I own the Walker family, but I do not own their family history. That legend belongs to another family across The Pond. I use it with the utmost respect and promise to take good care of it while it is in my keeping.


Some might think of Middle Earth as a myth or legend, others might think it a fantasy born from genius, but then there are others that believe it to be as real as flesh and flood. Some believe that Middle Earth did in fact exist, until time molded and fashioned it into the world we know today. Gondor, Rohan, and Mordor have long since faded from knowledge and been replaced with England, America, and many others. The bloodline of Numenor that was once the greatest of Men had now been muddled with the lines of different races, different peoples, different cultures. Very few now can lay claim to the traits that were once the pride of the Westernesse.

One family held on to those specters as if they were clinging to a lifeline. Family history may have been turned into bedtime stories throughout the ages, but the Walker children always knew them; stories of elves and wars, Hobbits and rings, and of Elessar Telecontar, a heroic figure who was a part of it all.

One child, a daughter, took more to the stories than her other siblings. When they bought into the idea of it being fantasy and myth, she took her great aunt's words to heart that those things had happened long ago.

The child carried traits that few members of her family shared. Dark brown hair, gray eyes, a love of nature, keen senses, and slightly pointed ears. Her great aunt would always call her Undomiel, her Evenstar, after the wife of Elessar who was said to possess all the same qualities. It was a beautiful title, and the child treasured it like she would a diamond or rare pearl.

Throughout her adolescence the child would be her great aunt's shadow. Summers were spent soaking in all she could. It was generally accepted the child would become the heir apparent of the Walker family legend. So as time went on and childhood and adolescence was left behind, so the child became a woman.

An ancient was also called, for a calamity would befall the present children that would need a protector from the past…