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Ron walked solemnly down the down the first floor corridor trying to fully comprehend what it was that he had just witnessed. He found himself in a state of utter disbelief. Was it possible? Surely he must be mistaken. It couldn't have been Hermione in that shadowy nook with Draco Malfoy. Could it? His best friend making google eyes at his worst enemy? It just didn't seem possible.

If Hermione had any feelings for someone, she would have told Harry and me, right? She trusts us, doesn't she? Then again, she is a girl. Bloody hard to figure out, girls. You never know what they're thinking. Just when you think you have them down, they go and do something completely illogical. Maybe it's some kind of disease only females are able to contract. They're probably born with it, poor things. It doesn't seem to bother them so much though. It's like they all got together and decided that it'd be buckets-o-fun to not let any male in on the secret. They understand each other well enough. They probably sit up at night devising ways to torture us. But Malfoy? C'mon. That's a bit extreme, isn't it? I need to talk to someone about this, but who can I trust? Well, it's not even a matter of trust really. The fact is, the only people I really talk to are Hermione and Harry. Then there's Hermione. She wouldn't understand. She must know how I feel about her. How could she do this to me? I'd really like to tell her off. I don't think so; she hits pretty hard. Of course, Harry! Harry will have to understand. He hates Malfoy as much as I do, and he went through the same thing with Cho and Cedric. Hmmm, I probably shouldn't bring that up.

"The password, Dear?" The voice of the portrait of the fat lady broke him from his reverie. He stared at her blankly. "The password?" She repeated. He had no idea how he had ended up where he was. The thought was especially frightening because he was supposed to be on the other side of the castle in Potions.

Ohhh, Snape will have my head for this! The color drained from Ron's face.

"Are you all right, Dear?" Inquired the fat lady.

At this point Ron was very agitated, not to mention scared out of his mind, not that he would ever let Snape know that. "Oh, shove off you fat old git!" He responded.

"Well, I never!" This message from the fat lady was followed by a series of what were surely swear words, but they were in a language that Ron would undoubtedly not be able to identify. Ron, however, did not hear any of the final remark, as he was too busy running as fast as his legs could possibly carry him. He took the stairs three at a time arriving at the dungeon in record breaking time. He seriously doubted if Fred and George could have gotten there faster.

Ron opened the door quietly, hoping no one would notice. They did of course. The class erupted in whispers as Ron made his way to his seat next to Harry, making sure he didn't meet Hermione's gaze, and praying that Snape wouldn't turn around but to no avail.

Snape turned and silenced the class by raising his hand. "Well, well, well. Nice of you to join us Mr. Weasley. Why weren't you here when the rest of the Dream Team arrived?"

"I'm sorry Sir. I lost track of time." Said Ron weakly.

"Ah, yes. I'm sure you would get lost if your brawn and your brain, Mr. Potter and Ms. Granger, left you all alone. Lose your way then, did you?" Snape said snidely. Ron said nothing. "Very well, if you don't wish to explain yourself in front of the whole class, perhaps you'll have an easier time with it when we're alone in your detentions for the rest of the week."

Ron gave an inward sigh of relief. At least he didn't take off any house points.

Snape continued " Then, of course, there's the matter of your house points. That will be twenty-five for being late and fifteen for your feeble attempt to get in without my noticing." Snape turned around and signaled the class to get back to work. Ron glared at Snape as though he thought if concentrated hard enough, he could make him burst into flames. Snape didn't ignite, however he did look back over and say "Oh, and another ten for your appearance. You look as though you haven't bathed in weeks." A few suppressed snickers could be heard throughout the class as Ron turned a brilliant shade of crimson.

Ron was the first one out the door when class ended, Hermione and Harry hot on his heels. Hermione and Harry had to quicken their pace to keep up with him. Hermione grabbed his arm and said "Ron that was really horrible. I'm so--"

She was cut off by Ron as he rounded on her, shouting "Shutup! Why don't you just go make out with your boyfriend you stupid..." Ron seemed to be struggling to find a word hideous enough to describe how he felt about her right now. "...mudblood!" He finished as he stormed off down the hall. Hermione stood in the hall, her mouth gaping, and her eyes brimming with tears as she watched Ron run away and Harry go after him.


He couldn't know, could he? No. We were so careful. What else could he be talking about though? I knew he would react this way. That's why we had to keep it secret, keep it safe (A/N: My Precious. Hehe. Sorry). I knew he wouldn't understand. How did he find out? It couldn't have been Harry. He swore he wouldn't tell. Then again, he and Ron are best friends, but no, he looked just as puzzled as I am. Draco's the only other person that knows. He wouldn't. I told him how important it was to me that Ron didn't find out. What if he betrayed me? Once a Slytherin, always a Slytherin?


Harry and Ron spent the whole of Herbology in silence. Harry kept shooting Ron furtive looks, but Ron pretended that all of his focus was on the snarfblatts that they were supposed to be taming. Hermione never showed up to class. They didn't see her again until dinner. No words were exchanged. Ron stirred his meal around until it became one rather unappetizing multicolored soup giving it the occasional menacing jab. Hermione merely poked at hers solemnly.

Harry looked from one to the other still very confused as to what, exactly, was going on, and why Ron had used such harsh words. He finally managed to make eye contact with Hermione, and he watched a silent tear slide down her cheek. His heart sank; it pained him to see his best friends in such a state. Hermione got up from the table and calmly walked out of the great hall. Three sets of eyes watched her as she made her silent exit. Two sets at the Gryffindor table, and one cold gray one across the room. After a few moments the owner of the gray eyes went after Hermione, unnoticed by all but Ron.

Ron slammed his glass of pumpkin juice down on the table, sending its contents flying in all directions, making a few people in his area squeal with discontent, and several heads at the Gryffindor table whip around to see what all of the noise was about. He stood up abruptly, nearly knocking Harry out of his seat. He made his way from the Great Hall perfectly aware of the fact that hundreds of eyes were watching him. The Hall erupted in whispers as soon as they thought he was out of earshot. Harry quietly finished his meal and went after Ron.


As soon as Hermione thought no one was around to see her, she dashed from her hiding place in the empty classroom, to the great oak doors. She ran down the grounds in front of Hogwarts. She stopped when she came to the edge of the lake. She fell to the ground and started sobbing bitterly, wishing the cold could numb her heart. She was so wrapped up in her own thoughts that she didn't even notice that some one had walked up behind her. She gave a start when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Draco sat down next to her. "What's wrong?" He asked, "If it's about what that bloody Weasel said, don't worry. He'll be hearing from me about it." They sat in silence for a while.

"Did you tell him?" Hermione asked suddenly. Her chocolate eyes desperately searching the depths of his steely gray ones.

"Of course not!" He said, looking slightly betrayed.

"Are you sure?" She implored.

"What do you mean 'are you sure'? Don't you trust me? Don't you think I would remember if I told that freak our secret? Don't you think I care? I don't want it getting out either!" Draco said forcefully.

"He's not a freak! And what do you mean you don't want it to get out? Don't you like me? Are you ashamed of me?" Exclaimed Hermione in disbelief.

"No, no; of course not. I didn't mean it. I just got a bit worked up." Draco said reassuringly. Hermione looked down at the water. Draco rolled his eyes before she looked back up at him, planted a kiss on his cheek and laid her head on his shoulder.


When Harry had finally made his way up to the portrait of the fat lady he found Ron standing there arguing with her. "Would you just open up? I gave you the password ten minutes ago.!" Screamed Ron.

"Well if you would just apologize, maybe I would feel I had enough energy to open up." She countered coolly.

"I don't have to apologize. You're just a painting. You're not even real! Now let me through." Ron raged.

The fat lady looked positively furious. There was a deep hurt look in her eyes. She was about to speak again when Harry jumped in and said "Look, he's really sorry. He didn't mean it."

"I did too!" Ron spat.

"No, you didn't." Said Harry wheeling on him and sending a silencing glare in his direction. "C'mon, it's been a long day. Why don't you let us in? Then Ron will have time to sleep on it, you know, muster enough courage to forget his pride and apologize? Doesn't that sound fair?"

"Well, I suppose." Conceded the fat lady with a sniff, "password please?"

Ron rolled his eyes, "I've already told you fifty ti-- ouch!" Harry had stomped on his foot.

"Periwinkle Penguins." Said Harry. The portrait glared at Ron one last time, then swung open.

Ron sank into a chair in a dark corner. "What was that for?" He asked with venom in his voice.

"You almost blew our chances of getting in, that's what it was for! Bloody hell. What'd you do to get her so worked up?" Harry inquired. Ron just shook his head. "What's wrong?" Asked Harry, "It isn't just Snape, is it? Why'd you blow up at Hermione like that? I can't believe you called her a mudblood. You sounded like Malfoy."

"Don't ever compare me to that snake, Malfoy" Ron growled.

"Well, it seems I've hit a nerve. What'd Malfoy do this time. And why'd you take it out on Hermione?" Asked Harry.

"If you must know" spat Ron, "it wasn't just Malfoy. Hermione certainly did her part." Harry stared at him expectantly. "Look, I'm just upset because I saw them kissing after lunch today" Ron continued, "I can't believe Hermione would sink so low. She couldn't be that desperate. Doesn't she know how much I..." His sentenced trailed off. "How could she not see?" His eyes looked pleadingly at Harry as though he could give him the answer to any question. Just then Ron realized that the words he had just spoken seemed to have no affect at all. Harry wasn't the least bit surprised. "You knew! You knew and you didn't tell me. She didn't tell me. She told you, but she didn't tell me. I can't believe you! I thought we were friends." Ron shouted. He just stood there in disbelief. He gave Harry one last glare for good measure and left without another word. Harry tried to say something, but by the time he had figured out what had just happened, Ron was out of sight.

Ron sat and stared out the dormitory window, head spinning from all that had happened that day. Feeling totally betrayed and alone, he watched as the figures of two people stood up from the edge of the lake and walked toward the castle hand in hand.

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