroku said, smirking.

Kikyo and her followers appeared at the hill side. "A word of subdueing!" she called to Sango.

"Huh?" Sango asked. "A word!!" Kikyo screamed. Miroku jumped and was going to strike Sango.

Sango screamed. "Down boy!!" she called. The necklace around Miroku glowed and he hit the bridge floor.

Sango ran off the bridge and near Kikyo. "The jewel," Kikyo said. "Wha--?" Sango gasped. She had dropped the jewl on the bridge.

Sango ran to the bridge and put her hand on the jewel just as Miroku placed his clawed one on her's.

"Let go!" Sango yelled, trying to pull her hand back. "No! Either you let go of the jewel or i'll rip your hand off!" Miroku threatened.

Sango could tell this jewel was important. Not to mention it came from inside her body. She squeezed the jewel tighter.

Miroku growled and his claws sunk into Sango's hand. Sango screamed but held the jewel tighter.

Miroku's other hand cupped Sango's other hand. His claws sunk in and Sango screamed again as blood trickled around her hands.

"Let go and this will stop," Miroku said. Sango gasped out,"No!" Miroku grinned. "Bad choice!!"

He growled loudly as he plunged both hands into Sango's hands. Miroku had put so much strength into the thrust he felt his claws connect with something hard.

Miroku looked down and saw Sango had removed her one hand at the last minute, exposing the jewel and one of his claws jabbed inside of it.

Miroku pulled but the jewel cracked. Sango gasped as lights exploded from the jewel. All the pieces went flying out.

"NOOO!!" Miroku cried, trying to snatch the pieces. In a matter of seconds all the fragments of the jewel were gone.

Kikyo and the village men gasped. "The shikon no tama... has been broken!" Kikyo said.

Sango and Miroku sat on the bridge. Miroku was pounding the bridge with his fist. Sango held her bleeding hands and was too shocked to move.

Miroku slowly stood up. He pointed a clawed finger at Sango. "You! You're coming with me!" he yanked Sango's wrist and pulled her up.

"You're getting the shards back because this is all your fault," Miroku said. Sango's jaw dropped.

"What?!" Miroku crossed his arms. Kikyo appeared beside them. "You must, Sango. You must retrieve all the jewel shards and put the jewel back together!"

Sango looked at both of them. 'I guess it's only fair but who knows how long this will take!'

Miroku growled with impatience. "Okay fine! But how am I going to help?" she asked Kikyo.

"The jewel was born inside of you so you should be able to see the shards," she explained.

"Oh in that case lets get going, shard-detector!" Miroku said, grabbing Sango's arm.

Sango whimpered. "Down boy!" Miroku let go and hit the floor. "Be more gentle, Miroku and the lady will comply to going with you," Kikyo said.

Miroku growled and stood up when the spell finally wore off. He threw Sango over his shoulder and covered her mouth with his other clawed hand.

Kikyo shook her head. As they walked away thoughts plagued Kikyo's mind. 'Miroku and Sango must work together if they are to find all the jewel fragments. But if Sango really *is* the reincarnation of my sister, Kaede, then the hanyou might be a threat to her.'


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