Finding a Path - Kernobi

Disclaimer: Characters and Premise are borrowed from the movie "Star Wars."

Luke was eight years old now and living with his Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru. Owen and Beru had been delighted to take care of Luke, but they weren't so happy when I told them I would be instructing Luke in using the Force. Owen's initial reaction had been ordering me off his land. Once he calmed down he convinced the local government to order me out of the county. Owen told me that the Force and I were responsible for Anakin becoming lost to the Dark Side. He was certain that if he could keep Luke on Tatooine, and away from the bad influances that had destroyed his father, Luke would be safe.

I doubted that the galaxy would let someone as strong in the Force as Luke Skywalker live out his life on an obscure farm in a backwater solar system like Tatoo. I also knew that it would do me no good what-so-ever to try to explain that to Owen. Besides, it would be years before Luke would need guidance in the Force. Perhaps it would be best for the boy if Owen were given a chance to teach him some of the moisture farmer's practical, stubborn, reality based ideas. Owen's teaching might even save Luke from his father's fate.

So I left Tatooine and Luke Skywalker for a short trip to Alderaan to check on his sister.

When Candra had died of an illness several years earlier, Bail and Cora decided to adopt Leia. I felt that their decision would be most helpful in keeping her hidden from Anakin and Palpatine.

After checking on Leia I had planned to return to Tatooine immediately, but Owen's accusation stopped me. In a way I was responsible for Anakin turning to the Dark Side. I had begun his training in the Force. I should have been able to stop him from turning to the Dark Side. I should have at least realized that I had gotten into more trouble then I was able to handle when he refused to stop experimenting with the Force. If I had I could have gotten help. But instead, I had charged blindly ahead driving Anakin to the Dark Side.

In the last few years so many of the Jedi Knights had died or disappeared, and I had driven one who might have been the strongest of us all to the Dark Side. Why hadn't I been more careful? He was my first student. Why hadn't I asked a more experianced teacher to help me?

I decided it was my duty to try to bring Anakin back to the light. I owed it to him and to the galaxy.

The Force lead me to a planet that was rebelling against Palpatine's new measures. I was eventually drawn to the labyrinth of tunnels beneath a volcano on one of the planets thousands of islands.

I waited for Anakin in a cave lit only by the lava river flowing through it.

"Why have you come here old man?" A voice demanded from the shadows.

I waited till the speaker stepped into the light, he was dressed from head to foot in black battle armor covered by a long cape of the same color.

I wished I had more time to prepare for the greatest battle of my life, a battle against Darkness.

Finally I replied, "Hello Anakin..."



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