Title: Leaky Things

Author: A.j.

Spoiler: Season 1

Summary: Goodbye.


Leaky Things

by A.j.


"I want to say I miss you, Jack. And parts of me do. Miss you. Well, the bits

of you you let me see." She reached over, running her fingertips along his

jaw. The shuddery feeling in his heart tightened. "I loved you for a very

long time. Still do. But it's been eight years, Jack. I don't know you


"I could-" He stopped the awkward thought half way through. No, he couldn't.

He really couldn't get to know her again. Not in the way that he needed to

know her. And looking at her smiling just that way, she knew he knew. God

this was confusing. "No. No I couldn't, could I?"

Her lips twisted again, eyes shining in the the light of the street lamp.

"Nope. But that's okay."

He nodded once before leaning over to kiss her cheek. They'd said their

goodbyes in thousands of different ways over the years. Looks that were

bitter or resentful or tired. Touches that didn't last long enough, or maybe,

lasted too long. Sobbing, silence, and then just distance. Maybe it was time

they finally said the words.

Leaning back, he ran a hand down her jaw, a mirror of the gesture she'd just

made. "Goodbye, Sara."

Tears spilled down her face, but she was smiling. "G'bye, Jack."