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Author's note: I changed the names a bit in this fic

Sanzo = Koryou (ok, that wasn't v. original!)

Gojyo = Shinji

Goku = Shoryo

Hakkai = Takeshi

Hope that's not too confusing!


He had always been the odd one out... the unwanted one, too clever for his own good and too different to be liked. He shook his head, trying to erase each damn word from his memory.every day....every day the same words, the taunting laughter, grown worse when his guardian Komyou had been killed in an accident.....

Koryou shivered and looked up. He'd worked hard to get this scholarship; it was his only actual means of escape from them. They looked down on him because he'd been adopted and hated him cause he'd inherited everything. Now he could try to forget. Not that he'd be accepted. He was sure of that at least. People with blonde hair and violet eyes were the exception rather than the rule, and being younger than the other students meant trouble. Koryou was already attracting too much attention for his liking. He took a deep breath in and marched defiantly into the lecture room.

* * *

Shinji glared at the two guys who were in front of him. "What do you mean to say with that?"

"Simple... that we don't want people of your kind hanging around here"

Shinji fumed. Why the hell didn't they leave him in peace? These people really found it hard to accept others who were different, like him. It wasn't his fault he had red hair and eyes. Not that he cared anymore. He grinned. Anyway, it was actually a plus, girls liked a little variety...

One of them pushed him to the wall. "What are you smirking at you bloody freak?"

"Just at you and your attitude big guy" Shinji stared straight at Sendoh. People always got unnerved when he looked too long into their eyes. Not girls though....it thrilled them to look into his ruby coloured eyes...he grinned again.

"Stop smiling you jerk!" The guy aimed a punch at his face. Shinji reacted so quickly that Sendoh never saw it coming. He crumbled into a heap on the floor. His friend backed off looking uncertainly from Shinji towards his pal.

"My, my," someone suddenly said. They turned to see Takeshi, one of the Prefects. "I think you guys are late for lectures aren't you?" he said smiling.

"Yeah sure," mumbled Sendoh's pal, pulling Sendoh up, "we were just leaving" They went off, leaving Shinji and Takeshi alone.

"I could have dealt with them alone" Shinji looked angrily at Takeshi. "You don't have to play nursemaid with me!"

"I wasn't actually," Takeshi smiled, "i was just worried about them."

Shinji paused, and then grinned back. Heck, Takeshi was a good friend though sometimes too serious. And sometimes, he did tend to hit harder then he meant to. He sighed and started walking towards his class.

"I heard that there's going to be a new student," he said, trying to change the subject.

"That's right. He's younger that the rest of us." said Takeshi. "He might be with you for Biology you know. He won a scholarship"

"What?!" Shinji snorted." It's a HE? Younger and with a scholarship? Great, another nerdy guy! I bet he'll the typical goody two shoes! Why couldn't it have been a pretty girl with great legs instead of teacher's pet?"

"Shinji!" Takeshi shook his head at him, "There's no need to judge him already. The kid will be feeling a bit lonely. Why don't you take him around?"

Shinji stared at his friend open mouthed. Sometimes, he doubted Takeshi was sane. If he thought that he was going to carry round a nerdy guy to frighten off all the chicks, he had another thought coming! "Why don't you take care of him?" he hissed.

"Because I'm a third year student, while you're also a first year student. I'd ask Shoryo, but I'm not sure he has any classes with him. Well, got to go now. See you!" and Takeshi went off, leaving Shinji swearing under his breath in front of his lecture room door.

* * *

Shinji sat behind Anita, one of his ex girlfriends. He winked at her and she giggled, blushing. Looking around he tried to spot Mr Nerd. Were the hell was he? Then he spotted....blonde hair? Oh my God. Shinji took a deep breath in. So Takeshi had been wrong. The new student was a girl! And a bloody good looking chick too!

He craned his neck trying to get a better view. It was a pity she was wearing a loose top cause he couldn't see if she had much in front...well, she didn't seem to have much, but that could have been just the impression given by the T-shirt. She seemed to favour boyish clothes...well, he'd soon cure her out of that! Hell, he would definitely help out the new kid....

He smiled and settled back into his seat and dreamt of what he would say and do to the girl while the lecturer droned on.

* * *

"Hey" Shinji flashed a smile at the new girl, "What's your name?"

"What's it to you?" She glared at him.

"I just asked that's all." Hell, she had a bit of a temper...well he liked that, gave a bit of spice to a relationship.

She hesitated, as if she weren't sure of how she should answer. " It's Koryou, but that's none of your business."

Koryou went off, angry with himself. What the hell had got into him? He should have told him to get lost.

Shinji stood frozen to the spot. Koryou? That was a guy's name! So the blonde chick was a guy? Oh shit. That was why she, or actually was so flat in front! Luckily no one knew about his mistake. And it wasn't his fault that the kid looked so girlish! Shinji took off, hoping that no one had noticed that he had been trying to pick up an underage guy.

* * *

"Takeshi!!!" Takeshi turned to see a brown haired whirlwind bearing down on him. it was Shoryo carrying what seemed to be rations for an entire army. "What to join me?" asked Shoryo , with his mouth already full.

Takeshi sat down at the table at motioned to Shoryo to do the same.

"Where's the red haired pervert?" asked Shinji again.

Takeshi smiled, "I asked him to show a new student around."

Shoryo paused before biting a sandwich, "Emm...I was asking about Shinji. You know...that guy who's always running after girls?"

Takeshi's smile grew wider, "That's right. I'm afraid that he wasn't very enthusiastic about it. But seeing that he's late, his probably with the kid."

Shoryo snorted. " Dream on Takeshi. There's no was Shinji's going to take care of a kid who's younger than him and who's a guy and who's won a scholarship." He took a bite of his sandwich and chewed it reflectively. "If you ask me, he's with some girl with a short skirt."

* * *

"Give me back those books!!"

"Try and take them baby!"

Shinji looked up. Oh no, not again. Sendoh never stopped picking on others. It was the blonde kid this time. There'd be no way he'd manage to beat Sendoh, the kid was too short and slight of build.

"Crybaby! Momma's little girl!"

"Give me my stuff you fat bastard!"

Should he interfere? He usually tried to keep out of trouble, but... the boy faintly reminded him of himself.... and he hated Sendoh anyway. "Why don't you leave the kid alone you jerk?"

Koryou turned round, eyes flashing. "I don't need your help."

"I don't need your help" mimicked Sendoh. Whamm! Koryou hit him straight in the stomach and he doubled over in pain.

Shinji was surprised. The kid was small, but he sure wasn't bad. He was going to be in big trouble though... A few other guys were approaching, and they were all Sendoh's buddies.

"No offence meant kiddo" Shinji strolled over' "I just don't think you should have all the fun to yourself."

"I'm not a kid" Koryou glared at Shinji who grinned back.

"Suit yourself. Koryou right? I'm Shinji." Shinji put out his hand. Koryou hesitated, and then took it. What was getting into him? He was getting too friendly. But Shinji seemed so damn familiar..

"Hey you!" They were surrounded by Sendoh's group. They all seemed ready for a fight.

"Ready to kick their ass kid?" said Shinji.

"I'm not a kid. And stop wasting time!!!!"

* * *

Five minutes later they were only two people standing, Shinji and Koryou. The others had run off or were on the floor groaning.

"Nice job." Shinji took out a cigarette and lit it. "Better get going now... I got to meet some friends."

"Oh.Ok," Koryou looked around. He felt as if this had already happened... as if he'd already fought by Shinji's side...He picked up his books. He felt strangely disappointed, as if he almost wanted to follow Shinji. What the!!!!! He was definitely going crazy. "I. whatever." He walked off cursing himself for letting his guard down. He could never be friends with anyone. Ever.

Shinji sighed. Takeshi was never going to believe this.


Author's Note: And that's the end of Chapter one!! Why I made Koryou / Sanzo younger than the rest? Poor Sanzo is always the oldest, so why shouldn't he have the chance to be the youngest? Hope that wasn't too bad (*_*)

Sanzo: It was.

Gojyo: Can you see me mistaking a guy for a girl?

Sanzo: Can you imagine me being mistaken for a girl? Or being bullied? (he takes out his gun).

Konzen: (^_^)