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The summer was over...the train trip just a memory and so far everything at Hogwarts was going well, for the most part. Voldermort had been making attacks, but not on the school directly. The only attacks being made were on Ministry of Magic staff members and their families. Other than that, Deatheaters hadn't been seen anywhere near Hogwarts or Hogsmeade. But, everyone knew, it was only a matter of time before something happened. However, there was nothing to be done about it, except wait for the inevitable.

But waiting was tough on the students. Panic struck each time word was received of another killing; the students would be on edge for days, weeks, but the staff was always ready for an attack. In fact, the staff had been expanded in order to be even more prepared. All of the new additions were members of the Order of the Phoenix, of course. Remus Lupin returned as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, much to the displeasure of Professor Snape. Another Medi-Witch was brought in to assist Madam Pomfrey with all of the stress-related illnesses, and Mrs. Weasley, of all people, was appointed counselor to the Hogwarts students. Tonks, although unnoticeable to most, was brought in for security. (Disguised as a first year, by the name of Lori, she was sorted into Slytherin for a 'covert' operation.)

Everything was as planned, and the year was speeding quickly by. With Christmas break fast approaching, the children of the wizarding world were regaining their spirits. Vacations always seemed to make everything more cheery. Harry would be spending the holiday at Hogwarts, as usual, but this year, he would be joined by Hermione. The surprise came, when Ron, Ginny and Mrs. Weasley announced their plans to spend their two week holidays on the school grounds also. But, it wasn't just three members of the Weasley family that were signed up for the stay; the whole family was coming, even Bill, Charley, and Percy. Mrs. Weasley deemed it the 'Weasley Family Holiday Reunion,' but Hermione knew the visit was for the family's own protection. Mr. Weasley, being a well-known Ministry employee, (and Order member) was under constant threat.

However, it wasn't only the Weasley's that were having a 'Holiday Reunion.' It would seem that many more wizarding families were to spend time at Hogwarts for Christmas. Accommodations were eagerly being made for at least ten other families. The school was sure to be full of life, instead of simply life-less students. It was time for a celebration!

There were to be decorations of a heavenly manner, the richest foods imaginable and music to suite every taste. The celebration wasn't exactly the Yule Ball, yet neither was it to be called simply another 'normal' party. It was, after all, a creation of Dumbledore -completely original with surprises round ever corner. Whatever this celebration would be, the school was in an uproar at its announcement.

"Best of all, it's NOT formal!" exclaimed Ron after the grand announcement that morning at breakfast. "No dress robes!"

"But it's in less than two weeks," Ginny whined. "How am I supposed to find a date in that short time?"

"Date? Who said anything about dates?" Harry piped up nervously.

"The more important question, Ginny," Hermione interrupted, "is how are we going to afford new outfits?"

A look of shock rose on Ginny's face, but the boys simply rolled their eyes, "I just spent all my money on Christmas presents."

Ginny was still in shock. How were they going to afford new outfits? Ron and Harry just sat and laughed. "The way a girl's mind works: Boys and Clothes," Harry mumbled.

Ron pretended to write, using his fork as a quill, "Right, I'll have to make a note of that!"

"Better than the mentality of boys. You only have two things on you minds," retorted Hermione.

"And what might that be, Hermione?" Ron chimed. Harry and Ginny knew exactly where this was leading to: another argument!

"We'll see you two later, alright?" Harry said, motioning towards the door, while Ginny stood up, "Yeah, catch you at lunch!"


"So, are you going to answer me 'Mione?"

Remembering her point, Hermione spat, "Boys only think about sports and food!"

"We do not!" was the last thing that either Ginny or Harry heard as they left the Great Hall.

"One more row this week, Harry, and you lose..."

"Yeah," Harry sighed, "it doesn't exactly help me when they go out of their way to pick fights with each other."

Ginny laughed, "Well, lucky for you the week ends tomorrow."

Harry chuckled at that fact, "So I might win after all?"

"Probably not, those two like each other too much to get along!"

"Ginny, that makes no sense!" exclaimed Harry.

"It makes perfect sense," Ginny replied. Noticing the confused look on his face, she continued, "They like each other enough to notice the little things, and to comment on them. It's actually kinda sweet."

Harry was still confused, but he laughed. "Completely annoying is more like it!"

Time passed, Harry lost the bet, and it was suddenly the day before Dumbledore's big event. Unfortunately, none of the four had dates yet. It was hopeless! Everyone seemed to have a winter romance brewing, except them. Even the Creevys had dates, but poor Ginny, Hermione, Ron and Harry couldn't find anyone to go with.

"Why don't you ask Ron?" Ginny suggested while laying out different outfits.

"For the same reasons you don't ask Harry," Hermione replied.

"You don't like him?" Ginny joked.


Ginny anxiously jumped on her defensive answer, "So you do like my brother!"

"You know I do..." Hermione started.

"But?" Ginny prompted.

"But what if he doesn't feel the same?" She whined.

"Hermione," Ginny said, "I live with the git. Trust me, he's as much head over heels for you, as you are for him." Ginny stopped looking through her wardrobe and sat next to her friend on the bed, "Ask him. He won't say no."

"But what if he..." Hermione started again, but Ginny was quicker to the punch.

"He won't!"

"Alright, maybe he won't," Hermione hesitated, "but what about you?" Ginny threw her a puzzled look. "If I ask Ron, and he says yes, who will you go with?"

"Don't worry about me! Just march down to that common room and ask my brother on a date." Ginny wasn't kidding around any more, if anything, she was being forceful. She now had Hermione on her feet and was pushing her towards the door.

"Okay, okay." Hermione said, catching her balance before she fell. "But, when I get back, we're concentrating on your date!"

With that Hermione was out the door, and had Ginny following a foot behind. But once at the edge of the stairs, Ginny stopped short. She had no intentions of actually going down stairs. 'Harry might be there,' she thought, 'I'm so pathetic. I can't even go into the common room because I'm afraid. But, of what?' Ginny asked herself, 'What am I so afraid of?' She didn't have time to answer herself though. At that second, Hermione had just let out a small scream. As Ginny looked, she began laughing hysterically.

Not that she found her brother's romantic life with 'his 'Mione' humorous (although it was, slightly.) Ginny was laughing at the fact that Ron was now laying on the floor of the Griffendor Common Room, passed out! It was actually quite a sight. Apparently, Ginny learned later from Harry, as soon as Hermione asked Ron, he went red in the face and fainted right on top of Dean and Seamus. Of course, Ron would deny the whole incident later, (even though there were a room full of witnesses that could testify,) it was worth it to hassle. The sight of Dean and Seamus trying to roll Ron off of them was something that cracked Ginny up every time she thought about it.

Hermione, more mortified than amused, took his reaction as a yes, and had now turned to talk to Harry with her back to Ginny. It was a strange thing: they were having a mysteriously hushed conversation, even though everyone was too busy with Ron to listen in. They apparently still felt the need to hold their conversation in near silence. Harry looked quite shocked, and Hermione was obviously trying to keep him from looking at something. Ginny was concentrating so hard on trying to figure out what Hermione was doing, that she didn't notice anything else going on around her.

"Are you crazy Hermione!"

"Shhh! Keep your voice down! I don't want anyone to hear us." Hermione said, looking to see if anyone noticed the conversation they were having, "Especially 'Sleeping Beauty' over there," she laughed, pointing towards Ron.

"Well neither do I." Harry said, glancing at Ron. "What would Ron do if he heard you trying to talk me into asking his baby sister on a date?"

Hermione just stood there with her mouth open, trying to come up with a quick response, and failing miserably. "Umm.."

"I'll tell you what. He'd lose it! You know how protective he can get!" Harry told her quietly.

"Come on Harry," Hermione pleaded, "if you don't ask her, she'll have to go alone, and I know that Ron wouldn't want her to feel left out." There was a look on Harry's face as if he was considering her argument, but before he could reply, she piped up again, "Plus, I won't be able to have a good time if I know that Ginny's not having a good time and Ron won't be having a good time if I'm not having a good time and you won't be having a good time because you're dateless while your friends are feeling guilty for not including you," She paused to breathe, "and Ginny is wishing that she never would have urged me to ask Ron out because it left her alone."

"Are you finished?" Harry asked, hoping she was.

"Yeah, I think so," Hermione gasped, trying to catch her breath.

"Where is she?" He asked calmly.


"Where is she?" Harry inquired again, with a smile coming over his face, "How can I ask her to go with me if I don't know where she is?"

Hermione had a grin of accomplishment plastered on her face. In fact, it was the smirk she wore after she did well on exams. (She wouldn't stop grinning for a week after she received the scores from her O.W.L.S.) "Up stairs! I'll go call her down!" Hermione gave another scream, but this one was more excited than the last one.

"No need," Harry said, holding her on the ground, "I see her. She's sitting on the steps." Harry started to walk towards Ginny, when he turned back to Hermione and said, pointing a finger at her in warning, "But not a word of this to Ron until later." And with her nod, he resumed his course.

When he reached Ginny, she was starring out at the common room, without a clue that he was in front of her. He actually had to shake a little before she snapped out of her trance. She was completely confused as to what was going on. "Weren't you just over there?" She asked, pointing to where he had just finished his conversation with Hermione.

"I was," he said evenly, "but then I decided to sit here instead." As he said this, he sat down next to her.

Ginny's jaw dropped slightly. 'Is this happening?' she thought, 'This can't be happening!'

Harry was starring at her oddly. He had noticed her jaw drop after his last comment, but more over, he noticed her glazed over expression as she retreated back into her thoughts once more. It was like she had gone into her own universe. Again he found himself snapping her out of it, "Ginny? Ginny!" She shook herself loose of her thoughts. "Gin, are you alright?"

Ginny just looked at him. She didn't exactly know the answer to his question. It was weird, every time she started to really think or consider something, she would lose her reality, and slip into her mind. She didn't know why, she didn't even know that she did it. "What do you mean?"

"It's just every time I look at you, your deep in thought," He said, sounding concerned, "and this is the second time in the last minute that I've had to 'wake' you out of it."

"Oh," she said, "it's nothing." Harry didn't look convinced. "I just have a lot on my mind, that's all. You know how it is," she prompted.

"Yeah," he said, thinking back on all the times he'd gotten lost in a thought train. "I know what its like."

Ginny knew that tone in his voice. It was the tone that he use when he was thinking about the things that occurred last year, his fifth year. She hated seeing him in such a gloomy mood, and she knew that he would be headed to just such a mood, if she didn't say something. She switched the direction of the conversation. "So, why did you come over here?"

"Oh yeah, that," realizing that Hermione must be losing her hair by now, trying to figure out what was going on over here. "I was wondering if you had found a date to..." Harry stopped and tried to think of the right thing to call it, "Dumbledore's 'Social Event?'"

Ginny was confused. She had to think for a moment what he meant by 'social event,' but within moments she realized what he was talking about. "Oh, the Christmas Party!" she exclaimed, correcting him. "No, I haven't yet."

Harry was confused. Maybe he was making a big mistake by asking Ginny. It seemed as if she had no clue that he was asking her. 'But maybe she does,' he thought to himself. 'Maybe she knows exactly what you're getting at, but doesn't want to hurt you. So, she's acting ignorant as if to let you down easy.'


Harry realized that he had just gotten caught in his own headlights, and was acting exactly as Ginny had before. "Oh, yeah. Sorry. What did you say?" He muttered, snapping out of his trance.

"I said that I didn't have anyone to go with to the party. Do you?" She said, sneaking in the last comment.

"No..." Harry was nervous. He was about to ask his best friend's younger sister on a date. "That's why I was wondering if you might want to go...with me...to the...party."

It was the oddest sentence that she had heard, but she understood every word of it. 'Did Harry Potter, your dream date, your crush, just ask you out?' her mind asked, and unknowingly she answered herself out loud, "Yes!."

"Yes?" Harry asked.

"Yes?" she said, wondering if she actually just answered herself out loud. "Oh, I mean, yes, I would love to go with you to the party." Her mind was racing, and she was on Cloud Nine. Everything was perfect, like a dream!


The dream turned very suddenly into a nightmare.

"Ron!" Harry didn't see him wake from his 'fall,' nor did he see him walk towards the stair case to get to his room. But he did hear him, and he especially heard the reaction in his voice. Ginny did, too, but she was the smart one, "Oh, hi Ron! How are you feeling? That's great. Oh, would you look at the time. I need to go and change. Bye." She didn't even pause to let him get a word in, and the second she was finished, she stood up, kissed him on the cheek, and ran up to her dorm room where it was safe. 'I gotta learn how to do that!' was all Harry could think, but then the situation blinked 'WARNING' in his mind, and all he could say was, "Erm..."

"What Do You Think You Were Doing Aski..."

"Look, Ron, before you say anything else, this is not my fault." 'This is not my fault? That's the best you can think of?'

"What do you mean, Harry?" Ron was closing in on him.

"Look, it's just with you going with Hermione, she felt that Ginny would be lonely, and that you would be upset because I wasn't taking anyone and I didn't mean anything by it but she talked me into siting here and asking Dumbledore to the party or social event..." Harry wasn't making any sense. He had so many different excuses he wanted to use that every time he thought of a different one, no matter where he was in his last one, he started in on it. All of his stories were mixed up, and the only thing he was doing was making a complete fool out of himself. 'I wonder if what I just said can even be considered English. It's probably its own language...Stupidish.'

"Ok." Ron shrugged, turned, and made his way up the stairs.

'Apparently, Ron speaks Stupidish!' Harry thought, then, "What?"

"Look, Harry, it's okay." Ron noticing the look of utter shock on Harry's face. "Harry, Hermione explained the entire situation to me before I came over here. It was just...disturbing actually hearing it. Relax! All in all you're doing Hermione a favor, to help out Ginny. Which in turn is a favor to me because it helps out Hermione," he said matter-of-factly.

"Wow," Harry said, "You really do speak Stupidish."

"I speak what?" Ron said, slightly insulted.


"Aren't you guys going to go and get ready? The party starts in less than two hours! UGH! Boys!" Hermione had sneaked up behind them on the stairs, and was observing how they looked, while Harry and Ron just stood waiting for her to leave, so they could release their pent-up laughter.

"Girls!" proclaimed the two boys in unison.

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