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Her lips curled into a smile on seeing him turn white. Koryou just stood there, unable to speak. Was he going mad, or was it the effect of too many late nights and caffeine? He rubbed his eyes, and blinked. She was still there. "Have you convinced yourself that you're not dreaming now?" Koryou scowled. That amused voice irritated the hell out of him. "You'd better mop that up before it stains the floor," she said, pointing to the spilt coffee. "Not that you should be drinking all that coffee at your age, but it's either that or smoking and saké with you isn't it?"

Smoking? Saké? She was definitely crazy. Plus, she was ordering him about, something which he couldn't stand.  "Why don't you clean it up old hag?" he growled angrily.

The woman chuckled. "I see you haven't lost your good manners over the years, Konzen." She sat down on one of the chairs and looked Koryou up and down. He felt himself going red under such close scrutiny. "You haven't lost your pretty face either," she said, winking at him lazily. She laughed again as he blushed furiously.He couldn't believe this. Koryou, tried to edge a far away from her as possible, and  wondered whether he could manage to get to the phone without her noticing, and call the police. She could be some crazy pervert who'd escaped from the lunatic asylum for all he knew.

She sighed. "You've been pestering me for an explanation for ages, and now that I've come to give you one, you're trying to run off?"

"So you want to give me an explanation?" The boy crossed his arms and looked at her angrily. "Fine! Then who the hell are you, why are you in my apartment, and what do you want from me?"

She motioned him to get closer. "Take my hand and concentrate. You'll get all your answers then." He hesitated, wondering whether he could really trust her. But he did need to get some straight answers...

Oh what the hell! And he took her hand.


                                      Konzen Douji…

                                                                      "Can you be his sun?"

             Tempou? Kenren? Goku?

                                                                                                                Genjo Sanzo…



          "Your hair…. It shines like the sun."  

                                                                    Hakkai? Gojyo?




Koryou gasped and drew back his hand. Images coursed through his brain, and he felt confused and lost… all this was incredible… it was impossible! He lifted his violet eyes to meet her hawk-like gaze… "It's not true is it?" he whispered weakly. "This Konzen… or Sanzo… he...they're not really me, right?" He waited for her to tell him that it was all a stupid joke, so that he could blast her out of his apartment and forget all this. But she shook her head slowly.

"Sorry… that was all true."

"And all the others… are they really…"

She sighed impatiently. "Haven't I already told you it's all true? Do you think I have the time to joke around with this stuff?"

The sixteen year old didn't answer. Whatever he may have thought, he had not imagined that he would be faced with something like this. Kanzeon looked at him. She wondered how he would react to the whole idea.

"Well?" she asked "Are you going to do it or not?"

"Do what?"

"This job! Have you grown thick or something?"

The blond looked completely mystified "What job?"

"Oh damn, haven't I explained it yet?" She looked at him gloomily. "Oh well…Call the others, I can explain it to you when you're all together"


Shinji buried his head deeper into the pillows, trying to drown the sound of the phone, but it kept on ringing insistently. He groaned, and dragged himself out of bed to look his watch. 3am…3AM???!! Who the hell would phone at such an hour? He grabbed the phone, hoping that there was at least a pretty girl on the other end.

"Hello? Shinji, is that you?"

Shinji rubbed his eyes and yawned. "Shit, Takeshi! Don't you know what time it is?"

"I'm sorry, but I need you to come over quick." Takeshi seemed anxious.

 Shinji frowned. It was unlike his friend to sound so worried. "What's up?"

"I can't explain now. I'm waiting for you. Bye."

Shinji stared at the phone. Takeshi had just hung up on him, without even hinting at what had happened. The red head got out of bed. He'd better have a good explanation for this, he thought grimly.


"There you are finally!" Takeshi practically bundled Shinji into the jeep where Shoryo was already snoring in the back seat.

"You can't expect to call a guy in the middle of the night and think he's going to come round running do you?" Shinji looked at Takeshi who was driving. "Well? So why did you make me come over?"

"Koryou called and…" His voice died away at the look on his friend's face.

"WHAT!!" Shinji exploded, "you made me come here cause the brat had a nightmare?"

"No, Shinji, listen I…"

"I don't bloody care! If this is just a wild goose chase, I'm going to make him and you pay for it! Understand?" The red head glared at his green eyed friend, wishing that he had a certain violet eyed person within his reach.

Takeshi sighed. Better not argue with Shinji when he was this mad. Explanations could be left to Koryou... "I get it."


They got to Koryou's place after some time, Shinji looking as if he'd like to murder someone, Shoryo, grumbling and rubbing his eyes, while Takeshi was trying valiantly to smile and keep them from arguing.

A white faced Koryou opened the door before they even had the chance to knock. "Come in quick," he hissed. They shuffled in and as soon as he closed the door, he found himself face to face with a raging Shinji.

"Now you just explain to me why the hell you brought us here in the middle of the night!" he snapped.

"Don't you raise your voice with me you ero kappa!" Koryou's violet eyes narrowed dangerously.

"I do what I like you little brat!" The two glared at each other, but before the younger could retort back, an amused voice broke into their quarrel.

"Well, I see time hasn't affected the love between you two." They turned to see a black haired woman, attired in unusual clothing with a red charka on her forehead. "Perhaps you'd better come in here so I'll explain."


Kanzeon Bosatsu smiled. Konzen, Tempou, Kenren and Goku… Koryou, Takeshi, Shinji and Shoryo. It was good seeing those four together again. Life never was as interesting as when they were united. They didn't look very happy though. Kanzeon looked at them reflectively. They had been silent for some time... Shoryo was stealing glances at Koryou, who was staring at the floor, face covered by his golden bangs. Shinji was looking bewildered, while Takeshi was frowning thoughtfully. Well, she had expected this to happen. Getting back the memory of your past life, or rather, of your past lives never was easy for mortal.

"Uh…Kanzeon?" Takeshi smiled politely at her. He never lost his manners, no matter how many times he was reincarnated, she thought wryly. "Gomen, but… I mean… exactly why have you told us all this?"

Ah ha… and interesting question. At last they could get down to business. She grinned at the green eyed man. "Simple… I need you to go on a journey!"

Shoryo brightened up at this, and looked eagerly at Kanzeon. "Cool! Where? To America? Europe? Africa? Do we go by plane or by boat?"

"Baka!" hissed Koryou, wishing that he still had a fan to slap Shoryo's head with. The only thing which he could bang on his head was a chair… but those were too expensive to waste.

Kanzeon's grin grew even wider, laughing inwardly, anticipating all the fun she was to have.  "Nope, even better," she said, looking gleefully from one to the other.
"You guys are going on a journey…." Here she paused dramatically, as four pairs of eyes bore into hers. "A journey, to the past."


And back to the past they go!!! ^_^

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