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i do not consider BO2 canon, considering the many plot holes that present them-

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Kain's lament

Poor weary soul, tired and pale;

an evil man refuses him ale.

Out into a crimson night,

forced into a fatal fight.

A single strike to bring him in,

"Smite him down! Next. his kin."

The flame of life snuffed away,

given unto purgatory, there-in to stay.

So he thought this then to be right,

Destroyed, beaten on that fateful night.

a foolish nobleman, thirsting for blood,

his wish would bring him back to the mud.

Like a fool he so willingly gave up his humanity,

dangerously teetering on the brink of insanity.

But from pale white flesh, and a cruel mind,

his killers now he sought to find.

Soon he knew the truth of his fate,

to be the final sacrifice, the gods will to satiate.

Given the choice he damned the land,

lush lakes and forests covered in sand.

Creating a legion, an undead brigade,

waste to the land the vampyres soon laid.

Many would be racked with hardship and grief,

Not I, for my heart is blackened, an icy reef.

Foolish mortals save your pity for the weak!

In these dark times your own safety you should seek.


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update: changed azure to crimson, makes it sound better, and fixed the
word chaacters to characters, and changed a few other lines.