I do not own Homeworld or anything to do with it, except for a copy of the game. I do, however, consider the main character, Marlow, as my own because I thought him up myself. Any other new characters are also mine.

Homeworld: The Galactic Cleansing

Location: Edge of the Garden of Kadesh Time: 5:03 pm The Imperialist Heavy Cruiser Nish Morro (Red Meteor)

It was always that same old routine. Patrol an area of the Galaxy for signs of Hiigaran presence and then return to dock, only to hyperspace to another area and patrol. Lieutenant Marlow was beginning to get tired of doing this, but at least it was almost time to go. He moved his scout around the debris cloud and sped into it. He looked around but it was always the same thing. The Nish Morro had the worst luck of never finding a single enemy. Marlow was about to return to the ship when suddenly, a small white ship sped out of the huge nebula in front of him. It took several looks around and sped back into the nebula. Suddenly, it occured to Marlow that this was what he was waiting for all along. He got on his intercom and notified the Morro.

"Attention. This is Lieutenant Marlow. I'm located fifty kilometers to the left of the ship. I have spotted a white ship, fighter class, moving around the area. I think it may be a scout. Wait." He looked off in the distance. A huge ship that resembled a needle was coming out of the nebula. It launched about twenty of the white fighters as well as tan colored ones and several egg shaped craft. They were flying straight towards the Nish Morro but they didn't seem to see it.

"Marlow to home base," he said hurriedly. "A huge swarm of fighters is heading straight for you. They're accompanied by a huge needle ship. I'm returning to base. Have my attack bomber ready."

Marlow pulled the throttle on his scout and it bolted straight for the ship. As he was speeding along, he was spotted by a tan fighter and it rushed towards him. It began to fire and it hit one of his engines.

"Damn," he said as he lost his velocity. He then opened a panel revealing a red button. He pressed it and immediately began to zoom so fast it was as if he was in hyperspace. He looked around and saw that the hull of his scout was beginning to crack.

"The shot from the fighter must have done it," he said to himself. Luck was in the air, because he was close enough to the ship to make a belly landing. He slowly moved his stick downward. The ship went up a few feet and he cleared the opening. He then slammed his foot on the brake and the ship skidded to a halt. He then ran out of his scout and made a beeline for the attack bomber. Attack bombers were better equipped for battle and wouldn't be damaged so easily. The guns on the sides of the wings have enough power to damage a Kushan Ion Cannon frigate, as they discharged not bullets like the other fighters but plasma. Marlow stepped into the bomber, closed the hatch, and started up. He pulled the throttle and the ship sped out of the hangar. He looked over at his radar and saw that the Morro was being overwhelmed by swarms of fighters. Suddenly, a message came over on his intercom:

"All fighters, clear out the enemy swarmers. Attack bombers, take out the egg shaped vessels. We believe that they provide power to the swarmers. Over and out."

Marlow flew in the direction of the egg ships. He saw they were being guarded by several swarmers. He locked on and fired his plasma rockets. Two of the swarmers fell and the rest engaged him. He fired several more times and the last of the swarmers retreated back to the needle ship. He then fired on the egg ship but its shields only fell a small amount. He pressed the green "reinforcements" button on his dashboard and several more attack bombers came to his aid. They focused on the egg ship and fired simultaneously. The ship exploded and they went on to the next one. The intercom flashed again. It was the Morro.

"To all attack bombers. The plan to destroy the egg shaped vessels was a success. Those are the fuel pods for the entire squadron. Destroy them all and we can begin an attack on the enemy command ship."

"You heard the commander," said Marlow to the other bombers. "Let's keep at it."

They destroyed several more fuel pods when another message came over the intercom.

"Quick. Make for the needle ship. All fighters and corvettes, engage."

Marlow pulled his throttle and went toward the large blip on his radar. The needle ship was now in visual range. The Ion frigate that was called to aid in the battle was shooting straight at the front of the ship. Suddenly, the ship turned and bolted straight for the frigate. It rammed straight into it and destroyed it. The home base must've seen that as well for it backed away from the needle ship and attacked from a range. Marlow noticed the first squadron of interceptors attack the ship. They avoided the ion blasts that the ship was emitting and fired away. Marlow looked at the damage report for the ship and noticed that the blasts were not affecting it one bit. Then, the enemy ship opened up and released a full squadron of swarmers, swarmer corvettes (the tan ones) and fuel pods. They would have picked all the fighters off but they were outnumbered at least two to one. Then, the order was made for the attack bombers to engage. Marlow sped up and fired at the opening of the ship. The hull integrity went down significantly. He then relayed a message to the other attack bombers:

"Everybody. Aim for the hangar when it's open. It causes more damage than you'll ever do on the outside."

They seemed to have gotten the message, because they all fired at the hangar and didn't let up. Suddenly, the enemy ship began to crumble and burst. The squads of fighters and corvettes sped out as fast as they could as the enemy ship exploded behind them.