Switcheroo - Myouga and the Lightning Brothers

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After the incident with Naraku, the small group had collected jewel shards from Yura of the Hair and a toad demon who pathetically attempted to be a prince.

Now Sango, Miroku, and Shippo had reached what looked like an old battlefield. There were skeletons of humans and horses.

Miroku and Shippo were eating Sango's 'future food' as if there was nothing. "Doesn't it bother you?" Sango asked.

"When you bother me while i'm eating it does," Miroku replied. Sango glared at him. "Don't make me say the word, buster!" she threatened.

Miroku sighed. "Whatever."



At that moment that sky turned an eerily dark color of blue. A swirling light appeared and out of it came a blue floating ball with eyes.

"Hand over the shikon shards or I will have to eat you!" a voice called. The blue ball floated to Miroku and opened his small mouth and continued to chew on Miroku's head.

Miroku growled and easily grabbed the blue ball and punctured it with his claws. The blue ball transformed into an adorable little kitsune


"Always pick on the little guy," the kitsune complained while Sango sprayed his lump with some alchohol.

"What's your name anyway?" Sango asked. The kitsune stood up proudly. "I am Myouga!" he said in his cute little voice.

Miroku snorted. "Wow that's so cool," he said sarcisticly. Myouga stuck out his tongue at him. Sango made to stroke Myouga but found him missing.

"Eh, Myouga??" She looked up and found him digging through her backpack. "Hey you! Stop that!"

"Aha!" Myouga pulled out the jar containing the jewel shards. He turned around to face the group.

"Our time was short but sweet!" he said before running off. Miroku chased him into the forest. He grabbed Myouga by the tail but he just turned into a stone puppy that got attached to Miroku's hand.

"What the heck? Get this off of me!" he complained. Myouga dashed away when Sango came running after him.

"Get back here you little kid!" she yelled. Myouga kept on running but ran into a huge demon instead.

He fell backwards and dropped the jar. The demon saw the jar and grinned. "Two shards of the shikon no tama!"

He bent down but paused when an arrow struck through his nose. Sango had taken archery lessons for two years.

"Don't touch those jewels!" she cried. That's when she noticed two jewel shards on the demon's head.

'I'll aim for them!' She released another arrow but it only bounced off the demon and sliced of one of the three strands of hair on his head.

The demon growled at Sango. "You'll pay for that!!!" He opened his mouth and a ball of lightning shot out.

Myouga jumped up and grabbed Sango's hand. Quick we have to go!" They ran from him but the blast sent them flying in the air.

The two tumbled back down onto the ground. Myouga stumbled into a couple of bushes while Sango lay unconscious.

The demon stopped infront of her. "Oh she's beautiful," he blushed. He picked her up and floated away on a cloud (that sounds gay).

Myouga ran into the forest to find Miroku.


Sango woke up on a bench inside some sort of castle room. The demon she saw earlier was stirring some sort of stew.

He turned around and grinned. "Ah so you are awake! Good because I need to cook you!"

Sango sweat dropped. "Cook me?!" shreiked. The demon nodded. "Of course! Humans make the perfect hair-grower if mixed properly with the right ingrediants!"

Sango backed up against the wall. She jumped up and made a run for the nearest door. The demon threw a huge axe that landed millimeters from her face.

Just then the walls collapsed and there stood another demon, his arm wrapped around a snake woman's waist.

"Hiten what are you doing?" he asked. The first demon, Hiten, scrambled up. "I brought this girl for--"

"Any jewel shards?" the other demon asked. "There was a small kitsune that had two jewel shards!"

The demon looked at Sango. "Why do you need her?" he asked. "She's perfect for my hair-grower!"

The demon sighed and blasted his woman in frustration. "Why didn't you get the jewel shards?!" he roared. "Your hair is more important then getting more power?!"

"Brother Manten!" Hiten cried. "I'm sure we can get jewel information from the ningen!"

Manten looked at Sango. Sango quickly thought up a plan. "Uh if you kill me my lover, Miroku, will avenge me!"

"Your lover?" the two brothers said in unison. "Yes! Miroku! He has twenty, no, fiftey jewel shards!" Sango lied.

Manten sat down beside her. "I've heard of Miroku. He's just a weak hanyou," he growled. Sango smiled. "Oh no! He's very strong! How else would he get those shards?"

The two brothers looked at eachother. "Very well. We will find this Miroku lover of yours and use you as bait to get his jewel shards!" Manten grinned.


Myouga scrambled through the forest. He heard a growling noise and turned around to find Miroku yelling at Shippo.

"Pull it off already!!!" he yelled. Myouga jumped infront of him. Miroku swiped at him. "Get this toy off of me or else!!"

"Only if you promise not to hit me anymore," Myouga said. Miroku sighed. "Deal!" Myouga took off the stone puppy only to get bashed on the head a hundred times by Miroku.

"You promised!" Myouga growled. "You were stupid enough to trust me," was Miroku's reply.

"They've got Sango!!" Myouga yelled. Miroku paused. "So?" he asked. "They've got the jewel shards too!"

Miroku thought for a moment. "Who's got the jewel shards and Sango?" he asked. Myouga growled in frustration. "THE LIGHTNING BROTHERS!!!!"

Miroku blinked a couple times. "The who?" he asked. Myouga smacked his forehead. "The lightning brothers. They're demons that use lightning and thunder attacks to defeat enemies. They kill for jewel shards and they murdered my parents. That's why I wanted your jewel shards so I could be stronger and avenge my parents!"

Miroku sighed. "Fine! I'll go but I'm only doing this for the jewel shards!"


Miroku: I would not! I would go to save Lady Sango!

Sango: I'm flattered T_T

Shippo: You do know that Manten is the ugly brother while Hiten is the skinny brother?


Shippo: You're scarier than Kagome when she's mad

EM: Thank you... I think

Miroku: And it's the 'thunder brothers' not the 'lightning brothers'

EM: *anime veins pop out on head*

*tackles Miroku and beats him to a pulp*

Sango: Well while they're doing that, go ahead and review this chapter!

Shippo: No fire please!

Sango: That's 'flames' Shippo

Shippo: Oh right! Hehe ^^;;