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On the following morning, Chris spent a great deal of time preparing to face Salome and the rest of the Six. She walked towards the dresser that had the hand mirror and brush and she picked up the brush to comb her long, silvery tresses. The pain on the back of her head was gone, so she removed the bandages and in examining where the pain came from, she was pleased to find out that there wasn't a lump or scab or any kind of indication that there was any type of scar tissue. She gazed into the mirror and was delighted to find out that the beautiful face that she saw belonged to her, although she thought she looked very young for her age. Her eye caught a glint of light that reflected off the rune from her right hand and she remembered the things that Louis told her about it. Along with immortality and the abilities it endowed her with, it must have also prevented her from aging as well.

"This mysterious rune..." She thought out loud, " I wonder what other things I have yet to find out about it."

It was only when Louis came to fetch her did she emerge from her quarters. It's not that she spent all morning trying to pretty up, she explained to him, but she was trying to find out and remember where everything was since she forgot to get herself orientated to her room yesterday. She decided to wear her normal uniform without the armor since she figured that she wasn't going into battle anytime soon. Louis brought her to meeting room, which was right next to her own room (much to her surprise) and she sat there in silent contemplation while Louis went to fetch Salome and the rest of the Six and bring breakfast up.

It was a cloudy day that morning, and melancholy grey light seeped into the room setting a rather sad atmosphere, which only added to her nervousness. She took some time to look around the meeting room. There a fireplace on one of the walls and the room was decorated with sets of armor set on both sides of the fireplace and there was furniture around a table where she sat. She spotted a letter, short in length, and picked it up to read it. It read:

To: Lady Chris Lightfellow, Captain of the Knights

From: The Council of the Zexen Federation

On the Amur plains to the south, a scout has informed us of a clan of lizards that was spotted advancing towards Brass castle. We suspect that their motives are aggressive and ask that you and the help we send you (approximately twelve-hundred soldiers), along with the knights at Brass Castle go out and meet them before they cross over to Zexen territory. We expect that you will contain the situation without trouble.

-The Zexen council

"That must have been the battle I was in," Chris thought. Reading that letter gave her an unsettling feeling, so she put it down and got up to pace around the room a bit. She discovered that Brass Castle was situated on some kind of high hill or plateau. From where she was, she was very high off the ground and she could see the vast stretches of the plains and mountains in the distance. Was that Amur plain?

Hearing footsteps approaching the door, she turned from the window to face two of the men coming in as the door opened. One was a big mountain of a man, very muscular and he had a proud visage. The other man, older-looking in appearance, wore a dark coat and he had jaw- length blond hair. A handsome-looking knight with dark hair that looked wind-swept followed them and Louis followed him with breakfast tray in hand. The last person to come through the door, a knight with pointy ears and a long nose, must be the Six's elven archer, Chris assumed, for Louis had specifically said that he would be clearly identifiable because of his distinct features. They took their places around the table, sitting on the velvet furniture while Louis placed the tray on the table, sitting after. Chris nervously sat down to join them.

"Lady Chris, It is a joy to see you well again," said the elder man. "That rune of yours healed you well, seeing that you do not need any kind of bandage for your injuries you sustained the other day."

Chris wanted to give a polite reply, but she could only manage out a curt "yes." She knew that sooner or later that they would discover that she had lost her memory once the conversation got going, but she wasn't sure how to break it to them. If she could only remember their names! She gave Louis a glance that asked him to help her out, which he caught, and he nodded in response.

"Lord Salome," Louis jumped in, "Do you know about Lord Borus' condition?"

Salome shook his head.

Percival, after gulping down his tea, spoke up, " I had a chance to check up on him before you called me over here. He looks quite pale, but he's doing fine. The doctors there insisted that he stay in bed until his wound heals. He won't be joining us this morning."

"Is that right?" Salome asked. " Well then, Lady Chris, about the battle, we need to go Vinay del Zexay to report to the Council."

"Lord Salome, before we get on to business, there is something that you guys need to know about Lady Chris," Louis interrupted.

"Louis, it is rude to interrupt someone while they're speaking," the elf chided.

"No, no, it is fine, Roland," Salome said. "Louis, you were saying?"

Louis continued. "Lady Chris is not herself this morning and will not be herself for a while, I'm afraid." He started to scratch the back of his head, unsure of what to say next. "Milady, care to explain to them?"

Chris, who was silently sipping her tea, got up and moved in front of them. She was a bit anxious now that all the attention was on her and she found it hard to speak.

"Y-Yes, about the battle.when I came to yesterday, I.found out that I couldn't remember anything that happened to me earlier. In fact, I can't remember anything at all." Chris drew in a breath. "I believe my memory is gone."

The room fell into an awkward silence for a moment after she delivered the news. Everyone in the room, except for Louis, shot her looks of disbelief. No one knew what to make of it, and the silence was making Chris very insecure. Finally, to her relief, someone broke the silence.

"Your memory.gone?" Salome repeated, shock carried in his voice. He blinked a couple of times, then stood up and moved in front of Chris, placing both hands on her shoulders. "Milady, do you remember me?"

She looked at him, but sadly shook her head. "I'm sorry, I don't remember any of you."

The large man began to shift uneasily. "Milady, you really don't remember a thing?"

"I wish I could," Chris replied. "But I can't."

"This will change things dramatically. The Council won't be too pleased to learn of this," said Roland, but that was all he could say.

"That's right! What will you tell the council? Lord Salome, what do you think might happen?" Louis asked.

"It's anyone's guess, but we'll never know until we tell them. We still have to give them a report of yesterday's battle," Salome replied. "Speaking of which, Lady Chris, even though you do not remember the events of yesterday, I still need you to come with me to Vinay del Zexay so when I do tell them of your condition, they can see for themselves. There are good doctors there that may be able to help, better than the ones here at Brass, so if you feel that you are ready and well enough to travel, it will only take about a day to get there."

Chris looked at Salome with an uncertainty, but nodded her head consent. "Alright."

"Good, then we'll depart this afternoon. Leo, I will put you in charge of things here until we return."

Leo nodded.

"It's all so sudden, though," Chris said. "I was hoping that I could linger around here for a bit to shake off my uneasiness about it all." Just then, Chris' mind snapped back to the question she wanted to ask Louis the previous night. "If we're going to Vinay del Zexay, do you think it will be alright for me to visit my home? That is where my home is, isn't it?"

Salome nodded. "It is, and I don't see why not."

"Lord Salome," Louis jumped in, "I would like to accompany the both of you to Vinay. I've been Lady Chris' attendant while I was under her training, so I know a lot about how she conducted business when she was a knight as well as how she conducted her personal matters. I may be of help to her."

"Very well, then after breakfast, prepare for departure."

Louis moved from his spot next to Chris. "Milady, before we depart, I think you should pay lord Borus a visit. He's been worried about you and he still doesn't know about your memory loss."

Percival grinned slyly, "That's not a bad idea. He looked like he was feeling rather unpleasant this morning, but I bet a visit from our beautiful goddess is sure to enlighten his mood."

Chris blinked a couple times, a bit confused about Percival's comment. What did he mean by 'our beautiful goddess'?

"Yes, I'll be sure to do that," Chris said, a slight blush creeping upon her cheeks, "I do need to thank him for saving my life, anyways."


After breakfast, Louis led Chris to the dorms on the lower floor. Along the way, she received a lot of greetings and stares from the soldiers and maids and people around the hallways. She was becoming very self-conscious, but to her relief, the dorms were right-around- the-corner from the stairway and they soon arrived at the door. Louis held the door open for Chris, and she entered in, but he stayed outside.

Chris moved meekly across the room, which had many beds in it, and spotted a blond-haired man with a heavily bandaged shoulder visible from his open tunic. His wound was still fresh, for although it was well dressed, the blood soaked through to the topmost layers of the cloth. He was breathing heavily, his face slightly twisted in a grimace, his eyes fixated on the ceiling.

"Lord Borus?"

The wounded knight instantly recognized the voice and turned his head to look at his captain, his gaze fixated on her as she came to seat herself at his bedside.

"Lady Chris, how are you?"

"I should be the one asking you that question. That wound of yours looks quite bad, are you feeling alright?"

"I'll be fine." Borus tried to sit himself up, but his wound stung in protest to the sudden movement and forced him to lie back down, a little yelp escaping from between his clenched teeth.

"Now, now, be still." Chris chided. "Your wound looks painful."

"It's all right, it doesn't hurt that much," Borus said.

Chris ran a hand through her hair. "Lord Borus, you received that wound while you were rescuing me, and for that I thank you, but I apologize that it was for my sake that you risked your life."

"Think nothing of it, Milady. It is my duty, as well as my oath, to serve you as your sword and shield."

Chris noticed that the tone of Borus' voice changed when he said the word 'oath'. There was something more to that word to Borus than just the meaning, but she couldn't quite figure it out. It was then that she figured that it's special meaning lay locked inside her memory, which was forever beyond her reach, it seemed. Apparently, Borus noticed her inner thoughts, for he gave her a questioning glance.

"Milady, is there something the matter?"

Chris turned her gaze to the floor. " Yes, this afternoon, I will return with Lord Salome to Vinay del Zexay to see the council, but that is not what troubles me."

"What is it, then, if I may pry?"

She looked into Borus' azure eyes "Lord Borus, there is something you need to know about me..." and she began to recall the events of yesterday and that morning.


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