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My Will

Chapter 1: Shadow Man

The tall, foreboding man stepped slowly into the darkness of the tent, squinting his eyes to see through the dim. The woman inside stiffened as she felt his presence, for she sensed that this was a man not to be fooled with.

            "You're sign…" He began, his voice smooth and calm, "It says that you can see what a person most desires, and tell them where to find it."

            The fortuneteller smoothed out the front of her dress as she answered, "I can attempt. Unfortunately, some people are harder to read than others. I cannot guarantee—" Her voice caught in her throat as the man sat down across from her. The light from her fake crystal ball illuminated his face. He was handsome, with long dark hair that fell in tendrils down his back, and brown eyes that seemed almost red.

            "Tell me where to find it then." He stated firmly.

            The fortuneteller, losing her wits for a moment, stuttered, "F…find wha--? Oh! Why yes, of course. K… kindly allow me to see your left hand."

            To her surprise, the man had already placed it there, lying next to the crystal ball. With a nervous glance at him, the fortuneteller took it into her hands.

            "You're hand is rough and calloused; the hands of someone who has been wandering for a long time in search of something," She looked up hopefully, and he nodded for her to continue, "You are searching for… for…"

            In all honesty, she had no idea. She might as well have been staring at the back of his head rather than his palm for all the knowledge the woman held about the subject of palm reading. In most cases, she would have been as vague as possible, leading the customer to believe that she knew all. But for this man…  Squinting her eyes as if in deep concentration, she began to mutter things.

            "You don't know. Do you?" He finally interrupted her charade.

            The woman looked up, her eyes holding only fear. Slowly, she shook her head, pushing her chair back to make a hasty get away.

            The man grabbed her wrist; his calm expression fading as he quickly became angry. She yelped and tried to twist away as he pulled her towards him, knocking over the table in the process.

            "You're a liar. You led me to believe that you could tell me where the jewel was. In that case, you no longer deserve to live." As he pulled her to his chest, the fortuneteller felt the cold of a knife blade against her neck.

            "Wait!" She cried out, tears streaming down her face, "I… I can give you something to help you!" She quickly became hysterical, "Please! Don't kill me…" She began to sob.

            "What can you possibly give me?" He asked, pressing the knife deeper into her neck.

            "It's this!" She screamed, taking a small stone out of a pocket in her dress, and flinging it across the tent. The rock landed with a thud onto the dirt floor.

            Letting go of the sobbing woman, the man dashed for the stone, grabbing it off the ground. "What is this?" He spat at her, rolling it between his fingers.

            The woman was calmer now, although tears still streamed down her face. She sat down heavily upon a chair, and took a deep, ragged breath.

            "There's a symbol carved into the side of that stone. With your knife, you must carve that symbol into your dominant hand. All you have to do is shake someone's hand after you've completed that, and give them the stone. Once that's done, the person will be under your control." She took in another ragged breath and shuddered.

            "Mind control?" He asked, looking thoughtfully at the carving in the stone.

            The fortuneteller nodded, unable to look him in the eyes. She was unconsciously rubbing the spot where the knife had touched her skin, and wincing as she did so.

            "I'll spare you're life then. If this doesn't work, though, be assured that I will come back to kill you." And with that, he was gone.


            Kagome hummed cheerily to herself as she walked down the path in the park. It was such a beautiful day. The weather was wonderful, and this seemed to put a smile on everyone's face that she passed. She quickly found herself shaking hands with strangers as she talked to them about their dog, or their new baby, or anything else that came to mind.

            This part of the park was shady, as the trees grew on each side of the path. She veered off to the right, taking a less traveled path into the woods. This led to her favorite area, a large rock right by a stream. It was peaceful and placid, a perfect spot for studying.

            Hoisting her yellow backpack higher over her shoulders, Kagome trotted merrily among the trees, smiling as birds and various other creatures crossed her path.

            The last thing that she expected to find was a man sitting on her rock, especially one with such long, black hair. As she studied him closer, Kagome saw that he was frowning, as if in deep thought, and he did not seem to be in a fitting mood for such a lovely day. Not only that, but he was in her favorite spot.

            "Hi!" Kagome stopped and waved at him. He turned slowly towards her, and after a moment, acknowledged the cheerful girl with nothing more than a nod.

            Kagome, not about to give up her favorite spot, walked over to the rock and smiled brightly at him, "Lovely day, isn't it?" She pulled off her heavy backpack and leaned it against the rock.

            He turned towards her once again, frowning, "Yes, I suppose it is."

            "Live around here?" She asked, hoping that he'd quickly become annoyed and leave.

            "No…" He sighed, "Just another wanderer on one of life's journey's," He smiled at her now, as if realizing something. Reaching his hand down to her, he added, "I don't believe that we've ever met. I'm Naraku."

            Kagome smiled back at him and took his hand, giving it a hearty shake, "Nice to meet you. I'm Kagome."

            As she pulled away, the girl noticed a thick, red liquid all over her hand, "You're bleeding!" She cried, jumping back slightly.

            "Oh, I'll be fine, he smiled again as he handed her a handkerchief, "Just cut myself on a sharp branch."

            As Kagome was busy washing her hands vigorously in the icy water of the stream, she did not notice the man slip a stone into her backpack, and then run off.

            "Well, I hope that—"She began as she turned around, but trailed off finding no one there. Originally, Kagome would have been quite delighted about this, and would have taken out her math book and began some much needed studying. But she suddenly felt a very powerful headache coming on, and had no desire to study algebra in a state of agony. Kagome quickly decided that it would be best to go home and take something for her head.

            As she began to walk down the path, the pain got steadily worse. "Migraine…" She muttered, rubbing her temples to sooth the ache. She could hear the blood pounding in her ears, and the pain became unbearable. Kagome cried out as she clutched her hair and sank to her knees onto the path, attracting the attention of a passing jogger, who ran to her side.

            "Help…" was the last thing she could utter before completely blacking out.


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