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 In the deep forests of the Makai sat a young woman.  She sat cross-legged at the banks of a lake, the waters calm, reflecting not only her image, but also her demeanor.  A wind rushed by and she smiled as the leaves on the trees whispered their secrets to her and danced of the branches into her hair.  Her dark blue eyes opened, and they glistened with knowledge.

They are coming.


" Tousan!  Look out!" she stared at the bodies.  They're dead they're all dead.  Her mother, her father all of them were gone.  Tears began to fall and they wouldn't stop.  They spread like a hot ocean on her soft cheeks.  "I can't save them.  No, please don't go…don't leave me, don't leave me all alone."

" Wake up!  Hina wake up!  Do you hear me?  Please wake up!  It's just a dream Hina-chan!"

Hina woke up to several pairs of eyes.  She was gasping for breath and her silver hair was damp and plastered to her face with sweat.  The blankets were twisted and even ripped a little.   It was just a dream, a very realistic dream.  But everything she had experienced in her nightmare had happened.  They were gone.  All of their parents were dead.


" Botan that dress looks gorgeous on you!" shouted the three girls in unison.  Botan twirled in front of the large full-length mirror examining her dress.  It was long and a deep pink, and sequins covered the bottom hem.  It billowed out on the bottom, and it made her almost feel like a princess.  All she needed now was prince charming…and lately a certain green eyed young man kept visiting her thoughts.   

Yusuke's and Keiko's wedding was set for two weeks from now, and everyone could tell Keiko was excited.  Even Yusuke had a certain air around him that indicated he couldn't wait either.  Of course, Kuwabara was the Best Man and Botan was chosen to be the Maid of Honor.  Yukina, Hiei, Koenma, Shizuru, Atsuko, and Kurama would be coming.  Botan prayed that any sort of mission wouldn't suddenly appear on Keiko's big day. 

" Are you sure you guys?  It feels kind of clingy."  She looked a little uncertain, even with the princess feeling etched in her mind, she felt a bit uncomfortable wearing something so fancy.

Keiko touched her arm, " Botan you look ravishing!"  She gave her friend a reassuring hug, "No guy at the wedding will be able to take his eyes off you…except for maybe Yusuke.  He'll be too busy eating everything in sight or fighting with someone."  Keiko sweatdropped.  "That boy…"  she mumbled.

Botan could feel her cheeks turning as red, another flash of his green eyes passed through in her mind, and her heart began to race. " Um, this one is fine.  How about we look for Yukina's dress now.  You and Shizuru already have yours."

Yukina smiled, " I know the one I want!" she turned and dug into her duffel bag and pulled out a light blue dress with flowers embroidered intricately on the surface.  It was breathtaking to put it lightly. 

" Oh Yukina, it's lovely.  When did you go and get it?" asked Botan as she fingered the silken fabric. 

Shizuru ran her fingers through her hair.  " My brother took her yesterday.  Looks like he did something right for once,"

" Kazuma-chan bought it for me.  He even picked it out."  Yukina smiled as she stared at the dress with pride shining in her crimson eyes. 

Though no one said this they were thinking it. Since when did Yukina use the term chan with Kuwabara's name?

*Is it just me or is the love bug going around?* Botan smiled as the thought crossed her mind and another flash of green ensued. 


"You orange-headed baka I'm going to kill you do you hear me?" screamed Hiei.  Shoppers in the store looked at them as if staring at aliens from space.  And the cashier's face was becoming angrier by the minute.

" Kuwabara shut your face or we'll get kicked out!"  Yusuke shouted at his friend, who stepped into the dressing room for a moment. 

Kurama was sweat dropping in the background.  " Will all of you stop?  You're acting like children.  I'm your friend not you're babysitter."

" I will not wear that."  Hiei said, stubbornly crossing his arms.  He stared at the tuxedo with disgust.   The dark blue material shined in the light that poured from the window.

" Then what are you going to wear to the wedding?"  Kurama asked, "Are you gonna go naked?"

" I'm not going.  I will not wear that ridiculous thing!  It's embarrassing.  Who in their right mind would wear that?" he retorted.

Suddenly Kuwabara stepped out of the dressing room…wearing a dark blue tuxedo, an enlarged replica of the one Hiei despised so. "Hey don't I look sharp?"  Kuwabara laughed as he pranced around the room.  Yusuke fell over out of embarrassment for him.

 "Do you see my point Kitsune?"  The pint-sized Koorime asked.

Kurama pulled him away.   " Do you really want Yukina to be there with Kuwabara and no one to watch her?"  He grinned wickedly as he watched Hiei's expressions.

Hiei gave a frustrated growl, " Hn.  Fine I'll go but I'm not promising I won't destroy that stupid oaf.  And I won't wear that!" He pointed towards Kuwabara's direction.  He walked away muttering, " Stupid ningens and their stupid customs."  Before Hiei exited the store Kurama found a black tuxedo in his arms, one that would probably fit that stubborn fire demon perfectly.

Kurama chuckled.  The wedding was definitely going to be quite the event.  He was very eager for the date to arrive…for more reasons than one.

" Come on let's go.  If we're lucky the girls will be done by now."  Called Yusuke to no one in particular.  The owner of the shop was starting to look agitated.  So, the four Rekai Tantei walked out of the shop as inconspicuously as possible.

Kuwabara danced down the street praising his love for Yukina, " Oh my dear sweet Yukina!  I can't wait to see you!  She's going to look so beautiful in that dress I bought her!!!!"

Hiei's eyes narrowed, and though Kuwabara was much taller it didn't stop Hiei from jumping up and grabbing him by the collar.  "What did you say???" he shouted with malice.

Kuwabara pushed his hands away, " That's right.  I bought her the dress she's going to wear to the wedding.  No use getting jealous just because she likes me better than you."  Kuwabara laughed.

" I'M GOING TO SLICE YOU INTO RIBBONS!!!!!"  Hiei shouted angrily.

" Oh yeah?"  Kuwabara challenged, " let's see who kicks the crap out of who!  Rei Ken!"  Kuwabara's spirit sword erupted from his fingertips.  Just as he was about strike Hiei, he was hit upside the head.

" Ouch, What the hell was that for?!" screeched Kuwabara in pain.  A large bump was beginning to form on his forehead.

" That was for being an idiot.  We're in public, HELLO?  You aren't supposed to show anyone else your powers or you'll freak them out.  Geez, Kuwabara…"  Yusuke sighed as walked on.

" Oops.  I guess I kind of forgot."  Kuwabara laughed nervously as he looked around, checking to see if anyone noticed the 'strange' behavior.

Hiei shook his head, " Baka,"  He smiled knowing Kuwabara would make some sort of challenge in the midst of his anger.

"What did you say?  If you want a fight then you've got it!"  Kuwabara yelled at him.

" Hn.  You aren't even worth my time," he said as he put his hands in his pockets and walked away.  His eyes focused on the small cracks in the sidewalk.  The fact that Kuwabara could show so much affection to his sister, when he would not allow himself to barely show any annoyed him to no end.

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Okay, so the Rekai Tantei and company go to an ice cream shop.  Kurama steals Hiei's katana for safety reasons and an ice cream fight starts.  There's also sweet little Kurama/Botan moment involved too, for all those K+B fanatics! Sounds like lots of fun ne?  Well until next time!