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The four Rekai Tantei walked down the sidewalk in silence.  Kurama stared off into the distance daydreaming until giggles fluttered through the air, breaking his reverie.  Five schoolgirls walked past, whispering and giggling as they made eyes at Kurama.  They batted their eyelashes and giggled some more, trying to act as cute as possible, but to no avail.  Kurama just gave a polite smile as he did to every other girl that hit on him, and continued on his way.  

"Hey Kurama."  Yusuke said grabbing his friend's shoulder to stop him. 

"Hmm?  What is it Yusuke?"  Kurama asked, oblivious to Yusuke's purpose for hindering his path to the Ice Cream Shop.

The young man crossed his arms and stared at Kurama before saying anything.  "Kurama, you're always followed around by girls, really hot ones too…  So why don't you ever go out with any of them?"

"I just don't think they're my type."  Kurama answered simply, as he began to turn away, but he was stopped yet again by Yusuke's hand.

"Kurama, do you have something to tell us?" Yusuke inquired, his dark brown eyes trying to drill the information from Kurama.  His stare was intense, but Kurama just met him with a blank stare.


"Well, there's got to be something.  Do you have some secret girlfriend that you're hiding or something?  Come on Kurama!  We're all friends, so we want to know."  Yusuke became anxious; he could tell Kurama was hiding something.  The question was what, or maybe it was who…

Kurama blinked.  He looked at Yusuke and wondered if he knew something…"No." 

"Well, if you don't have a girlfriend then you've got to like someone right?"  Kuwabara asked as he grinned at the Kitsune.  "Come on, spill the beans Kurama!  Who is it?"

"Yes fox please tell."  Hiei interjected with a smirk. 

*Great, I'm surrounded…*  "Really, there's no one."  Kurama tried to explain, but his act wasn't convincing enough.  He had become a little rusty in the lying department.

"Come on who is it?  We aren't idiots Kurama!"  Kuwabara begged as he  shook Kurama by the shoulders.

Hiei snorted.  "With the exception of you…" 

"Hey!"  Kuwabara growled as he turned his attention to the Koorime.  "What the hell did you say?"

"Don't tell me you're deaf and dumb."  Hiei grinned wickedly; he could practically see the smoke coming from the carrot top's ears.

Kurama watched, and realized now was his time to escape.  He began to walk quietly away, trying to escape their notice and their ample curiosity.  He cringed when he saw Yusuke's head turn in his direction.

"Hold on a sec Kurama!   You are not getting away that easy!"  Yusuke shouted as he made his way up to him.  "Now answer!  Who is it you like?  And you can't say no, because we all know you like someone." 

Kurama's gaze drifted between the three of them.  His eyes looked imploringly on Hiei only to find a smirk set upon the Jaganshi's face.  Utter amusement played in his crimson eyes.  Kurama sighed.  "Take a wild guess Yusuke."  Kurama began his walk to the Ice Cream shop again, and this time he was not stopped.  Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Hiei walked behind him.

For a few minutes Yusuke was silent until suddenly he spoke.  "Wait.  I know who it is!  I know who Kurama likes!"  Yusuke grinned.  "I guess I should have known." 

"Who is it Urameshi?"  Kuwabara asked as he looked around.

"Take a wild guess."  Yusuke smiled as he gave a knowing wink to Kurama.  Kurama smiled as he stared off into the blue sky, amethyst colors flashing in his mind.   


At last they had reached the Hirugeshi Ice Cream Shop, where they would meet the girls.  Kurama was getting nervous already.  Hiei knew and now Yusuke.  What if *she* found out? He waited outside the shop with the others till they saw the girls walk up.

" Hello Yusuke-chan.  How did it go?" asked Keiko, giving him a peck on the cheek.

He blushed.  Yusuke wasn't used to her showing him so much affection in public.  Then again, they were getting married in two weeks so he'd have to get used it. 

" Uh, hey Keiko. It went ok, but Hiei almost killed Kuwabara again.  What about you?"  He was still blushing.  He could feel the heat in his cheeks, and despite his body's constant commands it just wouldn't stop.

Botan suddenly appeared from around the corner, " Hey Yusuke, is that sunburn or are you blushing?"  She giggled as she watched his reaction.  She loved to poke fun him. 

" Hey Botan, why don't you shut your face!" he shouted at her.  His cheeks were flaming.  He hated to blush in front of people…

" Yusuke, stop being so rude to Botan," Keiko shouted.  " Sometimes I think you have no respect for anyone."  She turned away and crossed her arms.

Yusuke's eyes widened, "Me?  That ditz was the one who started it!" he said pointing to Botan, who was trying not to laugh as the others were.  These fights were not out of the ordinary and usually ended with a fierce slap, compliments of Keiko.

" Yusuke!  Stop being so rude!" screamed the brunette as she gave Yusuke one of her infamous slaps.  She breathed heavily, as she watched her fiancée stumble. 

Yusuke went tripping into the streets, " Oww."  He had a hand shaped red mark on his left cheek, and it burned with a fury.  "Ugh…note to self, duck…"  He mumbled incoherently.

" Sometimes I just wish Yusuke would learn some manners.  He can be such a pig."  Keiko said sighing.  The girls and Kuwabara broke into a fit of laughter, Kurama smiled a he watched a certain blue haired deity, and Hiei just stood there and slightly amused by the scenario, a smirk playing across his face.

Soon, Yusuke regained his composure and tried to act as if nothing happened.  " Hey Urameshi," teased Kuwabara, " why is it you can beat demons easy but with Keiko you lose miserably."

" Oh shut up Kuwabara.  It's better than being infatuated with kittens!"  Yusuke shot back at his friend.  *Dammit, why is everyone picking on me all of a sudden?*

Yusuke looked up and made contact with Hiei's eyes.  *Because detective, it's so easy to rattle your cage.*  Hiei smirked again and he turned away.

Kurama just couldn't resist joining in on the teasing, " Infatuated… hmmm.  I didn't know that such a large word was included in your vocabulary."

" That's exactly what I was thinking Kurama," giggled Botan.  She smiled as she watched Yusuke try to contain himself.  Just as he was about to reply to their last comments Yukina interrupted.

 Are we going to go and get our ice cream now Kazuma-chan?"  Yukina asked quietly.

" Oh of course my Yukina!  Any flavor you want, anything you want I'll get it for you." He said as he escorted her inside.  He opened the clear glass door.  Gazing upon the ice maiden as if she were a goddess. 

The boys gawked, and to say they were surprised would be an understatement.  The girls were still unused to the term being paired with Kuwabara's name but went inside anyway. 

The boys still stared.  Yusuke was the first to break out of the trance, " Damn.  What did Kuwabara so to brainwash Yukina?  She never even noticed he was in love with her before.  Man, Hiei's probably gonna kill him."  Yusuke said mostly to himself as he rubbed his left cheek.   *I wonder if it'll hurt as much as Keiko's slap?*

Hiei's hands curled into tight fists, and his red eyes narrowed.  He was so caught up in his ferocious need to attack Kuwabara he didn't notice Kurama slipping past him slyly…and stealing his katana.  "I'm going to kill that overgrown ningen baka…"  He whispered fiercely as he reached for his weapon.  He saw a flash of red hair before it's owner disappeared into the ice cream shop.  "Damn fox."  He muttered.

Kurama stepped inside the building, a rush of cool air hitting his face.  He didn't bother to look back at Hiei.  He already knew that his friend would be scowling. 

" Hey Kurama, is Hiei you just going to stand there or is he coming in?" Shizuru interrupted his thoughts.  " If he doesn't come soon my brother's going to eat all the ice cream here… or buy it for Yukina."  She sighed as her eyes drifted toward an excited Kuwabara, next to a bewildered but smiling Yukina.

As Shizuru's  eye returned to Kurama she grinned as she saw Hiei's sword gripped in Kurama's hands.  "Safety precaution right?"

Kurama chuckled, "Pretty much.  Um, where's Botan?"  He asked, trying to not make his feelings for her so obvious.

"Oh, she's right over there."  Keiko responded as she sat down in her chair.  A huge sundae adorned in colorful sprinkles and chocolate syrup sat before her."

"Uh, isn't that a little big Keiko?  You're not one to eat a lot…"  Kurama said as he cocked an eyebrow.

Keiko rolled her eyes as she pointed at Yusuke who was loading up on ice cream, "He's trying to suck up to me.  I almost slapped him again on his other cheek.  Anyways, he knows I won't finish it, so he'll finish it for me.  That's probably his ultimate motive."

Kurama smiled as he walked up to Botan.  Her face was drawn up in concentration.  She eyed the two different flavors, her gaze drifting from each of them every other second.

"Having trouble deciding?" he asked her, his green eyes sparkled.

She turned her pink eyes focused on his, " Yup!"  She smiled.  "Which one should I choose Rainbow Sherbet or Chocolate Swirl?  It's so hard, it always happens…  I choose one, and then I regret not choosing the other."  She laughed at her self in good humor. 

"Well, you could get a small cone of one flavor and I'll get a large bowl of the other.  I'm not really hungry, so you can have the rest of my ice cream.  How does that sound."

"Really?"  Her eyes lit up, warming Kurama's heart.  Her smile widened when he nodded his head.  "Thanks Kurama." She began to dig through her purse.

" Wait a minute," she looked up at him.  "This one's on me." He smiled at her.  He made the order to man behind the counter.  First came Botan's Chocolate swirl.  As he handed her the ice cream cone and their fingers brushed.  They both blushed deeply, fighting off the smile that was tugging at their faces.  Then suddenly a napkin holder came flying towards them knocking the ice cream cone out of Botan's hand and right on to Kurama's head.

" Oh my gosh Kurama!  I'm so sorry, but it looks like it really is on you." She giggled as she tried to wipe off the ice cream. Hiei snickered in the background.

*Stupid kitsune, that's what you get for pissing me off*

Botan had almost finished wiping off the ice cream from Kurama's face, but she was so immersed in her current task, that she didn't take notice of the lump of melting ice cream that Kurama held in his hand.

" Gotcha!" he said as he wiped ice cream right on top of her azure hair.  Botan's eyes grew wide as she stared up at him, her mouth hanging open.

"You didn't just…You—You…"  She grabbed Kurama's cup of rainbow sherbet and dumped on his crimson head.  "It matches your hair great Kurama-kun.  I think you might start a new trend."  She laughed as she tried to escape, but Kurama grabbed her arm, just before she got out of range. 

"Oh no you don't."  He smiled playfully as he began to tickle the ferry girl.  She squirmed in his hold but didn't really mind it at all.

"Kurama—ah!  Don't!"  She laughed some more as they fell to the ground.  "No  fair…"  she breathed.  The  pair turned their heads to the table where all their friends sat. 

Everything was quiet, but Yusuke broke the stillness " Ice Cream Fight!!!!!" he shouted as he tossed some of his sundae on to Kuwabara.

Kuwabara looked ridiculous, with chocolate syrup pouring down his nose, but nonetheless he stood up in front of Yukina, "Don't worry, I'll protect you Yukina! Just stand behind me." Then Yukina took some of her shake and splashed it into Kuwabara's face.

Yukina looked around, watching Keiko chase Yusuke with caramel topping in her hands.  And she smiled.  Taking her cue from the others, she grabbed hold of her shake and splashed all of it into Kuwabara's face.  He was shocked.  "Oh Kazuma-chan you have ice cream all over your face!"  She said mockingly innocent.  "I bet you can't get me!"  she yelled as she ran away.

Kuwabara grabbed a spoonful of vanilla, cluing in on the game.  "Yes I can, watch out Yukina-chan."

Shizuru sighed, "I'm going outside.  I don't feel like getting covered in dairy products today."  She walked out the front door, not looking back.

Hiei glowered in the corner as he watched the couples flirt.  His eyes momentarily softened as his sister's laughter drifted through his ears, but they hardened right after.  The jaganshi kept out of the brawl and instead watched it with a strange sort of enjoyment.  It was interesting to see these ningens flirt and tease each other…not so much with Kuwabara and Yukina though…

Hiei felt a slightly familiar ache in his chest, but he pushed it away.  He had always been good at that, forgetting the pain.  Yes, he could forget it, but he couldn't make it disappear like he wanted to.  No matter what he tried that feeling remained there, a feeling of lonliness.

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So, as expected the Yu Yu gang gets kicked out of the Hirugeshi's Ice Cream Shop, probably for life…  Kurama finally asks Botan out, and Hiei gets bit depressive.