A/N- I had fun with this. It only took about 7 minutes. :| Mind you, poems don't have to rhyme all the friggin time x] and they don't have to be perfect. And... don't read the hermione and Ron part.. it would ruin the poem, yeah know. Just glance at there names after reading there lines quickly.. I put that there so you know who's saying it and see what they're saying to each other. :] Review please! :D haha XDD

Love me?

When will you love me? -Hermione
When will you care? - Ron
I think about you- Hermione
every time and everywhere- Ron
I look in your eyes- Hermione
I can see your in love- Ron
I want to be that special girl- Hermione
That I constantly dream of- Ron
I want to hold you- Hermione
for forevermore- Ron
I want to protect you- Hermione
and never let you go- Ron
I want your lips against mine-Hermione
telling me your forever mine- Ron
I want you with me-Hermione
every minute of the day-Ron
Maybe not the bathroom- Hermione
So GET AWAY- Ron (A/N- hehe XD)
I want to look at you-Hermione
and gaze at your beautiful face-Ron
How can people tell you-Hermione
your ugly as can be-Ron
When I can see through you-Hermione
and see the handsome stuff-Ron
within me-Hermione
Doesn't everyone want this?-Ron
wouldn't they? [yes they do]- Hermione
People always joking around-Ron
and doing it for stupid dares- Hermione
But this isn't no joke-Ron
I can swear [it isn't to me]-Hermione
I fallen for you, Hermione.. [Do you love me?]-Ron
Ron how can you say that? [After what we all said]-Hermione
Is that a yes or a maybe so? Is it just a big fat NO?- Ron
Of course I do, you weasel, YOU!-Hermione