Seas of Turmoil
Squall Morpheus Leonhart

Captain's log,

My own command…I'm still shock by the thought of it. I don't want it, I'm no leader but they need me. Ever since papa died, his crew…no, my crew, they're my crew now. Ever since papa died, they choose me to be their leader. The leader of the Ocean SeeDs also known as the Sea Turmoils. I don't know who gave us that name and everyone thinks were the evil pirates but we're only mercenaries. We're paid to destroy lands, not our intention mind you but…

It may be the age of machines but Papa preferred the old ways of boating and sailing though he did have some machines, weaponry and survival alike. I mainly grew up on the sea; the vastness of it was simply calling me to get off land as soon as possible. The smells of the sea welcomed me and embraced me with open arms. It was more than my love; it was my passion and rival.

I remember that I was always near the ocean seas. Papa allowed me to go on all of his voyages while Mama and Sis would stay in our Winhillian mansion outside the town itself about three miles away near the mountains. Mama sworn that I was born on a ship and that must have been where my Sea yearn must have began.

One of my earliest memories was during the massive storm named after Leviathan, Levian's Turmoil. I remember that story too well; it was almost it was like yesterday that it happened…

A little boy about the age of four ran up to the captain's deck where his father was at. He laughed as the sailors on broad tried desperately to draw in the sails of the massive Pirate ship. He heard his father's voice calling out to his crew, "Ahoy mattes, retrieve all sails, it's a big one."

The small brunette boy opened the door and closed it against the hellion winds of the storm; the first mate ran over to the child and helped him out. After the task was done, quicksilver eyes kindly thanked the sailor before running into the arms of the awaiting female, his mother. A giggle of laughter made the captain turn around from his task of keeping the ship steady. "Leon, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be with your sister below decks," said the forty year old captain sternly but he was smiling.

"I know, papa but I wanna come here and see you," protested Leon happily. The captain's smile broadened and motioned the boy to come to his side.

"Is that so, young man, okay remember how to steer," smiled the captain as he allowed Leon to take the wheel while he himself guided the boy, "Keep her steady son."

Keep her steady son. Those words remained with me for all time. Not just the meaning of those words but the implied meaning too. Papa was allowing me then to become the captain of his beloved ship in the future. He gave me the command of it. I loved my papa with all my heart and I miss him but I know he will always be with me. I'm seventeen now and a well known swordsman and sailor. I will live on my family's legacy of the Seas…

Two men on the edge of the cliff glared down at one another with open eyes of hatred and something more. One was a seventeen year old brunette with quicksilver eyes, cold as the mountains of Trabia and just as beautiful and deadly. The other had golden sun kissed skin and hair with green blue eyes of the shallow seas but just as fierce as a Toroma. At the side was an auburn man with violet eyes as beautiful as the sunset, he was worried about his lover and partner, the blonde.

The brunette glared at the blonde Deling officer as he brandished his sword, Lionheart, a mighty gunblade whereas the blonde did the same with his own gunblade, the black blade called Hyperion. After another moment or two, the blonde attacked with his blade high above his head. Bringing it down in a large arc that the smaller man managed to be still be able to block. The blond smiled, he knew that the brunette was the first to block his mighty blow.

The auburn man watched the dazzling battle in front of him, all worry gone from his face as he watched the once in a lifetime battle between the dreaded Sea Turmoil Pirate and the Deling Sea Captain. Though he himself was a Lieutenant of the Deling Sea command, he only knew how to wield a gun and a saber not the beautiful gunblade itself.

The brunette parried another blow to his torso, his long black coat swirling behind him as the medallions in the front glistened. His black leather pants glimmered as the brunette dodged. The necklace he wore shimmered with the light of moon. He turned and took the offensive, a jab at the knees of his opponent.

Now it was the blonde's turn to parry and block. His own long grey coat swirling as his black pants narrowly avoided contact with the blue blade. His stripes and medallions glimmered as he jumped backwards to the edge of the cliff. He had his plan in his mind. As the brunette charged at him, the blonde raised his right hand and sent a fire ball at the pirate causing the smaller man to fall down and before he could recover, the blonde slashed down in a large arc, marring the face of pale man, a scar between his eyes going from right eyebrow to the bottom of left eye.

With a stamina that the blonde didn't know his opponent have, the brunette retaliated with a strike of his own, marring the face of the blonde, a scar mirrored to his own. Bleeding with the blood between his eyes, he became blind and his grip loosened. He could hear his first mate come after him as the auburn lieutenant rushed to the blonde. The female sailor half carried and supported her captain back to the ship. Along the way, the captain fainted. Two words escaped his lips, "Revenge…Steffen…"

AN: Oh, my...a pirate fiction...never thought I would do one of those but oh well. This is no AU it is the past about two generations before Squall and the gang. Don't tell me that Squall is OOC, this is my opinion about a family member of Squall's, don't worry though, Squall will appear somewhere. In the story, just not now. This is a YAOI and a little yuri mixed in for you all. AS for Crimson Mask, I'm taking a small break from it to write this one. It's fresh in my mind and I got the plot and everything down. For those who read my work, there is a THREESOME. Yes I am obsessed with them.

Disclaimer: Not mine, not mine, not mine, not mine, not mine....repeat....repeat...etc.

The Seas are my lovers and my enemies, oh how I love thee
Squall Morpheus Leonhart