Part of his World

*DBZ version of the little mermaid*

Chapter 12:

"You, you can talk?" Ryanna smiled. "I guess I can." Millicent sighed and grabbed Ryanna by the arm. "Hey let her go." "I don't think so Prince Trunks. You see this is no ordinary girl you're dealing with." Trunks cocked an eyebrow and looked to Ryanna. "You see she's not all that human, only half actually." "What? Are you trying to tell me that she's some kind of mermaid?" Millicent smirked. "Tell him yourself child." Ryanna bit her lip. "It's true Trunks. But that's not all." Trunks listened carefully.

"I was the one that saved your life." Trunks' eyes popped open. "See I told you, she was such a love-struck teen that I decided to help her. She failed though and now she has to return to the sea and become my slave." "What no! I can't let that happen." "Trunks don't." Ryanna walked up to him and hugged him tightly. "I have lone minute then I'm turning back into a mermaid. When I have to return to the sea forever." "No I can't let this happen, I, I "

Ryanna put a finger to his lips. "Just remember how much I love you Trunks Vegeta Briefs... Did I say that right?" Trunks smiled slightly and nodded. "I love you too Ryanna." Trunks began leaning in. "Wait what are you doing?" Millicent was too late to stop them. Trunks leaned in fully just as the clock tower rang out midnight. Ryanna's body then began to glow. A bright light surrounds the still kissing pair.

Vinny goes wide-eyed, Millicent stares in horror, and everyone else in wonder. As the light dims everyone expected Ryanna in fins but she wasn't. "YOU DID IT GIRLY! WHOO HOO!" Ryanna glanced up at Vinny who was dancing around then at her own two feet... TWO FEET! "I- I'm still a human." "No! This can't be! You were supposed to have changed." "I guess the two of them kissed just in time you old wench!"

Vinny flew down and began pecking at the witch causing her to fall into the ocean. Ryanna smirked at Vinny and gave him a thumbs up. Trunks along with the rest of the humans were confused. "Ryanna, sweetie I'm confused. I thought you were suppose to turn into a mermaid at midnight." Ryanna shook her head. "You kissed me Trunks; our very first true loves kiss. That was the bargain, I needed a human to fall in love with me and kiss me before midnight in one week."

Trunks smiled and was about to kiss her again before an uproar shook the ship. "DADDY!" Damien shot out of the water to gaze onto the ship. Two of his guards were holding a struggling Millicent. "We caught the sea witch; she'll be put into a secure place where she won't be able to practice her magic." Ryanna smiled at her father and ran up to hug him. Damien being the caring person he was hugged her back.

"I missed you my daughter. Though the girls, meaning your two best friends had to do a lot of explaining for Prince Athens." Ryanna gulped but there stood prince Athens behind her father smiling. "As much as I would have been an honor to marry such a beautiful mer-" he stuttered looking at her legs. "Beautiful lady like you, I cannot interfere with true love." He fixed his hair and whined his teeth. "There is always Galadria of Atlantis."

Ryanna smiled and nodded at the prince. Trunks placed a hand on her shoulder. Damien noticed the gesture and smiled. "I hope you take good care of my daughter. She is my youngest after all." Trunks nodded. "You can count on me sir." Damien smirked. "Call me Dad." Trunks chuckled and Ryanna smiled. Ryanna hugged her father once more then turned to Trunks. Trunks took her hand and rubbed it gently. "Ryanna will you marry me?" Ryanna smiled. "I will Trunks."

The two lovers embrace in a sweet kiss and applauds ring out amongst the mer-people and humans. even Vinny cheered. Shana sighed and politely applauded. "Excuse me miss?" Shana turns to a handsome brunette blue-eyed man. "May I have this dance?" Shana smiles and nods. Ryanna winked at the man and he winked back. Trunks chuckled and offered Ryanna his hand. She took it and they began to dance as well under the pale moon and stars.

Two months time Ryanna Coutsa'n, mermaid from the sea, and Trunks Vegeta Briefs, from the land married on the brink shores near the palace. The ceremony was witnessed by many men, women, mermaids, and mermen. Trunks kissed his new wife and all were happy. Damien was happy because his little girl was grown up and happy with the love of her life. Pan and Marron were happy because they finally get to see their best friend in a wedding dress, Ryanna and Trunks were happy, well for obvious reasons. Heck even Ryanna's grandmother was happy for the new couple. "I just wanted the best for her... and this s for the best."

Trunks' family was more than willing to welcome Ryanna to the family, not only did she save his life but also did the one thing many women couldn't... make him happy. "Ryanna could you do me a favor?" "What is it love?" "Sing for me." Ryanna smiled and kissed his lips. "How wonderful life is now you're in the world." Trunks smiled with her and the two began to dance. With the unhappy happy again the world under the sea and above it was peaceful, and as they say in the old fairy tales they lived happily ever after. {corny, I'm sorry}

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