Seas of Turmoil
Squall Morpheus Leonhart

Captain's log,

It is about an hour before sunrise and five since we, my crew and our 'stalkers' have finally healed all the child infected with the Hitokiri. I do not remember a time that I have been so frightened in my entire 22 years of being alive. I had feared so much for the children who lay ill before me. Had it not been for the Guard, we may have never succeeded. Yet I cannot help but feel some dread about my upcoming conversation with the Guard.

I fear that they still wish to take my sister away. I fear more for anyone else's, especially hers, than my own life. I rather die than see her taken but I know that I must live so I can have my revenge. Adel must not live, this I vow. I cannot, will not, let her live. She has brought this onto herself, not I. I know that she means no good and I will stop her from doing any harm. After all, I am an Ocean SeeD.

Leon raised his head from this writing and gazed out his window that faced the east, already the darken sky began to lighten. He gazed long fully at the upcoming sunrise remembering the times his father had told him that they only thing better than a sunrise was the moonrise and the only thing better than the sunset was the moonset. All four were beautiful in Leon's eyes but he preferred the moon better than the sun but it was days as peaceful like this that he appreciated the sun in all her glory.

Leon's right hand silently placed his pen down and gently put the small candle snub out. Leon's quicksilver eyes turned a melancholy blue as he remembered why he disliked the sun so much; it remembered him of his mother who had died from the Hitokiri. He was at her bedside watching her helplessly as a teen as she slowing faded away. He couldn't do anything for her but at least he could help these children and he had.

He had risked so much to get here, to this lighthouse, so much and yet he did not regret it one bit. If he could help others then any sacrifice is worth it as is any risk. Leon knew that this mission was worth it the moment he spoke with the mistress of the Lighthouse and orphanage, Edea Kramer. Though he knew that he should have at least feel hostile toward her because of her status as a Sorceress but he knew a good person through any guise.

He had met with her and her husband and knight, Cid, more or less last night but he already knew that they were good and not as devious as Adel. He knew that he could trust them. He leaned on his left hand and watched the sun rise from above the mountains in the distance. When was the last time did he appreciate the land as much as he did the sea? He could not remember. Sighing he stood and walked back into the hallway and out of the lighthouse.

He creped silently through the adjourning house, once outside he headed toward Thunder and hopped on. Hopefully he would have a time of peace before confrontation with the Guard. He snapped the reins and Thunder galloped through the forest and unto the desert behind them.

He rode until he came upon a river and a secluded forest near shores of Centra. He allowed Thunder to roam, knowing that it will come when called. Silently he kneeled and took a sip from the fresh river water. After drinking his full, Leon gazed into the waters before him, then he heard it, a sound behind him. To be more exact, it was the breaking a branch beneath a foot. His right hand hovered slightly over the hilt of his gunblade, ready for anything.

Then as soon as the sound came closer, Leon pulled out his Lionheart from its sheath and positioned itself toward the neck of the intruder. However as soon as he did, he heard a gun click at the side of his, yet he did not lower his weapon. As soon as his eyes focused and recognized the man before him, he lowered Lionheart for about a centimeter. "What do you want?"

"Why did you run out on us earlier? I thought we were going to have that interrogation at sunrise," asked Steffen, smirking as Ian was still aiming his gun at Leon.

"We have never made such a time," hissed Leon.

"What happened to that pleading tone from last night, we helped you and this is how you repay us," asked Ian.

"Precisely, if you still intend to kill me and take Ellie away." Leon's eyes flashed harsh silver.

"Too true but we are not after that anymore, never that," whispered Steffen as he leaned down and took Leon's face into his hand.

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I love the sun, yet for me the moon is bliss to those in the night
Squall Morpheus Leonhart