Chapter 7: BLOOPERS!!!

Here are the bloopers, guys!!! Hope you like them!!!

Setting: Roy's Party

Roy walked over to Link, who was sitting at the window, looking out it.

Roy: Link, are you okay? You've been pretty down ever since-

Link: I know, Roy. I just miss her, that's all. Zelda's got her finance back in Hyrule, and-

Director: CUT! Link, it's fiancee, not finance! Get it right!

Setting: SSB:M Mansion; Basement

Part 1:

Master Hand: That didn't stop Ganondorf! He was dead for over a hundred years before returning to Hyrule!

Crazy Hand: Well, technically. . . he wasn't dead.

Master Hand: And Bowser?

Crazy Hand: Wasn't dead.

Master Hand: Andross?

Crazy Hand: Clones.

Master Hand: Shiroku?

Crazy Hand: Wasn't dead.

Master Hand: . . . . .I forgot my line!

Director: CUT!

Part 2:

Master Hand: Shiroku?

Crazy Hand laughs

Crazy Hand: I'm sorry! That name just sounds so funny!

Director: CUUUT!!!

Part 3:

Master Hand: Shiroku?

Crazy Hand: Wasn't dead.

Master Hand: . . . . THERE IS NO-What was it again?

Crazy Hand bursts out laughing

Director: I need a break. . .

Setting: Michelle and Mel are in the car going home from school.

Part 1:

Mel: Mich, watch out!

Michelle slammed on the gas instead of the breaks, ramming into the set.

Director: CUT!!

Part 2:

Mel: Mich, watch out!

Michelle slammed on the breaks.

Michelle: Oh my God. . . Did I hit it? What was that?

Mel: It was a box, Mel.

Michelle bursts out laughing.

Mel: What's so funny?

Director: CUT! IT'S FOX, NOT BOX!!!

Mel: Whoopsie!

Setting: Young Link's bedroom

Young Link sits up quickly after hearing the loud boom of thunder and seeing the bright flash of lightning. He turns to get out of bed, but gets tangled up in his blankets and falls off the side closest to the window with a loud thud. Everyone starts laughing backstage.

Young Link: OW!

Director: CUT! Learn to make your bed, kid!

Young Link: Hey, so THAT'S where my Jigglypuff plushie got to!

Director: Oy. . .

Setting: Fox's Room

Part 1:

Fox and Falco hear banging on the door. Fox goes over to the door, turns the door knob, and pushes on the door. He keeps pushing, trying to get the door open.

Fox: Grr! This isn't opening!

Director: CUT! You're supposed to pull, Genius!

Fox: * blinking * . . . Ooooohhh!

Director: I don't get paid enough to do this. . .

Part 2:

Link stands frozen in the room with his eyes widened.

Link: Oh no. . . Oh Din no. . .

Falco slaps him

Falco: Speak English, dude!

Link: * whispering * I see dead people. . .

Everyone, including Link, bursts into laughter

Director: CUT!!!

Link: Sorry, I've always wanted to do that.

Setting: SSB:M Mansion; Basement

Part 1:

Michelle has just woken up and gotten off the platform. Link collapses, but Michelle doesn't catch him.

Link: Oof!

Michelle: Payback for not catching me last time!

Director: CUT!

Part 2:

Michelle catches Link, then "accidentally" drops him

Link: Ow! What the heck was that for!?

Michelle: Payback for dropping me last time!

Director: ENOUGH!

Link and Michelle: Sorry.

Part 3:

Michelle catches Link and kneels down with him. Link grabs her and the two start making out.

Director: CUT!! The kissing scene is in the NEXT chapter!

Michelle and Link snap their fingers.

Both: Darn.

Part 4:

Catching scene goes as planned, but Dr. Mario doesn't show up.

Director: Where's Dr. Mario!?

Dr. Mario comes through the doors, running

Dr. Mario: Phone call, Director!

Director walks out of the room

Dr. Mario: . . .Sucker. PARTY!!

Everyone parties.

Well, that's it, people! Hope you liked the sequal!