"This is ridiculous."

The Zexen Mighty Six, with their army behind them, looked down from the hill overlooking the approaching Lizard clan army making their way across the rocky plains of the grassland. There was so many of them. At first glance, one would think that it was a war between the two races, but that wasn't the case.

The Silver Maiden, Lady Chris, had been through many battles in her career as a knight, but this one was very different. It was only eight years ago she fought beside the lizardmen in the second War of the Flame Champion against the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia, during which the Zexens had developed a kind of comrade type relationship with the lizardmen and the tribes of the Grassland, but afterwards, border clashes and broken treaties pitted the Grasslanders and the Zexen Federation against each other in an almost ironic twist of fate. That is, if the Zexen Federation and the Grassland tribes haven't always been fighting since the establishment of Zexen and their ever-encroaching intrusion into Grassland territory.

"It's almost hard to face our old comrades in a petty battle, is it not?" Chris mused as she rode up beside Salome, who carried a calculating look on his face.

"Indeed, but it brings up an interesting point," Salome replied, "In the battles before, they were easier to defeat because they did not understand the Zexen way of fighting, but since they have fought alongside us in the last war, they know how we fight, observed our strategies; it is evident in the recent defeat of the units on the outskirts of Zexen territory."

"So that means..." Chris started.

"We exercise caution in this fight," Salome finished, "Naturally."

Louis, who was beside Chris, spoke up, "This is just a petty border conflict, isn't it? We're to calm down the threat, not annihilate our adversaries, yet the council has deployed many of our soldiers like this is some bloody war. It's like they're tired of talk and want to put the Grasslanders in their place in a blatant show of power."

"What is there to negotiate?" Boris asked. "They angry at Zexen's expansion and simply want to remove us by force. Besides, almost every treaty we negotiated has been violated, and once you anger a barbarian, rational talks just won't work."

The young knight looked to the lizards. "So many of them. I wonder what Zexen has done this time to trigger an attack of this magnitude."

Boris shot a sideways glance at the young knight. "Goddess knows what. What's the matter, nervous?"

"I.err.haven't been in a battle, well, I've been with you guys in a battle, but haven't engaged in any type of fighting..that is." Louis stuttered, but was jolted forward by a mighty slap on the shoulder by one of Leo's big bear paw of a hand, for reassurance.

"Ain't nothing to get nervous about, boy," roared Leo amongst hearty laughs, " a little fight like this? Besides, they may be strong, but we have our mighty Goddess with us."

"Here, here," Roland added.

A scout hastily ran up the hill toward Salome. "Sir, they're coming from the south and east, and they move with speed!"

"How big would you say their forces are?" Salome inquired.

"The approaching unit numbers 1,000 at most, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. More of them approach from the south following the first wave, and they may have called upon their Karayan allies for backup."

"This IS a war," Chris said with a graven look on her face. "What in the world is going on?"

"Perhaps we treaded on some sort of holy land," Louis guessed.

"Territory is important, but this quite a reaction for just a trespass. But then again, we are pushing them out of their lands. I suppose we've pushed them too far this time and they've had enough," Salome said. "In any case, we have the men and the tactical advantage. Let's settle this quickly so we can report back to the council and send some intelligence to find out what is stirring up the Lizard men that they would act with such force."

Chris and Boris moved in front of the first unit of soldiers, poising themselves to lead the charge. The approaching Lizardmen caused the ground rumble with a noise that sounded like thunder continuously growing louder. Chris lifted her gaze from the battlefield to Salome, waiting for his cue.

He gave a curt nod. Not too soon either.

"Alright men, move out!" Chris ordered, pointing her blade to the sea of lizardmen.

"HIYAAAA!" roared Boris, leading the charge.

With that, the first unit barreled down the hill towards the ever-coming mass of lizards, the hooves of the horses beating against the earth doubling the sound of thunder. The heat of battle became more intense as the gap between the two forces closed. It was always the moment before the clash when Chris's senses flared to life as the battle goddess, praised by Zexen soldiers and feared by the tribes of the Grassland, proceeded to take over her body. She raised her sword over her head and brought it down with tremendous force on the first unfortunate lizard as the two forces collided.

For as far back as she could remember she had such a natural ability for battle. She marveled at herself sometimes as she commanded her body to move with a precision and skill superior to many of the knights, meeting with the massive blades of the lizardmen blow for blow, but deep down it made her feel like a coarse, savage warrior, much like the lizardmen. Whether she be against lizard, or karayan, or even a friendly spar against her own knights, the feeling was there, and she hated it. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if she were a man, but being a woman, there is a certain feminine nature that is always in conflict with her battle instincts. Was it proper for both to coexist, one nature not dominating the other? She will always be Zexen's mighty battle Goddess because she possessed a true rune that granted her the gift of immortality, and she wondered what would become of her through the endless ages.

Chris swung her head to the side as a blade sailed passed her head, then countered with an overhead strike. Another lizard tried to get her by trying to ram a spear in her gut, but she instinctively brought her blade level with her torso to intercept the blow. She directed the lizards momentum past her horse, then as it passed by, she swung her blade over her head and brought it down on the back of its neck. Just as that lizard fell, another one quickly took its place and she spotted another lizard closing in on her other side. Parrying blows left and right, she tugged on the reigns and motioned her horse to move backwards so she wouldn't become overwhelmed with the two assailants and so she didn't have to move her head left and right to keep them in her sights.

Out of the corner of his eye, Boris spotted a leaping lizard moving quickly towards Chris, who had her hands too full by trying to fend of her attackers to notice a third attacker. Boris quickly disposed his opponent, and then rode as quickly as he could towards the silver maiden.

"Lady Chris, watch out!"

No sooner had she heard the warning that her eyes frantically darted to and fro trying to catch the object of threat. Her eyes lifted for a split second and caught sight of a blade swinging towards her head. She raised her sword in defense, but there was so much power in the blow that it sent her flying backwards off her horse. Icy chills ran up and down her spine as she realized that this could be it, that as soon as she landed, lizards, who would show her no mercy, would overwhelm her.

She hit the ground shoulder first, sliding a little before her head smashed against a rock, and then everything went black.


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