Part of his World

*DBZ version of the little mermaid*

A/N: Another one of my fairytale fics I'm working on. Also, be expecting soon, outcomes from Cinderella, Sleeping beauty, and Titanic. I take requests too, as long as I've seen the movie! {Oh and quick note the color of their tale matches their seashells.}

Chapter one: She's always in trouble

The sea was calm and the salty sea air was beautiful. A brunette popped her head from the surface and hid behind a rock. She smiled and went back under revealing her shining blue tail. "Okay Marron it's safe." A blonde mermaid with a pale yellow tail swam up to her. "Are you sure? No humans are around are they?"

Ryanna shook her head. "Nope the coast is clear {Ha, ha I made it funny, COAST}. Marron and Ryanna popped their heads out of the water and Marron handed her the bag. "What did you get this time?" Ryanna pulled out several things: A fork, a worn out book, a bracelet, and a watch. "What the heck is this thing?" Marron asked referring to the fork.

"I dunno but it looks like those things we use to brush our hair." Marron went wide-eyed and smiled. "Really?" She began to comb her hair with it. Ryanna giggled and looked at the book. "Hey there are pictures of humans in this thing." Marron put the fork down. "Really? Let me see!" Marron frowned at the picture.

"Typical humans always appear ugly." Ryanna rolled her eyes. "They are not ugly. They look exactly like us except they have those peach looking stick things. What are they called again?" "I think they call them legs. But I could be wrong. Hey what's this?" Marron picked up the bracelet. It was gold, with several diamonds carved into it.

Ryanna took it from Marron and looked at one of the pictures in a book. "I don't know what it's called but looking at this picture it suppose to go on he wrist like this." She put it on her right wrist. A faint whistle is heard and Marron answered it back. "It's Pan, I wonder what she wants?" Suddenly an onyx haired mermaid with a bright orange fin swam up to them.

"You guys I've been swimming all over the place for you. Ryanna your dad is about to blow a gasket on you!" Ryanna rolled her eyes. "What did I do now?" "I dunno but we better swim home pronto!" Ryanna sighed and put everything except the bracelet back into the bag. "Let's go." Swimming as fast as their fins could take them they swam to the deep-sea castle. "RYANNA COUSTA'N! Just where have you been for the passed hours of the day?"

Ryanna gulped at her father. "I- uh, went for a swim around the reef." The king cocked an eyebrow. "Oh really? Did it ever occur to you that you have company?" It was Ryanna's turn to be confused. "Our grandmother is here. She has asked to talk to you my child." "Nana is here?" It wasn't a pleasuring comment. Ryanna and her grandmother never really saw eye to eye.

"Yes and she is in your room waiting to speak to you." "No I'm right here Damien." Damien looked to his mother. She had frail skin and pleasant eyes. Her eyes were the most shining shade of green much like Ryanna's. Her gray hair was stacked neatly on top of her head decorated with seashells and starfish. "Dear child, come and gives your Nana a hug."

Ryanna nearly groaned. She went up to the old woman and half-heartedly hugged her. "It is nice to see you grandmother, but what in the seven seas are you doing here?" The old mermaid smiled and patted the young girl on the head. "How old are you young one?" "I'm almost 18 Nana." "Well what a mermaid you have become child. I take it Damien has been breeding you good for the pass five years I have been gone?" "Oh yes he has your Grace. I mean he always yells and disciplines her whenever she goes up to the surface. I mean I bet if he found out what we did today he'd probably blow a tail fin." Marron immediately covered her mouth regretting what she said. Ryanna glared at her while her father glared at his daughter.

"And what exactly did you two do today Marron?" Ryanna's grandmother asked in wonderment. Marron laughed sheepishly. "Oh would you look at the time, I'm late for my singing lesson." Marron took off, and Ryanna's grandmother looked to Pan. "Uh I um... MARRON, WAIT FOR ME!" She split the scene making Ryanna groan. "Thanks a lot you two." She mumbled the sentence and looked up to her Nana and father.

"Well, Ryanna?" Ryanna gulped and fiddled with her fingers. "I- uh was at the reef but I sort of went there to look for... human things." Damien was now seeing red with anger. "YOU WHAT! Ryanna you know that human things are dangerous. HOW COULD YOU?" "Humans are not dangerous, dad. They're not Barbarians; they are not monsters, Heck! Give them fins and they could be us!" Damien was about to blow his top when Ryanna's grandmother calmed him down placing a hand on his shoulder. "Damien, don't be so surprised in the girl. She IS the youngest after all, and the only one not married. She needs something to keep her occupied."

Ryanna cocked an eyebrow. 'O.K what is she up to now?' Her grandmother smiled mischievously. "I have arranged for you to marry King Akron's son." Ryanna's eyes popped out of their socket. "YOU WHAT!"

Uh-oh now what? Okay I know this is a new writing style for me but I had too many complaints that my chapters weren't long enough. I hope you like it anyway.