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My Will


" To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wildflower . . .hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour . . . "

~William Blakeg


"Walk!" Miroku slammed his fist on the horn of his car while shaking the other at the old woman walking across the street. Just his luck… getting stuck right before the turn into the hospital. He was late as it was.

            "Finally," He muttered, stepping roughly on the gas pedal and screeching into the hospital parking lot. In a whirl of black smoke, he pulled into his spot and put the car into park. He stepped out, slammed the door behind him, and ran up to the back door of the building, tugging the set of keys for the doors out of his pocket.

            Suddenly, the doors flew open, a very disgruntled nurse walking out. Miroku cocked his head to the side as he watched the man storm past him. Perhaps another patient had gotten loose?

            Miroku shrugged and walked in, pocketing the keys once more. He began to pull off his coat as he made his way to the main office, but stopped dead in his tracks in the middle of the hallway. His eyes grew wide at the sight before him.

            "What's going on?" Miroku called down the hall, trotting towards the group of doctors huddled in the elevator.

            "Dr. Miroku!" The red headed nurse looked up and ran over to him, her green eyes bright with hope, "We've been waiting for you! Two of your patients were found this morning stuck in the elevator. The guards on duty last night are dead, sir, as well as an unidentified man upstairs."

            Miroku cursed loudly, darting past the nurse towards the elevator. He pushed aside the doctors, forcing them to the walls of the elevator so that he could get a good look at his patients. It was InuYasha and Kagome, huddled together in a corner. InuYasha looked positively mad, his eyes narrowed and darting from doctor to doctor. Kagome, however, was the spitting image of a deer caught in headlights.

            Miroku watched them for a moment. Slowly, he bent down to his knees, offering his hands to them. "Care to stand up?" He asked with a friendly smile, "it won't do any good to sit there all day. Don't worry, I'll take you away from all of these people and into my office where we can straighten everything out."

            InuYasha glared, but Kagome stared at the psychiatrist, blinking a few times at him. Slowly, she moved to take his hand, standing up and pulling InuYasha up with her. Miroku smiled warmly at them, and proceeded to lead them off to his office as promised.


            "Where is he?" Kagome asked as soon as Miroku closed the door to his office behind them.

            "Who?" Miroku asked, walking over to sit at his desk. He pulled out the patients' files, setting them up neatly on his desk. He motioned for the two to sit down at the chairs in front of him.

            "The man." InuYasha filled in, "The one that we left upstairs."

            Miroku nodded, "I am told that he is dead, and they are taking him to the morgue this very moment."

            "Right now?" Kagome stood up in alarm, darting over to the door, "I have to do something!" She yelled as she ran out. InuYasha stood up to follow her, but Miroku put up a hand to stop him, "Let her go," He said softly, "Whatever happened… she needs closure."


            Kagome ran towards the elevator, ignoring the yells of the nurses and doctors around the halls telling her to slow down. The doors opened just as she got there, revealing two men in white coats and a stretcher with a body on top, a sheet covering it's still form.

            "What… what killed him?" She asked as they wheeled past her. She began to walk with them, keeping her distance from the stretcher.

            "A blow to the head. Some little rock hit him right on the temple and killed him." One of the men replied.

            Kagome stared in disbelief. Quickly, she jumped in front of the stretcher, causing the men to stop it in the hallway. "Please," She asked, putting on an innocent face, "Can I have a moment with him? He was a dear friend of mine," Her tongue burned with the lie, but she kept herself calm.

            The men shrugged and walked over to the nurse's station, handing them forms to fill out. Kagome stared at the form under the sheet, willing herself to move forward. Slowly, she bent over Naraku's dead body, lifting the sheet off of his head. It wasn't something she would normally have done… but there was a question burning in her mind that she had to ask him, whether he was dead or alive.

            She stared at his face for a moment. Even death could not bring any kind features to him. His closed eyes seemed as though they could open at any moment, and his mouth curved upwards in wicked smile that only she could see. Kagome took a deep breath before willing herself to ask.

            "That night…" She whispered to the body, "Who killed Kikyo? Did you do it, or did you force me to do it for you?"

            She stood for a moment, almost expecting an answer from him. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the men returning. With a sigh, she replaced the sheet over Naraku's head and stepped back out of the stretcher's way. The men nodded to her, and began wheeling it towards the back door.

            "I did it…"

            The voice was weak inside her head, and seemed to fade away just as soon as it had come. Kagome watched the stretcher go, her body paralyzed with fear. Had Naraku answered her? She couldn't tell the men her suspicions, as her voice seemed to fail her. Her throat had gone dry, and no words would come out.

She watched helplessly as they opened the back door, and loaded the stretcher into the ambulance, closing the door behind them.

            Would they have believed her?


            Kagome stepped back into the office, her fingers shaking as she closed the tall, oak door behind her.

            "Are you alright now, Kagome?" Miroku asked, raising an eyebrow at her in question.

            She looked up at him, still standing by the door. Slowly, she began to walk over, forcing her head to nod at him. She sat down rather shakily, earning a questioning gaze from InuYasha. She met his eyes, silently asking him to drop his questions.

            "Good then," Miroku folded his hands on the desk in front of him, "Why don't we start with your explanation as to why all of last night's security guards are dead, and why there was a dead man upstairs by the elevator?"


            "Then I'm free to go?" Kagome was on the edge of her seat, her eyes bright.

            "Yes, you and InuYasha will be released today. Both of you are mentally healthy. I have no doubt that you helped each other through everything, eh?" Miroku sat back in his chair and smiled. Kagome felt like jumping on top of his desk and dancing for joy at that very moment, but she kept herself contained.

            She watched as Miroku scribbled something down onto her papers. He flipped them around and handed Kagome a shiny, black pen.

            "Sign these, and you're free to go."

            Kagome elegantly signed, accenting every loop and curve of the signature in her joy. She placed the pen on top of the paper, and stood up from the chair with a cheerful goodbye.

            On her way out, she caught the glint of something out of the corner of her eye. Instantly, she remembered the shiny black globe. The instrument of torture that had thrown back her image so scornfully every time she had ever stepped foot in the office. Checking to make sure that Miroku was busy filing her papers for the last time, Kagome edged over to the globe. She ran her fingers along the smooth, wood base holding the thing up, and then moved along the globe itself. It was cold to the touch… no surprise.


            Miroku nearly jumped out of his chair at the sudden noise. Looking up, he saw the expensive globe shattered beyond repair on the blue carpet floor. His eyes darted to Kagome, who was already out the door.

            "Sorry!" Her voice called to him from the hallway, though it did not sound as sincere as he would have liked. The psychiatrist sighed and got up to clean the mess.


            "I'm so happy for you!" Sango squealed, throwing her arms around Kagome's neck, "You're going to be free!"

            Kagome hugged her friend back, giggling light heartedly, "Yes! The voice is gone and they say I'm mentally healthy!" She pulled away, "Don't worry, Sango, you'll be out soon enough."

            The girl nodded with a brave smile, "Yes, they say I'm doing a lot better now. Perhaps I'll come and see you in a few months when they release me?"

            Kagome nodded, "I would love that." She looked down to see the small, quiet child peaking from behind Sango's skirt. Kagome smiled, bending down to his level. "And you, Shippo" She said to him, "You'll be out soon too. Right?"

            He stared for a moment, blinking at her. Just as Kagome was about to give in and stand back up, he smiled at her and nodded.

            "Hey. I hate to break up the party, but its time to go," InuYasha appeared in the doorway, a bag of luggage over his shoulder. His face held a frown, as usual, but his voice sounded cheerful and pleased.

Kagome smiled brightly at him, hoisting her yellow backpack onto her shoulders, "Okay then, we're off. I'll miss you two!" She gave Sango one last hug, and shook the hand of the small boy behind her. Quickly, she trotted over to InuYasha, grabbing his free hand with her own.

            InuYasha looked down at her, amber eyes meeting her stormy gray ones. Slowly, he smiled a true and joyful smile. Kagome smiled back and leaned against him.

            "Come on, InuYasha. Let's go home."

            "I agree." He said cheerfully, and together, hand in hand, they left the hospital without once looking back.


Your heart understands what your head cannot yet conceive; trust your heart.