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'Ah'm gonna kill her. No, ah'm gonna slaughter her. Better yet, ah'll torture her thahn ah'll kill her' thought the mutant beneath the covers.

"Rogue, like, get up already. Your gonna be late for your, like ,first class" shouted Kitty Pryde.

"Gawd, fahne already. Ah'm getting up" said Rogue as she burrowed deeper into her bed.

"Fine then! Just don't ,like, yell at me when you ,like, get another detention" screamed Kitty as she phased through the bedroom door.

"Thahnk gawd she finnahly left" said Rogue out loud. She glanced over to her desk to the clock and cursed.

"Damn it, ah'm gonna be lahte" she screeched. She ran over to her dresser and quickly looked through it.

"Damn it to hell, ah forgot to do mah lauhndry. Now ah don't got nothing to wear." she groaned in frustration. She quickly put on a pair of skin tight black jeans and a red tank top with her black mesh top over it. She quickly look at herself in the mirror.

'Fuck' she thought. 'Ah look lahke a mornon and ah don't even have tahme to put on mah make-up'

She sprinted down the stair and nearly tripped over Kurt's tail.

"Shit!" she said as she regained her balance. "goddamn it Kurt, wahtch where you put thaht thahng" she yelled in frustration.

"Sorry, mien Schweitzer." said Kurt apologetically.

"Do you need a lift to school" he asked he in a brotherly tone.

"Uh….yeah, ah actually do. So could you lahke port us there so ah don't getting another detention." she asked in a sugary sweet voice, obviously fake.

"Sure thing, mien Schweitzer" he said

He grabbed onto her fully clothed arm and ported them to the school parking lot behind a van.

"Thanks, Kurt. Ah owe you one" she said running off.

"You owe me nothing, mein Schweitzer" he muttered softly as he watched leave.

Ok, ok, I know that was a very boring chapter but the next one will be better (I hope). Any advice would be helpful. Sorry about Kurt's German im not sure if I spelled it write, it supposed to mean sister so if anyone known the right spelling or word, please help me out.

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