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Chapter Five

Legolas watched as the sun poured into the living room, greeting him the same way it had for ages. Sitting quietly in the sofa, he also watched Angel sleep. He noted that she slept like a child, wrapping herself around the blanket she now held. He dare not move for fear of waking her. She had been so considerate of him than he expected from someone so young, that he wanted at least for her to have the most restful sleep possible.

Quietly reaching for his pack, he pulled out his journal and started another entry…

I think I know why I'm here… my task is to be a companion to Angel. She confessed last night that she was lonesome for someone to talk to about all of us. She told me no one besides her aunt and cousin would willingly talk about their past. It's cut her off from the rest of her family. They think her insane because she is so willing to embrace her family's history. She sees me as someone who understands her for who she is, for what she represents. I'm glad I can be that kind of friend to her.

She introduced me to the modernized Red Book yesterday. I was amazed to see how much of it has remained intact over the ages. Angel told me about a form of moving picture that is based on the Red Book, but due to circumstances beyond both out controls, we had to postpone watching it. Maybe later… when I can be more composed.

Aragorn, my dear friend, I see so much of you and Arwen in your granddaughter. She has your inherent grace Arwen, and your spirit Aragorn. She doesn't conform; she has a Ranger's tenacity. Keep watch over both of us, for our journey may take us places we never dreamed possible…

Legolas looked up from his book to see Angel watching him. "Good morning," he said smiling.

"Good morning," Angel replied. With a curious look on her face, Angel tried to see what Legolas was writing. She looked up into Legolas' eyes. "I can't read it. Is it Sindarin or Quenya?"

"It's Sindarin actually. I'm surprised that with all you know you can't read elvish."

"Unfortunately the elvish languages got lost over the passage of time. All that really got passed down was what was directly in the Legend. Uncle John tried his best to recover it, but it was too far-gone. It's a real shame; Sindarin is so beautiful. Everything about elves is beautiful."

"You may be right, but don't count men out Angel. The men of Westernesse were quite capable of creating their own beauty."

"But they learned their skill from the Eressea elves, so I still say that anything elven is beautiful. The ships especially."Angel was quiet for a moment. "How did you get here from Valinor Legolas?"

"I used a canoe, just like I did when I first journeyed there. I was just relieved that the Straight Road between the Havens and Valinor was still open."

"Where are the Havens?"

"It's now a town… I think it was called Aberdeen."

Angel's eyes widened to the size of saucers. "Aberdeen? You were able to get into Grays Harbor and not be noticed? That's amazing. Where's your boat? How were…" Angel had so many questions fighting for dominance, she just stopped talking.

"My boat is quite safe," Legolas began. "I arranged with a few trees by the shore to hide it until I needed it again. At first they were surprised I could talk to them and even more surprised that I was able to understand them, but soon they were more than willing to shelter it until it's time for me to go home."

The idea of talking trees didn't even register in Angel's mind; all its processes were focused on one thought: Legolas was going to leave. She finally put that thought into words. "You're going to leave? When?"

"That I'm not sure of. Whenever Galadriel calls me back I suppose. She was the one that sent me here in the first place; it would be her decision to say when my task was complete."

"I see," Angel said quietly. She got up off the floor. "I should go get ready for work."

Legolas could tell that something was bothering his young companion. "Wait a moment Angel," Legolas said as he brought Angel down to sit beside him. "Did I say something to offend you?"

"Oh no, it's nothing like that; it's just I had never thought about you leaving. I've really enjoyed your company these few days and to be without it… I'm not sure how I would handle the emptiness again." That being said, Angel stood up. "I really should go get ready. I'll try to take the afternoon off so you won't be alone for so long."

"You shouldn't have to arrange your day just because of me. Go about your business Angel, I'll be all right."

Angel gave Legolas a weak smile. "All right, whatever you say." She turned around and walked down the hall into the bathroom.


Angel was quietly working on some project in her cubicle, but she couldn't focus long enough to do anything that would be considered "productive". She knew that it was childish, but she couldn't accept the fact that her newest friend and companion was going to leave her. Having Legolas around, even for such a short period of time, had brightened her outlook immensely. The other people in her office noticed it too and had mentioned it to her, thinking that she had a new boyfriend, some wanting to know if she had been to a spa, others just plain curious. She couldn't tell them much; all there was to say was about "Jason", a figment of her imagination. Soon even Jason would be gone and Angel would be alone. Again.

Not knowing exactly what to do, she put on her headphones on, but instead of listening to music, she went out on a limb. "This may be completely insane, but it's worth a shot. I know you can reach out into other people's minds. You did it with Frodo; you did it with Boromir too. Galadriel… would you talk to me?"

It was a few moments before an ethereal voice infiltrated Angel's mind. "I was beginning to wonder when you would reach out again."

Angel jumped at the voiced she heard in her mind and swallowed the scream that nearly came out. "Again?"

"We talked quite often when you were a child. You called me your 'imaginary friend'. I remember your mother told you to grow up and forget about me. My heart was saddened when you did. I enjoyed your company."

Angel smiled at the memories of her imaginary friend. "I called you Granny Gladdy."

"You did. You were the only one out of my grandchildren who dared call me that. That was one of the things I admired about you Angel; you were never one to follow someone else's path, you had to forge it yourself."

"Thank you. That means so much coming from you."

"You're quite welcome my child. Tell me, what made you decide to talk to me now?"

"Well… you see… it's about Legolas."

"I thought as much. You don't want him to leave, do you?"

Angel blanched at the way Galadriel could read her mind so easily. "No I don't. He's been so nice to me, nicer than anyone's been toward me in a long time. He told me today that it's your decision to call him back to Valinor… and I was wondering… well… would you not call him back for a while?"

Angel thought she heard Galadriel frown as she spoke. "I'm sorry you've been so lonely my little one, it seems to be a trait of your family. I sent Legolas to be some relief after Lucia's passing, but I didn't realize how deep your loneliness went. What do you think you would do if I called him back today?"

"In all honesty, I don't know. Legolas has given me my connection again that I lost with Aunt Lucy dying. She had kept all of you so fresh in my mind and being, that with her gone I felt empty… I felt lost. Legolas brought it all back and much more so. He's a great friend, and I would be lost again if he were to leave. I wouldn't be a Telcontar anymore; I'd just be a Walker."

"It's just as well. Give me time Angel, and I'll see what's best for everyone involved."

Angel breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you. It means a lot that you're willing to consider my request."

"I have a special place in my heart when it comes to my grandchildren. When the time is right, I will let both you and Legolas know of my decision. Take care little one, and feel free to talk with me again."

"All right. Until next time I guess…"

"Until next time…"

The fullness Angel felt in her mind receded and she knew that she was by herself. She smiled at the absurdity of what had just happened. "No one would believe that I was just telepathically communicating with my grandmother."

She looked across the aisle and looked at Rhonda, the resident paranormal fanatic. "Well… maybe someone would."


It was situation worth looking into The Mirror for. She saw Legolas burying Angel, placing a white rose on her casket, watching as it was lowered into the ground. She saw him crying. She saw the child next to him weep as well, the dark-haired boy with crystal blue eyes. She saw as Legolas resurrected the small boat from its tomb by the sea and sail back to the Undying Lands, praying that Iluvatar would grant his son the same choice they had extended to the other Peredhil…

"She loves him already," a deep voice said. Coming out of the shadows was the first Peredhil. "That much is evident with what you told me. What about Legolas? Can you decipher his feelings?"

"He cares for her a great deal, but if it is love I cannot see as yet. The Mirror shows a son… another Peredhil. That could be our answer, but the Mirror sometimes has a mind of its own."

"It would be a shame to bar the way of happiness between two people," another woman said, this one taking the arm of the Peredhil. "It brings heartache, but also strengthens the bond. Our daughter knew that well."

"Yes she did. Do we wish that on another one of our daughters? To watch Arwen go through such was almost too much to bear. If he returned now, she could find someone else, gain support from the others who still believe, live a normal life."

"What is normal to a Telcontar," another Peredhil said. "Their line has always experienced life differently than any other family. Who else can trace their bloodline to the beginning of the world? Who else but the Telcontars can say that one of their grandfathers is a star? Who else but the Telcontars have the true knowledge of their heritage? Father… her life would not be normal, no matter how much we tried to make it so. If she finds companionship with an elf than so be it! At least she would be happy. She's made it clear that she would be very miserable if he were to leave now."

"A long time ago you put love above duty, as did I," another elf said, this one putting his hands on Galadriel's shoulders and whispering in her ear. "Give Legolas the chance to see where his heart lies. If I know him, he will make the right decision."

Galadriel left her family and retreated back to the Mirror Room. She looked into it once more… and saw laughter. She was right when she told Angel she had a special place for her grandchildren, and she was more than willing to accept Legolas into the fold that was awaiting her decision. She feared for the child as well. No matter how much joy he brought to his parents, he would have to be ripped away entirely from the world he knew, or grow up an orphan.

But she loved Angel too much to deny her the chance…


Angel came home early like she had promised. Legolas noticed that she had a smile on her face, but the light in her eyes hadn't come back yet. She spent the afternoon with him, answering his questions about the book, Seattle, and the way things worked in the present age. Legolas tried to get her to ask questions, but the curiosity he had seen in her had buried itself. Finally, he had enough of it. "Angel, I know something is wrong, your eyes show it. Please… tell me what has you so troubled?"

Angel sighed. "I'm fine, honest. I'm just confused about a few things. There's nothing for you to worry about."

"If you're confused, maybe I can help. Tell me what's wrong."

"No, I'm ok. I don't want to put my problems on you. I'll get it all sorted out in the end." Angel went into the kitchen. "You hungry?"

Legolas could tell that he wasn't going to get Angel to reveal whatever it was she was keeping to herself, so he decided to play along. "I am actually…"

Angel managed to find some noodles, meat, and some tomato sauce, so she made spaghetti. She smiled when Legolas complemented her on her cooking. "Thanks. I love to cook; I just never have the time. If I had the right ingredients, I could have done much better."

"Well I think you did a fine job."

The night continued with the quiet bantering between elf and human. Legolas was glad to see that Angel was warming back up to him. He hated to see her so closed off. He'd seen it before; he'd seen it in the eyes of elves that had faded away. He knew that was impossible for Angel to do… or maybe it wasn't. Men died of grief; it just took longer and wasn't so easily seen. Angel was strong though, she would survive.

The banter stopped. Angel grew quiet. "Galadriel talked to me today."

Legolas smiled. That what must have been on her mind, he said to himself. "Did she?"

Angel nodded. "It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. It was like she was inside my head and all around me, like she knew what I would say before I knew myself."

"She has had that effect on many. If I may be so bold, what did you talk about?"

"She told me… she told me you were here to comfort me, because of Aunt Lucy. She didn't want me to be alone after… you know, she died. She sympathized with me Legolas. No one has ever really done that before. I've always been told to bear with it, that it would all go for the best. It never has. I've always been alone in a sea of people, but so has she. She understood me I think better than anyone has in a long time."

"I'm glad she was able to give you some comfort."

"Me too." Angel chuckled. "Being lonely sucks. It's nice to know someone else thinks it sucks too."

Legolas didn't really understand the statement, but he didn't think it right to ask for clarification. He just smiled, and for the first time that night, Angel really smiled back.


The apartment was quiet. Angel had gone to sleep, but Legolas didn't need it, so he stayed awake. He had gotten permission from Angel to move around the furniture in the living room so he could do some stretches to keep himself fit, so he spent some of the late night hours in silence, moving to his own set rhythm.

He stopped for a moment, realizing that the apartment was too quiet and too much silence is usually followed by something monumental. "I know you're there. Silence follows you Lady Galadriel."

"Sometimes it's a blessing, other times it's a curse. How are you faring Legolas?"

"Other than not being able to train I'm doing well, but being a scholar has never suited me. That was always Father's job."

"Yes it was. You are the active one. I take it you've been learning a great deal?"

"Oh yes. Angel's been very patient with me. She knows that Valinor is very different than this place and accepts that."

"Are you being of any use?"

"I'm trying. I haven't left Angel's apartment for a few days, but if I am to stay, I want to help Angel with her expenses. It's not fair of me to impose on her hospitality, although I don't think she sees it that way."

"I'm sure she wouldn't, she isn't like that. Anyway, I should probably come to what I wanted to talk to you about. It's been discussed and we believe it would do everyone good if you would stay with Angel for the time being."

"For how long?"

"For as long as you see fit. We decided that since you'll be around Angel more, you would know when it's time."

"Not to be disrespectful Galadriel, but who's 'we'?"

"Elrond, Celebrian, Elladan, Elrohir, Celeborn, and myself. Each of us has a stake in the way Angel's path goes. We just want her to be… happy. She seems to think you're a key to that."

"She? You mean Angel?"

"I do. She values your company Legolas, probably more than she's letting on."

"She's told me she has been lonely since her aunt passed. Do you think Angel is using me to replace her aunt?"

"She may be. Men grieve in many different ways. Do whatever you can to help her Legolas, when you think the time is right, come home."

"I'll do my best Galadriel."

"You always do…"

The silence gave Legolas the chance to ponder his situation. If he did stay, he wanted to earn a living, except he wasn't sure how to. It was a question to ask Angel in the morning.


If what Galadriel had insinuated was true and Angel had ulterior motives for their friendship, it would be difficult to fit that mold. He could not become a surrogate father for Angel. The idea was completely foreign to him. He could be her confidant if need be, but nothing more. Honor and duty forbid it.

It would require a lot of thought, but it seemed necessary to make sure Angel walked down the path she was supposed to follow.


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