first the reviews:

wolfy woman:
thank you for your kind comments, but no,
unless Defiance rectifies the many plot holes present in Blood
Omen 2, i will not include it.

Foolish mortals? heh...i love that line. I use
it at school daily, it freaks people out, especialy when i say it in my natural
"demon voice".

Thnak you!!!!! O_O Homer, and Dante? Wow. That has got to be
the #1 nicest complement anyone has ever given me, and i may be 13,
buti write poetry daily! Lot's of haikus.

Thank you for you very, very kind comments!!!
And you and my teachers my find my vocabulary impressive, my peers just
find it geeky. Damn modern society, in medievel times, if you could write
poetry back then, you were guarentied a chick. Yes ....those were the days.

a fellow poet:

Thanks for the great review!!! But...you kinda freak me out man,
no offence, your email is creepy 0____o


now just read the bloody poem damnit!!!


set in the Soul Reaver era.

enjoy :)


~my first son's fate was sealed at the dawn of time~
~time is an infinitly looping vessel of destiny~


My spawn's transgressions were known to me well,
my fate to seal his, a burning hell.

One to surpass his master's might,
out he comes, into the light.

To knew my role, to cast him in,
a new sensation, a painful sin.

I felt no jealousy, no self righteous rage,
i was trapped, cornered in destiny's cage.

My plan for him, bleed him dry,
watch him squirm, make him cry.

Tear his wings, steal his flight,
burn him well, laugh at his plight.

A sad destiny, once foretold,
given unto me by powers of old.

Given the order cast him in,
i turned my back to his kin.

To watch your son burn, a strange conception,
even if you have knowledge of his coming ressurection.

I could not watch, but mine is a cunning heart,
hoping my actions would bring about a new start.

I knew of his actions, to consume his brother's souls
So naive, still unaware of destinies role.

Waiting, i have for centuries past,
ahh...in he comes returned at last.

He knew he fought a futile fight,
unmatched against my superior might.

But i shattered the reaver on his fragile skin,
releasing the spirit that dwelled within.

One step closer to re-writing fate
waiting, once a gain my first son is late.

I let him defeat me, to suit my plans
before the final blow was cast, like a coward i ran.

Although most of my power was deminished,
this is not where, or how our story will finish.

To see through moebius he shall need his strength,
push his limits to their greatest length.

But my spawn has that power, a blinding spirit,
a streamer may jump at the chance just to be near it.


end the Soul Reaver 1 era, so is it still alright?

once again, review please?