AN: I write so many serious romance and sad stories, I decided to write a funny, almost pointless story. I said almost pointless. . . Here goes. . .

Truth or Dare

Summary: When Ron, Harry, Ginny and Hermione have to stay locked in a room all night with their most hated enemies, they find something interesting to do. . .

Chapter One: On the Run

"Ginny, Hermione, Ron, over here, Filch is coming!" Harry said as loud as he dared, hoping Filch or Mrs. Norris wouldn't hear him. He raced over to a heavy wooden door and flung it open. He pulled the three in and shut the door quickly. He preformed all the locking spells he knew on the door and settled in a chair.

                "How are we going to get back to Gryffindor tower now? Filch is watching for us, he knows we're out of bed!" Ron said, sitting down next to Harry. Hermione and Ginny followed the suit. Hermione seemed to be deep in thought. Ginny sat, looking at her hands nervously. She suddenly jumped up and looked into the shadows behind them.

                "Who's there!? Show yourself!" She said, pointing her wand in towards the dark. The others looked confused, but pointed their wands into the darkness. Harry finally spoke up.

                "Ginny, did you hear something, none of us did!" Ginny looked at him and smiled. Ron knew what she was smiling about. Over the summer, a freak accident gave her extraordinary eyesight. She could see into darkness somewhat.

                "Well, this summer, I had an accident and it gave me good night vision, that's all! I saw someone in the shadows- Oh, there it was again. . ." She was silent for a few moments and then said, "Malfoy, Parkinson, Crab, Goyle? What are you twits doing in here?" Malfoy and the others came into the light.

                "I'd keep your trap shut, Filch would've found you if it weren't for us, we locked the other door that you didn't know about!" Malfoy said with a sneer. He looked around at the others and asked mockingly, "What are you doing here, past your bedtime?"

                "That's not any of your business, what are you doing at this time of the night?!" Hermione said with a grin. She had got him there. "Ten points from Slytherin!" She pointed to her Head Girl badge. Malfoy's expression didn't change.

                "Ah, but you've forgotten, I'm Head boy!  Fifteen points from Gryffindor!" He snapped his fingers and sneered at the Gryffindor's. They looked at him in awe and looked at each other. Malfoy got annoyed. "What are we going to do? Filch will find us if we try and leave!"

                They all sat down at a long table in the center of the room, Gryffindor's on one side, Slytherin on the other. They were all deep in thought. Hermione's brow was furrowed. It took over ten minutes, but she finally snapped her fingers in triumph. "Filch goes to bed at three o'clock! It's midnight right now, so we just have to wait here for three hours, then we can try and leave.

                "Good, but what are we supposed to do for three hours genius?" Pansy said with a sneer. She had a look of triumph on her face and set her feet on the table. Hermione looked down and frowned. They once again went into deep thought.

                This time, Ginny spoke up within minutes.  She stood up with a grin. "I have two ideas! We can either play Truth or Dare or Spin the Bottle!" Everyone looked around. Ginny sat down, still grinning.

                "Well, I don't really want to end up kissing Potty or Weasel, so I am for Truth or Dare!" Draco said happily. His dream was to get a deep dark secret out of one of the members of the Dream team. He just had to know.

                "Fine fine! I'll go first," Harry said with a grin.

                Harry looked around the table and his gaze finally settled on Draco. He sneered and asked, "Malfoy, truth or dare?" Draco didn't stop and think.

                "Dare!" He smiled and got ready to hear what he was about to do. He felt slightly uncomfortable with the face Harry was making. 'What's he going to make me do?'

                "Fine. . ." Harry thought a moment. "Kiss the person in this room that you would like to most!" Draco gagged. He looked around the circle. He had to say something.

                "Fine, but if I do, you all can't tell anyone!" He made them each promise. He had a nervous feeling in his stomach and leaned in and kissed. . .


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