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Title: Oracle

Author: MaidenoftheMoon

Summary: It has been predicted that a long and bloody shinobi war is on the horizon, A single oracle foretells that this war can be prevented by the union of the reincarnation of the Kyuubi and the genius ninja of Konoha. In real life, that would be Naruto and Sasuke, but the two can barely stay in the same room together, much less fall in love, is the shinobi world doomed?

" . . ." = talking

//. . .// = thinking

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* * * * * *

Chapter One: Garnet

* * * * * *

He stood on his balcony, staring intently at the dark horizon. Lighting briefly lit up the dark night sky, and the boy's face for a single moment, then vanished as quickly as it had come.

The boy closed his eyes, he gripped the cold, steel railing and counted.

One . . Two . . Three. Just as expected, the thunder came, following the lightning like a faithful dog at the heels of its master.

It hadn't always been like this; he was never a prisoner of so many sleepless nights. He glanced briefly at the clock that hung in his living room. One-Thirty A.M.

Uzumaki Naruto never used to be an insomniac. He was always the first to sleep and the very last to wake, but ever since the visions came, they haunted him constantly and in the end, the idea of falling into a dreamless sleep was nothing but a distant, unreachable pleasure.

He tapped gently on his glass of water, and watched the ice cubes float in it like small boats, he liked the clinking sound it made when he shook the glass.

Inhaling, he was able to smell the apprehension of a world waiting for the rain.

Slowly closing his eyes, he felt the first, gentle drop of rain land on his cheek.

It wasn't long before the downpour came, soaking him to the skin, but he didn't care. The boy just stood on his balcony and cried silently, his tears blending perfectly into the rain.


Naruto sat up in his bed, his light blue pajamas and his golden blond hair clinging to his sweat soaked body and forehead. A wave of nausea washed over him. He leaned over the side of his bed until his face was only inches from the ground and proceeded to empty the contents of his stomach onto the floor.

The boy sat in the darkness, his face buried in his hands, silently sobbing. His salty tears ran down his face gingerly, almost afraid to fall.

It was that dream again, the same vision. Everyone he ever cared for lay scattered in a circle around him. Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi, Iruka, Jiraiya, Tsunade, all dead and bloody, eyes looking up at the red sky, empty, soulless.

Naruto would cry as he fell to the ground, pounding the blood-stained dirt beneath him. That's when the invisible voice spoke.

"You are destined to die with them."

"SHUT UP!" Naruto yelled, refusing to look for the owner of the voice.

"You couldn't save them, you couldn't save him, he was your everything."


"You know who, but you let him die, you let him die. . . " The voice taunted on.

At that point, a horrible pain would encompass his entire body, causing him to cry out in agony, but his cries were heard by only his dark room as he would awaken, sweaty and nauseated.

~*End Flashback*~

He slid down against the cold stone wall, icy rain still stinging against his skin.

//I can't take it anymore . . .// Naruto thought bitterly, wrapping his wet arms around himself as if they could offer him some comfort.

* * * * * *

In another part of the city, a different leaf Genin was also pulled from his sleep by his dreams. He too woke up trembling and clutching his sweat- soaked sheets.

It always took awhile for the world to stop spinning in front of his eyes, and when it did, he saw nothing but darkness.

Flicking on the lights, he crawled into a silent kitchen and slumped into a chair at the table. He closed his eyes and listened to the rain pound hard on his roof.

A memory of the days when he was still naïve and small came to him. He was in this very same kitchen and his mother held him in her arms.


"Okasan?" A small, timid voice asked.

"Nani?" replied the soft, delicate voice of his mother.

"The rain scares me a lot, I don't like it." He said quietly and moved closer to her.

"Hush Sasuke, it's only a little water falling from the sky, plus, Itachi wouldn't be scared of it would he?" She said smiling.

"No! I'm not scared either! I'm just as strong as Itachi!." The young Sasuke jumped out of her lap and stood bravely in the middle of the floor.

His mother laughed quietly and led her son to the door. "You'll be late for shuriken practice!" she said while waving goodbye.

Sasuke ran off deep in thought about how one day he'd be as great as his brother. Little did he know, that would be the last time he heard his mother's soothing voice.

~*End flashback*~

A loud clap of thunder pulled him from his thoughts. The raven-haired boy sat up and chuckled darkly. He had been so stupid. His eyes were clouded by innocence.

If he had realized the way his brother was acting before, the way his parents seemed to shake when Itachi was in the room, he would have taken them as signs.

Childhood hurt so badly. Every day was like a dream, and you only woke up to a terrifying nightmare.

His eyes focused on the clock ticking away on the wall opposite him. For a few moments, he chose to think about nothing, but deep down, he knew it was inevitable. He was going to end up racking his brains for answers on his reoccurring dreams.

The same thing every night, it had gotten to the point where he was almost afraid to turn the lights off, because the thought of falling asleep terrified him.

When he finally did sleep, tender minutes of dreamless placidity soon receded into the nightmares.

He was always in the same person's arms, being held close to their body, but that person was crying.

Looking around, he realized he was lying in a pool of warm blood, and the pain shooting through him somehow told him that it was his own blood.

"Sasuke, if I'd told you earlier, Sasuke, it's too late now, it's no use, Sasuke! Don't die! Please don't die!"

He wanted to smack whoever was speaking to him, but he couldn't bring himself to move and he'd always black out, only to wake up hot, drenched in his own sweat and unexplainably lonely, almost yearning to be loved.

Sasuke lay his head down on the cold, wood table and closed his eyes. What did it all mean?

* * * * * *

The two young ninjas were not the only people awake and troubled that night.

"The oracle has spoken, the future of the shinobi relies on the union of the Kyuubi and the genius ninja of our village." The Godaime spoke softly as she stood in front of a crowd of hundreds of ninja.

A hushed murmur floated through the audience, and dark glances were exchanged by many.

A sleepy looking silver-haired man stepped forward. "You don't mean Sasuke and Naruto do you?" He asked, with a tinge of fear in his voice.

His comrades all looked alarmed, the tone he used was one that they very rarely heard.

Tsunade smiled wearily, she was obviously tired from contacting the oracle. "That's exactly who I mean, we'll all die if your two students don't fall in love, Kakashi . . ."

* * * * * *

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