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"Hey guys! Great news!" Mina grinned as she skipped into the room.

Ami was in a chair reading a book like usual, Lita and Serena were sitting in front of the tv playing video games, and Rei was sleeping on the couch.

"What news?" Rei asked, opening one eye and looking at Mina.

"I booked us a reservation at this dreamy beach house!" Mina exclaimed happily.

"Great! When do we leave?" Lita asked as she jabbed a button repeatedly.

"Today, today, today!" Mina sang while pulling Ami out of her chair.

"Well, we better get packed then." Rei said as she got up off the couch.


"Hey guys! Guess what!" Duo said as he walked into the room.

"You're moving out?" Wufei asked hopefully.

"Nope! I found this great beach house!" Duo grinned.

"What days is the reservation for?" Quatre asked politely.

"Today, tomorrow, the day after that, the day after that..." Duo trailed off into thought as he counted on his fingers. "The whole summer!"

"What makes you think we'd want to spend the whole summer with you?" Wufei growled.

"Oh come on Wu-man! It'll be fun! Besides, I doubt you, heck, I doubt any of you would want to spend the whole summer with Relena around." Duo said reasonably.

"Good point. Let's go." Wufei said. The five of them left the living room and went upstairs to their rooms to pack.

*A few hours later*

"We're here!" Mina yelled as she opened the door.

"Finally!" Rei growled as she shoved past Mina and went in.

"I'm hungry!" Serena whined as she dropped her bags on the floor.

"Let's put our bags away and then we can go get food." Ami said as she and Lita walked in.

"Yeah, I'm hungry too." Lita laughed as her stomach agreed.

"Ok, let's do it then!" Mina said, clapping her hands together.

Ten minutes later, they had their bags in their rooms, and were in their car on the way to the store to buy some food for the house. Unbeknownst to them, while they were at the store, a black limo pulled into the driveway. Five guys got out of the limo, bags in hand.

"We're here!" Duo grinned as he opened the door.

"Finally." Wufei growled as she shoved Duo out of the way.

"It sure looks nice." Quatre commented as he came in. Trowa nodded in agreement, and Heero just glared like usual.

"I'm starving." Duo whined all of a sudden.

"We just ate, baka." Wufei said as he glared at him.

"But I'm still hungry!" Duo did his best to give Wufei puppy dog eyes, but Wufei just ignored him.

"Let's go put our bags away." Quatre suggested.

While the five of them were upstairs doing that, the girls returned from the store. They entered the house, their arms full of groceries and went into the kitchen. They set the bags down on the table and counter, and began to put the food away, while also leaving some out for their lunch.

"I'm going to make us a nice big lunch!" Lita smiled as they went into the kitchen. "I'll need your help you guys."

"What do you need us to do?" Rei asked as she folded the paper bags.

"Food...food...food!" Duo's eyes widened at seeing a bowl full of apples on the table and a smile came on his face. He reached to grab one of the apples, when Rei grabbed his arm, and twisted it behind his back. "Hey! That hurts!"

"Who the hell are you?" Rei demanded loudly, tightening her grip.

"Ow! Babe let go!" Duo tried to break free, but her grip was too tight.

"I asked you a question." Rei growled.

"Duo Maxwell." He grunted in reply.

"Maxwell! Where are you?!" Wufei yelled as he stomped down the stairs.

"Kitchen!" Duo called, a smile coming on his face.

"There...what are you doing here?!" Wufei demanded as he entered the kitchen.

"We could ask you the same question!" Lita said, popping her knuckles.

"We rented this place." Duo said, as he finally broke free of Rei's grip.

"No, we did." Serena said, a confused look on her face.

"Yeah! I rented this place from Mrs. Kaoru Hijitaka." Mina said defensively.

"And I rented this place from Kenji Hijitaka." Duo said.

"Ohh! I saw this on a movie last month!" Serena said happily.

"Serena, that doesn't solve our problem." Ami said quietly.

"Why don't we just share the house? It is big enough for all of us." Duo smiled.

"Great idea! We'd love to!" Mina said to the two boys before turning quickly to face her friends. "It would be fun you guys!"

"We should tell the others." Duo said, turning to face Wufei.

"Others? There's more then just the two of you?" Lita asked.

"Yeah! I'll go get them!" Duo ran out of the kitchen, and returned minutes later with Heero, Trowa, and Quatre. By the time they came back, Lita and the girls had already started making lunch for themselves. "Here they are!"

Mina, who was pouring the drinks, was the first to notice them. "Hiya! Minako Aino!" She said, smiling at the three. "The blonde ditz is Serena Tsukino, the one with short haired genius is Ami Mizuno, the cook over there is Lita Kino, and Rei Hino is a Shinto priestess. Now, who the heck are you?"

"Quatre Raberba Winner." Quatre smiled warmly at the girls.

"Like I already said, Duo Maxwell." Duo grinned happily.

"Chang Wufei." Wufei growled while glaring at her.

"Stop glaring, Chang." Rei said while putting the salad on the table.

"Trowa Barton." Trowa said in a quiet voice.

"Heero Yuy." Heero said in his usual monotone voice.

"Would you like to join us for lunch?" Ami asked politely.

"Hell yeah!" Duo's grin grew as he sat down on a chair.

Duo and Serena had a race to see who could eat the most the fastest, which ended with them both having a stomachache. While Serena and Duo cleaned up, the boys wandered off to different parts of the house, while the girls went upstairs and changed into their bathing suits.

Ami wore a blue one-piece suit, Lita wore a green bikini, Rei wore a red bikini with black boarder shorts, and Mina wore an orange tank top with a matching bikini bottom. As they walked down the stairs and down the hall leading towards the back door, Duo wasn't the only one who seemed to watch them.

"Hurry up Sere!" Mina called as she opened the back door.

"I'm coming!" Serena ran upstairs and came back down minutes later wearing a pink bathing suit with short black shorts. "Wait for me!" She cried as she ran out the door and after them.

In a flash Duo had changed into a pair of dark blue boarder shorts, along with convincing the others, minus Heero, to also change into their boarder shorts. Trowa wore green, Quatre light blue, and Wufei red. Duo opened the back door and hopped down the steps and into the sand.

"Hurry up you guys!" Duo said as he dragged them all out to the beach where the girls were playing in the water.

"Baka." Wufei growled, but was ignored by Duo.

"Hey babes!" Duo called, causing them to turn and look at the guys.

"Duo-chan!" Mina who was sitting on Lita's shoulders waved happily at the guys.

"Serena stop moving around!" Rei growled as she held onto Serena's legs.

"Sorry!" Serena laughed as she shifted once again on Rei's shoulders to keep her balance.

"That's it!" Rei yelled before grabbing Serena's legs and shoving them over her head, causing Serena to lose her balance and fall into the water below. Of course, knowing Serena, she screamed and grabbed Rei, pulling her down with her. Mina, during the whole thing, snuck up behind Duo who was laughing at Rei and Serena. Moving her head next to his, she made sure her mouth was right next to his ear. Lifting her arm, she slapped him on the back, while at the same time yelling "Tag!" really loudly. Mina laughed at seeing him jump, and ran back into the water where her friends were.

"Unfair!" Duo whined, and suddenly found himself alone, as the guys had moved away from him. "Get back here!" Duo called as he ran into the water after his friends.

Hours later, the sun began to go down, the wind began to pick up, causing them all to feel the cold for the first time. Tired and hungry, they all made their way back into the cabin, where a fire was blazing in the fireplace, and Heero was nowhere to be seen. Lita, along with the help of Ami, made hot chocolate for everyone, along with smores. As they came back out, they were surprised to find everyone, minus Trowa playing Twister.

"Right hand blue." Trowa said from his spot on the couch.

"Wufei move your leg!" Rei growled as she tried to reach the blue circle.

"Serena your butt's in my face!" Mina whined as she placed her hand down on one of the blue circles.

"Sorry! Quatre, can you move a bit to the right?" Serena asked as she shifted her body.

"Like that?" Quatre, who had his head near Mina's thighs, wouldn't stop blushing.

"Ah! Much better!" Serena, who was upside down, smiled at him.

"Hey Rei, nice ass." Duo was on his back like a crab, and was looking up at Rei's butt. Rei of course, was ready to attack him, when suddenly Serena wobbled, bumping into Rei.

"The hot chocolate's done you guys." Ami said as she handed Trowa a cup.

"Left hand yellow." Mina reached over Wufei, who had to stretch to reach the yellow circle. Of course, knowing Serena, she couldn't go long without a klutz attack. And of course, it just so happened to be at that moment. Serena, who was reaching for the circle, bumped into Quatre who let out a cry and smacked into Rei who fell on top of Duo, who knocked into Mina, who of course fell on top of Wufei.

"Odango Atama!" Rei growled as she got up off of Duo.

"Get off onna!" Wufei shoved Mina off, who fell on top of Quatre.

"Sorry." Mina smiled and helped Quatre up, and the two of them pulled Duo up.

"Hey! I won!" Serena said as she stood up.

"No way! You knocked us all down!" Rei said, glaring at her friend.

"It was an accident Rei!"

"No it wasn't!"

"Was too!"

"Was not!"

"Was too!"

"Was not!"

Mina and Duo sat on the couch side by side, watching the two and cheering them on. Ami sat in a chair and hid from embarrassment behind a book. Lita on the other hand, was passing out the hot chocolate along with smores. Quatre was sipping his chocolate, and Wufei had left to go practice with his katana. Trowa sat quietly next to Mina and was also watching the two girls fight. The argument soon turned into an all out raspberry war, causing the others to cover their drinks and food.

Ami yawned and rubbed her tired eyes before standing up. Mina, had fallen asleep, and was stretched out on the couch, with her head on Duo's lap and her feet on Trowa's. Serena and Rei were watching tv, Lita was playing chess with Quatre, Trowa was reading a book, and Duo was also asleep. Stretching her arms above her head, Ami yawned once more before speaking.

"It seems, since there's only five rooms here, that'll we'll need to share." Ami spoke up, catching everyone's attention. "So...who wants to share with who?"


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