Here's a new chapter for 'Character Poems'. This time,-puts hand into felt hat filled with slips of paper- it's Keiko! Enjoy!



That boy.

She questions what keeps him coming back to her

even after every case.

If she's in trouble

he comes to her rescue.

No matter how many times she hurts him.

But then,

doesn't he owe her

for caring for his body?

No, she decides,

that's not why.

She brushes her short hair out of her eyes,

looking over the balcony of the hotel.

The finals of the Dark Tournament ended yesterday.

Of course, Team Urameshi won.

The members of the team lay beaten and brusied, wrapped in bandages.

There's a ruckus coming from behind her

and she turns around.

Yuusuke is walking around, all bandaged up

acting like an egyptian mummy.

Kuwabara's yelling at him,

Botan, Koenma, Shiziru, and Yukina are off somewhere,

Kurama's chuckling,

and Hiei's just rolling his eyes.

She does the same and goes to put Yuusuke back to rest.

He gives her an insane little smile before he dodges her.

She rolls her eyes again.

That's why she loves him.


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