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Harry Potter ~ The Popular Jock

Hermione Granger ~ The Pretty Ugly Girl

Ron Weasley ~ The Obsessed Best Friend

Draco Malfoy ~ The Cocky Blonde Guy

Lee Jordan ~ The Token Black Guy

George & Fred Weasley ~ The Voices of Reason

Ginny Weasley ~ The Invisible Friend

Angelina Johnson ~ Cheerleader Number One

Alicia Spinnet ~ Cheerleader Number Two

Katie Bell ~ Cheerleader Number Three

Seamus Finnegan ~ The Desperate Virgin

Dean Thomas ~ The Wannabe

Neville Longbottom ~ The Sensitive Guy

Dumbledore ~ The Really Old Perverted Guy

Fleur Delacour ~ The Foreign Exchange Student

Crabbe & Goyle ~ The Equally Stupid Guys

Cho Chang ~ The Perfect Girl

Oliver Wood ~ The Beautiful Weirdo

Chapter 4 ~ Chaotic Cheers and Venting Fiascos

Alicia Spinnet rolled her eyes as she sat at the long table out on the Quidditch Pitch. The sky was a beautiful blue and the breeze that was blowing across the stadium sent a shiver down her spine. Glancing to either side of her she gave a slight smile to her friends Angelina and Katie. They had been undergoing a bit of trouble ever since Harry had that incident at the last game, and now it was up to them to find a replacement seeker just in case they decided to boot Harry from the team.

"Alright, this weekend is the game against Slytherin and that team always brings it, so we need to find someone with extra special seeker spirit. "

" Bring what Alicia?" Katie cocked her eyebrow and shrugged her shoulders.

" What?" Alicia snapped back, her forehead scrunching up the slightest. God how she absolutely hated how everyone was so inferior to her. They should definitely raise the standards of Hogwarts and send only those worthy.

"What exactly is 'it'? Angelina chimed in from her other side.

" 'It' is just what they bring ok…" Rolling her eyes again she let out a deep breath and propped her chin in her hand. " Now back on to more important business. Next!!"

There was a murmur in the crowd and a petite blonde headed girl poked through the crowd and waved politely at the girls.

"Hi! I'm Mary Sue and it's simply swell to meet you. " Her mouth stretched out into a large smile and she waved again.

" Can you at just show us your moves?" Alicia yawned and began filing her nails.

"Oh you betcha!" Grabbing a broom from the floor she swung her legs over the side and began to push from the ground until she jerked forward violently. " Shit-lip-fag-sucker…" the words flew from her mouth in such a rapid speed that the three girls stared at her in awe.

"What was that?" Alicia nearly choked out.

"Oh, that.." Sandy let out a giggle, " that was my turettes.."

"I don't think she is safe to fly Alicia…" Katie began.

"Don't you tell me what to do Bell…remember this is not a Quid-ocracy….I'm the Quid-tator! " Looking over the other few people that were standing there Alicia tapped her quill to her chin.

"Come-on-stick-a-finger-in-my-ass…shit-face…" Sandy bit her lower lip.

Alicia sighed and then slammed her book shut. Pointing to Sandy with her quill she gave a nod. " She'll Quid-do…"


Dean and Neville stared skeptically at Seamus as they hoisted themselves up into the the air vents of the school. It wasn't as though they didn't want to see the half naked girls hit each other with feather pillows, it was just that they didn't think that this plan of Seamus' would work out so well. After all the last plan they followed of his had them serving a weeks worth of detention helping McGonagall give some elders sponge baths at the Retirement Home for Witches and Wizards. Neville shuddered as that thought shot through his mind.

"Hey Seamus, mate, you sure this is a good idea?" Neville bit his lower lip and shimmied through the vents with his two pals.

"Of course I'm sure this is a good idea. You two just wait. Once we can look down into the girls dormitories you'll be thanking me like I was Merlin or something." Seamus smirked and looked over his shoulder at Neville.

"Don't be frontin with us Seamus. If you screw this up I'll bust a cap in your ass." Dean let out a frustrated groan and glanced down through the vent below him. "Hey! Guys…jackpot…"

Below Lavender and Parvati giggled wildly as they emerged from the bathroom. Wrapped in towels. Lavender tossed her long blonde hair carelessly over her shoulder and Parvati just let out another fit of laughter.

"You need to stop laughing Parv, someone may suspect something. " Lavender grinned.

"Well, I can't help it Lav. Sometimes your body just sends shivers down my spine." Parvati grabbed her stomach in hysterics.

"Well it wont be happening again Parv." Lavender opened up the door and left with a giggling Parvati at her heels.

Above them a disappointed trio of boys let out a groan. "Bloody hell, we missed it." Seamus pounded his fist on the metal vent and cursed under his breath. "Come on, lets move to a different vent."

Shuffling through the narrow passage, Seamus felt his excitement grow as he heard muffled noises coming from the nearing vent.

"Oh, look a chocolate frog…" Neville called from the rear of the group.

Dean shook his head with disapproval but his mind quickly veered in another direction once they looked into the new vent.

"Oh Merlin! That's McGonagall….and Snape! They are totally snogging!" Seamus squeaked out, trying desperately to suppress his laughter.

"Oh man, check that out. I don't know whether to be disgusted or root on old Snapey!" Dean slapped Seamus on the back and grinned.

"This really isn't so bad for two old people. I didn't know McGonagall could move like that." Neville chimed in, taking a bite out of the chocolate frog he found in the vent.

"Oh Severus, take me now. Show me the wild manticore that breathes inside of you!" McGonagall wailed.

The boys bit back on their tongues and nearly died with laughter. "This is by far the best day of my life…" Seamus managed to blurt out through his laughing.

"I know…I know…" Neville rolled onto his back and slapped at the side of the vent. A squeaking noise softly echoed through the space and Neville ceased his laughing. "Hey, did you guys hear that?"

"Hear what, my man?" Dean coughed out before the vent holding them lurched. " What the- " The vent lurched again and the boys yelped.

"Minerva, do you hear that?" Snape pulled back from her for a brief moment before glancing up at the ceiling.

"Hear what, Sevie-poo?" McGonagall batted her eyelashes and tilted her face towards the ceiling.

Unfortunately at the same moment the entire vent came crashing through the ceiling spilling out the three boys in front of the professors. Each of them looked up sheepishly, their faces a deep shade of red.

"My word! " McGonagall screamed. " Detention! Detention! Detention! " She wiped her brow, and picked up her robe from the floor. "And if any of you boys spill a word of this I'll send you straight to Azkaban!" She stormed out..

"Not before I practice my unforgivable curses on you first." Snape turned towards the door but paused for a brief moment. Turning back to the boys he scowled. " Detention will be served with me tonight. I expect you to be at my chambers no later then 7. " Turning on his heel he stormed out of the room.

Dean and Neville stared at each other for a few minutes before slowly turning towards Seamus. Oh there would be hell to pay before detention tonight.


Harry took a long look at himself in the mirror on his wall. Oh why was he blessed with such dashing good looks? Sometimes he just couldn't believe he was so devilishly handsome. Yet that wasn't the real reason he was in his room, Sirius had promised to send an owl and Harry had a few questions he would like answered. One in particular being how in the hell he was going to capture Hermiones heart and turn her into a prom, queen.

"Think Potter, think…" Harry began to pace his dorm room. " What could possibly be done to show Hermione that I am a decent guy?"

Ginny Weasley took a deep breath as she stood outside Harry's dormitory door. She had dazzled herself up a bit more then usual, but she had to admit she looked pretty cut in the green dress she bought last summer. After all a little cleavage never hurt anyone. Especially the male gender in particular.

Smoothing out her dress again she closed her eyes and firmly knocked on the door. She knew he was inside, only because she had followed him casually throughout the day.

"Harry? Hello Harry are you in there?" She heard a murmur and squealed with excitement as she heard the door handle begin to turn. "Harry I- oomph " Ginny squeaked again as she fell back on the floor.

Harry on the other hand blew right by Ginny without even noticing her. He was far to caught up in the brand new plan he had thought up. He was going to make Hermione his, and then the bet would surly be in his hands.