I'm a rabid Jin fan, so I wrote this poem, since he seems to be a guy who covers up pain with the way he acts.I'm sure that he didn't have a super traumatic life, but I'm sure the Makai isn't the greatest place to grow up.


A smiling face,

big blue eyes,

pointed ears,


He floats along,

Jin, the Wind Master,

seemingly in bliss.

Inside his head,

he's living through

everything again.

Most not happy,

though he brushes it away.

His cherry red hair

blows in the breeze

as he now shuffles down the sidewalk,

a black beanie hiding his horn.

"Such a nice lass"

he's going to visit.

Someone who knows

that behind the idiotic fool

lies a being

who wants nothing more

than anything.


Was it good? Let me know. I may turn this into a character poem thing for all the YYH cast.