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She was happy. For the first time in awhile she was happy. Who would have though that she, the known Goth in town, would be asked to dance by one of the most popular guys in school. She swayed her hips to the sound of the music. She suddenly found her self knocked onto the floor. Cody, the boy she was dancing with, grabbed her to pull her up touching her skin. It happened so fast. She found him out cold on the floor. Her head throbbed as pictures, thoughts, and memories rushed through her brain. She screamed out in horror.

Rogue woke up on the couch drenched in sweat. She had left the professors office and went to the rec room to lie down and fell asleep. She ran her hand threw her hair trying to calm herself down. She looked over to the clock.

'Its onlahy 4:00.' she thought a little upset. She was hoping that the new recruits, including Cody, had already got her and left her alone but no such luck.

"Gawd, he must hate meh" she said aloud.

"Ah, Rogue. I'm so glad I found you. The new recruits are about to arrive so lets go out to the driveway to greet them" said the professor turning to go out. "Oh, and by the way. I talked to Cody and he isn't mad at you in the least."

With that he and Rogue walked out to the drive way in time to see a black van drive up followed my a motorcycle.

'Nice wheels.' thought Rogue as she saw the motorcycle.

She saw three guys getting out of the van. The first one was gigantic to say the least. He was tall and very well built. The second person out was of medium height with bright red hair that seemed like fire when caught in the wind. The third person out of the van made Rogue tense up.

It was definitely Cody , just an older version of him. He had dirty blond hair and had six pack which was shown off by the skin tight wife beater he wore.

Rogue knew who she would see getting of the motorcycle. Gambit. She was almost positive that he had a charm ability and that he had used it during their fight. How else could she explain getting hypnotize by his eyes.

When he got of the bike she noticed that his eyes were a different color. She looked at them and lost her breath. The were black with red. They were the most beautiful and devilish eyes she had ever seen. She found herself getting lost in them again.

She shook her head to regain control.


Gambit POV

'De femmes just cant resist de Gambit' he thought with a smirk noticing how the girl with auburn hair and white streaks in the front was looking at him.

'De femme aint too shabby looking either' he though looking at her body. He noticed her cheeks flush as she saw him looking at her.

"Bonjour, cherie" he said as he took her hand planning on kissing it.

"Ah don't think so Swamp Rat, not after ya tried at blow of mah hand lahst tahme'" she said as she quickly withdrew her hand.

'Well, well. It looks like this femme will be a challenge for de Cajun. And we know how dis Cajun love a challenge.' thought Gambit smirking.


Cody POV

'Ah knew there was a reason ah didn't lahke that Cajun' thought Cody as he saw him try to kiss Marie's hand.

He smiled broadly as he saw her withdraw her hand with a sneer.

'Seems lahke she's the same way she always was.' he thought happily. He quickly heard her say something about him almost blowing her hand off.

"Cajun! What's this about almost blowing of Marie's hand! I new from the beginning that ah wouldn't lahke ya." he shouted angrily.

"Marie? Excuse moi , but who is Marie?" replied the Cajun innocently.

"Marie," said Rogue unhappily "is MOI, Cajun. Hey, Cody. I go by Rogue now so don't be calling meh Marie round hear unless ya want meh to kill ya" she said giving him a small smile.


The professor led them all inside and sat them down in the rec room. Once they sat down, the professor began to speak.

" As you all know this is a school for mutants. It is a place where we teach them to control their powers. They also go on missions to help humanity but the decision is yours as to if you go with them.. Those are the basic things. Rogue will show you around the mansion and the underground facilities. But first, each one of you tell each other about your powers."

The gigantic mutant known as Piotr went first. He didn't say anything put decided to give a demonstration. First he was skin and just had clothes on. Suddenly metal began to encase him like a second skin making him almost invulnerable.

The second one to go was the red haired mutant known as John.

"Kay, mates, and Shelia" he said winking at Rogue which made her blush a little but glare at him. It also caused the other males to glare at him fiercely. He quickly pulled out a lighter and flicked the flame on. He changed the flame form to look like a rose. He then handed it to Rogue still using his power.

Rogue sat just looking at it. Finally the flame went out.

"Whoa" she said amazed. John just responded by winking at her.

Gambit then gave a demonstration.

"Cherie , you better watch out. So you don't get hurt." He said as he charged a card a threw it outside making the trees catch fire when it blew.

"Don't worry. I'll get that" said Cody. A bucket of water came floating out of the kitchen and poured itself onto the flames putting them out. Noticing Rogues look he explained.

"I'm telepathic and telekinetic." he explained quickly

"Oh, like Jean" she stated.

"Rogue, show them your power" said the professor.

"Um, professor. They all ahlready know mah powah and ah don't wanna hurt no one" said Rogue shyly.

"Wait," John said "I don't know the Sheila's power."

Before Rogue could answer, Cody jumped in.

"When she touches people she drains their life force. Their memories, abilities, and so on." he stated a little sadly.

"Oh" said John " Does that mean that she cant touch no one" he asked stupidly.

Cody answered again before Rogue could.

" No, she cant touch anyone"

This pissed Rogue off. They were talking like she wasn't even her and they didn't know what they were talking about.

"Excuse meh, boys. Ah would prefer that ya'll didn't talk lahke ah'm not here. And by the way ah can touch now" she said proudly.

Cody fell off the couch in shock.

"Ya can touch now? That's great." he said happily with a strange glint his eyes that made Rogue a little nervous.

"I'm just gunna give y'all a warnin' now. Just cuz Ah can touch now doesnt mean Ah'll let any y'all touch meh. I wihll not hesitate tah knock yah out" she said menacingly at Cody inparticular.

"Now if y'all wihll excuze meh, I gottah go do mah homework" she said in a sickeningly sugary voice, much like Jeans.

" De femme really likes you, eh?" said the Cajun cockily.

"Well, at least she used tah like meh" said Cody icily

"Well, the Sheila doesn't like you now. So I guess that's good for me. Less completion for the lovely gal." said John playing with his lighter.

Piotr walked away from this conversation. Yes, the girl was beautiful and he already liked her attitude but he already knew that if those three guys were after her, along with the other males in the mansion, that he wouldn't stand a chance. He let out a sad sigh.


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