The Reunion

Author's Note: I do not own any of the characters in SSBM. Michelle and Kimoru are my own creations, and you may not use them without my permission. It's recommended that you read "Attack of the Phantom" first to better understand the plot of this story.

Chapter 1: Thinking of You

It had been four months since the death of the Phantom, Kimoru. Things quickly went back to normal, and the tournament went as scheduled. The winner: Roy, who barely won against Fox McCloud in sudden death. The victory party Roy held after the tournament was also his birthday party, and everyone was invited, even Bowser, Mewtwo, and Ganondorf, whom he wasn't very fond of. Everyone was having a great time at the party, talking and dancing the night away, dressed up in their nicest outfits. Everyone, except Link. Roy noticed him sitting by himself by the wall, looking out the window at the night sky, and walked over to him.

"Link," asked Roy. Link looked up at him, slightly startled. "Are you okay? You've been pretty down ever since-"

"I know, Roy," replied Link, half defensively. "I just miss her, that's all. Zelda's got her fiancee back in Hyrule, and.I guess I've been a little lonesome, that's all." Roy nodded solemnly in reply, then smiled sympathetically.

"Don't worry. I know she's thinking of you back home."

Indeed she was. She had just started her Senior year in high school and loved it. She'd be off on her own soon, all the Senior privileges, and no Chemistry! But she, too, was feeling pretty lonely. She missed Link as well, and was daydreaming about him while doodling in her Trigonometry notebook when suddenly she heard her name shouted by her teacher.

"Michelle," her teacher roared. "I asked you a question!" Michelle looked up at her, nearly jumping out of her seat.

"Y-Yes," asked Michelle, startled.

"How do you set up question thirty-seven?"

"Umm. . . I. . . don't know."

"Well, I suggest knowing before dozing off in my class. Christen, could you. . ." The teacher started asking the other students for the answer. Michelle looked down at the Triforce pendant Link gave her before she returned home and sighed. She looked out the window at the baseball field and Senior parking lot, part of it being blocked off and used for Driver's Education. She pictured Link trying to drive a car.

He'd look so hot in a Chevy Mustang, she thought. But him actually driving it? Not a pretty sight.

"We need Kimoru back," roared a mysterious voice in the darkness of the basement of the Smash Bros. Mansion. "His powers were enough to render the Smashers helpless!"

"Brother," interrupted another mysterious voice, "If he is revived, his powers will literally be cut in half because he's been dead for so long."

"That didn't stop Ganondorf! He was dead for over a hundred years before returning to Hyrule!"

"Well, technically. . . he wasn't dead."

"And Bowser."

"Wasn't dead."




"Wasn't dead."


"Oh, right." After a long period of awkward silence, the second voice spoke again. "I have an idea, Brother."

"What's your bright idea this time," asked the first voice unenthusiastically.

"What if we use the spirit of his 'bride' to regain his powers? She showed a special kind of power when she defeated us that I've never seen in a human."

"Finally, you get a good idea! You have redeemed yourself from being an idiot a few minutes ago."

"Let's test our theory once he's revived," concluded the second voice. Both of them then laugh maniacally as the laughs echoed throughout the room and halls on the basement floor.