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:-:-:-:-: Sunday Night :-:-:-:-:

It was dusk before Joey and Seto reached the Kaiba estate.  For once, Joey actually opened the door and climbed out of the convertible, closing softly behind him before staring at the huge mansion if front of him.  "Something wrong?" Seto asked when Joey didn't move, just stood staring up at the huge place in awe.

Joey spared him a glance.  "If I didn' know betta, Set, I'd say you were compensatin' fer somethin'."

Seto rolled his eyes and took the blonde's arm, and proceeded to drag him towards the front door.  "Ah, Set, da luggage…"

"Somebody will take care of it."  He let his arm slide from around Joey's arm to around his waist.  Joey shook his head slightly, but moved closer to the taller man.

The huge door slid open from a short voice command from Seto.  As soon as they were inside a small hallway, Seto turned to something on the wall that looked like and intercom and hit a button.  "Send somebody to take care of the luggage, put it all in my room, and somebody inform my brother that I'm here," he ordered in the commanding tone that was Seto.  He started to walk away before Joey jumped over to the intercom and hit the button himself.

"Please," he added with a wicked grin, causing Seto to turn and stare at him.  He glared for a moment, before giving into a half smile.

"BIG BROTHER!" (Y.C.C: Hikari Ykarzel: this is a very important line, because Halo is lying beside me on the bed and just had to use it also in the sequel to her story Doughnuts.  *nods seriously*  GO READ DOUGHNUTS! Hehe, shameless plug for my angel.)  There was a breath of a silence before an ebony haired leech attached its self to his middle.  "You're home!"

"Hello Mokuba."

But his greeting was lost on the boy, because his slate colored eyes had just caught sight of Joey.  "Joey!  You're here?  Why?"  He whipped around with eyes bright to look at Seto, asking without words if his older brother had finally managed to admit his feelings for the blonde.  When Seto smiled, Mokuba squealed.  "YES!"  With that he attached himself to Joey.

"Hi Mokuba."

Mokuba hugged him harder.  "I'm so glad you're here.  Are you spending the night?"  His eyes gleamed mischievously. 

Joey cast a nervous glance at Seto, but the brunette didn't offer any help.  "Well, um, yeah."  He wasn't sure what he was supposed to say, so he resorted to the truth.

Mokuba let him go with a snicker.  "Well it's a school night, so I'm going to go get ready for bed.  Good night, sleep," he interrupted himself with another snicker.  "Well, just make sure you do sleep, okay?"  Before either of them could manage anything more then shocked looks, he took off up the stairs.

Seto looked at Joey, who shrugged.  "Wha' was I s'posed ta say?  I'm gonna be 'ere in the mornin', right?" 

Seto didn't answer, but turned on his heels and started out of the hallway.  Joey followed quickly, not wanting to get lost in this over extravagant castle posing as a house for two teenagers.  "Where we goin'?"

"Where are we going," Seto corrected.

Joey gave him a dubious look.  "I don't know, I was following you!"

For a moment, Seto wasn't sure if Joey was kidding or not, until the blonde grinned at him.  Then he rolled his eyes.  "We're going to my room."  Joey was glad to hear it wasn't the cold tone he used when he was angry.  "I need to get some work done before I go into the office tomorrow morning."

"But we got school tomorrow," Joey said questioningly, taking Seto's hand and lacing their fingers. 

Seto didn't respond at first, resisting the urge to correct his grammar again, and tightened his fingers around Joey's hand.  "I usually go in for a few minutes before school, just to make sure things are running smoothly while I'm away."

"Dat why yer late all da time?"

The taller teen glanced at him.  "I'm on time more often then you are."

Joey grinned.  "Yeah, but aren'tcha glad I've been gettin' mah beauty sleep?"

Seto 'hmph'ed but gave Joey's hand another squeeze.  After a bit more walking, they reached the door that led to Seto's bedroom.  Joey noted with dismay that this door was in no way different from the thirty other doors they'd walked by, and knew that Bakura would wear a tutu and take ballet before he managed to remember which one it was.

Seto turned the door knob and let Joey go in first.  The room, like everything else that Seto owned, was rich and huge.  But that wasn't what struck Joey first.  The first thing that he noticed was that the room was-  "Dark," he stated, his eyebrows rising.

Seto shut the door and locked it.  "I like it dark."

"Yeah, but," Joey walked over to the huge bay windows that were hidden behind deep navy curtains embroidered with delicate silver patterns.  "You don't need to block out the sun like this."  He pulled them open, which was useless, as the sun had already gone down.

The carpet was the same dark blue color, as were the walls.  The only bit of brightness came from the silver border around the top of the walls.  It was depressing.  Joey ran around the room, turning on every lamp he could find.  The dark color didn't make the room seem small like it normally would, simply because the room was so huge. 

Seto was already seated at the large cherry wood desk, turning on the lap top.  Joey flopped down on the huge four poster bed, bouncing on the mattress.  He laid back for a moment, before growing restless and jumping up again.  While Seto tapped away on the keyboard, blue eyes already glued to the screen and mind already focused on work, Joey explored. 

With no regard to Seto's privacy, he began to open up drawers and doors, looking inside.  (Y.C.C: Hikari Ykarzel: Halo does this… all the time.)  He found a drawer loaded with paper and writing supplies, and got a sudden idea.  Taking out a piece of paper and a marker, he scribbled something down on it before searching for a piece of tape. 

Once he'd found a piece, he crossed the room and opened the door before slipping outside, only to return a moment later.  Seto looked up from his work at the sound of the door closing.  "What was that about?"

Joey just grinned at him before going back to his curious exploring.  Intrigued, Seto got up and went to the door.  Stepping outside, he saw that the plain white door now bore a sign in Joey's hand writing that read "Seto's Room".

"So I don' get lost!" Joey called across the room, his head buried in a drawer full of clothing. 

"I highly doubt it will help much," Seto muttered, and if Joey heard him he didn't comment. 

He was just sitting back down when he heard Joey gasp.  "What is it?"

Joey was grinning like an idiot and Seto realized what drawer he had just found.  "SILK!!!"  His hands dived in, running across the various articles of the smooth fabric.  He grinned when he realized that they weren't all just sleep bottoms, but also boxers.  He picked out a silver pair of pants.  Seto would wear these tonight, Joey would make him if he had to.  And that's when it occurred to him that his clothing that he had packed for the trip was all dirty, and he had nothing else to wear.

 (YCC: Hikari Ykarzel: HALO's in a silk shirt!!! *bounces* *pets Halo (who's asleep)*  *Halo rolls over*  AWW, she's so cute when she's asleep! I've been up for at least four hours now…)


"Hmm?" came the response, the clicks of the keyboard never pausing.

"Can I borrow some clothes and grab a shower somewhere?"

"You're free to wear whatever you want, the bathroom's through that door," he motioned towards one of the doors with his head.

After grabbing a pair of Seto's silk boxers, Joey took another piece of paper and labeled the door "Bathroom" before going in.  (YCC: Hikari Ykarzel: LOOK AT MY FISH!!! *))| heHEHEE!!! *dies*)

Seto managed to get a half an hour of uninterrupted work done, before the bathroom door opened again and Joey walked back out, his only cover being the beads of moisture trailing down his body.  Seto glanced at him, then looked away quickly, feeling his face heat.  "Didn't I tell you that you could wear my clothes?"

Joey perched on the edge of the bed.  "Yeah, but den I started thinkin', what's da point?  I'm jus' gonna take'em off lata."

It was at that point that Seto saved what he had done, knowing there was no way he would get anything else accomplished when his new lover was sitting behind him on the bed, wet, hot, and naked.

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As they walked home from the corner, both Yami and Yugi, and Ryou and Bakura were holding hands.  "No, Yami, I haven't got any chains, but I do have a few pairs of handcuffs, and Ryou said earlier that I was to let you have them," Bakura stated, trying, and mostly failing, not to sound bitter.

Tea was shuddering, and trying to snuggle against Tristan for protection from the overwhelming amount of gayness around her, but he kept shoving her away. 

Yugi, who was still fighting turning a deep red from the very blunt talk about sex toys, decided to change the subject.  "Isn't it great about Joey, Tristan?  You should have been there!"

"But then if you had been," Ryou said with a grin, "they wouldn't have had to share a bed and it may never have happened."

"True," Yugi agreed with a giggle.

"I don't think it's great," Tea said stubbornly.

"Why?" Yugi asked, eyes wide.

"Because, Kaiba's not very nice to Joey."

"He saved his life over the weekend," Yami defended, giving her a warning glance.

"But he's never been a good friend!"

Yugi looked at her with his huge violet eyes, hurt that she wasn't as happy for the new couple as everybody else.  "It's not that he doesn't want to be a good friend, Tea.  Seto's just not practiced at that kind of thing.  He's still really good to us, and he tries really hard.  We're the best friends he has besides his brother."


"Oh, shut up Tea," Tristan interrupted.  "You're just pissed that Joey's gay too."

Tea huffed but didn't comment any further.  Tristan moved over to the other side of the sidewalk, putting Bakura and Ryou in between him and his girlfriend.  Ryou glanced over at Tristan.  "So, uh, how was your trip?"

"Fine," was Tristan's lackluster response.  Tea glared at him. 

"Tristan won't kiss me," she whined.  None of the five boys had anything to say to this, though Tristan gave her a glare for sharing their private information with the world. 

The rest of the walk to Yugi's place was silent.  Yami took his and Yugi's bags inside, said hello to Yugi's grandfather and explained that they were going to drive Ryou and Bakura home and would be back shortly.

"I'll walk," Tea stated, which wasn't that big of a deal as she lived only a few houses down from Yugi.

"Want a ride, Tris?" Yugi asked, wondering what was up with his two friends.

"Yeah, sure," he agreed, and the five of them piled into the car.  Bakura, who seemed rather impatient, pulled Ryou into his lap and began to nibble on the back of his neck, causing said teen to try and stifle his giggles.

"Is something wrong between you and Tea?" Yami asked as they pulled out of the driveway.

Tristan glared at the road for a while before responding.  "She's so,"

"Annoying?  Preppy?  Irritating?  Syrupy?  Over dramatic?" Bakura offered.

"Clingy," Tristan finished.  "I mean, I can't get her AWAY from me.  She won't give me ten seconds to breathe.  The whole weekend, the only time I was allowed to be away from her was in the bathroom!  I've never taken longer showers…"

"I'm sorry Tris," Yugi sympathized.  He had just seen two of his friends get together to see another two break apart.

"Yeah, I guess I ought to break up with her soon.  Tomorrow."

Bakura pulled away from where he was giving Ryou the mother of all hickeys.  "That's the most intelligent thing you've ever said."  Bakura hated Tea.  He always had, and he always would.  He returned to the task at hand, bringing a trembling moan from Ryou.

"What I don't understand," Yami started, his hand resting lightly on  the top of the steering wheel, "is why she's so put out over Joey.  I mean, she's know about the four of us for a few years now, why would this bother her?"

"Because that still bothers her.  She'll lay off of you and Yug most of the time, but she's always going on about how Bakura and Ry are overly public about their relationship-"

"We are not!" Bakura paused to say, his hand diving up Ryou's shirt and making the hikari bury his face into his yami's neck to keep from making inappropriate noises.

"Yes you are," Yami said with a grin.

"Fuck off pharaoh."

"What I really think is she still wants Yami, and therefore is bitter towards gay relationships," Tristan finished with a shrug.

Yami cringed, and gave Tristan an apologetic glance, which the boy acknowledged with a smile.  Yugi sighed and snuggled against Yami, upset that he would most likely be losing a friend.  Bakura and Ryou, well they were, being overly public about their relationship.

They reached Ryou's house, and Bakura somehow managed to scoop Ryou up out of the car and carry both of the bags.  Neither had enough time for a goodbye, but the other three were used to that and waved at them before pulling away.  They didn't want to stick around long enough to find out if the two silver haired teens made it to the door or not.