: Tuesday Night :

Tristan tried not to be nervous as Devlin practically dragged him to his car. "I didn't know you drove," Tristan observed.

"I live close enough to walk, usually," Devlin answered, opening the car door and practically forcing Tristan inside. He crawled into the driver's seat and started the car. "I just figured I'd want to get home quickly today."

Tristan thought on that a minute. "Dev?"


"Were you planning this?"

Devlin smirked. "Today you were my mission."

Tristan lost the fight against his nerves.

- sadly ffn strips the fish, but what else is new? -

"Yami," Joey said as they all climbed into the car. "Can we stop at my place? I really need to get a bunch of clothes to leave at Seto's."

"Aren't you afraid that woman will be there?"

"Nah," Joey answered. "It's been three days she's long gone by now."

- they were really cute this time too -

When they pulled into a driveway, Tristan was surprised at how quaint the house looked. It definitely did not look like a house lived in by a single male teenager. In fact Tristan was waiting for the family of four to pour out of the red front door and play on the lawn.

"Do you maintain this all by yourself?" Tristan asked, noticing that the lawn was freshly cut.

Devlin blushed slightly. "Mostly. I try to at least, this place is my palace. But honestly, I have a guy who cuts the grass once a week and a lady who comes in to clean every two weeks. But I do all the gardening and all the cleaning in between, and all the cooking."

Tristan had a sudden image of Devlin in an apron with a feather duster and snickered. "What?" Devlin asked, still blushing.

"You're going to make somebody a nice house wife someday," Tristan answered with a grin.

"Yeah well," Devlin said, walking in front of Tristan to hide his embarrassment. "Let me know if your interested."

"We could adopt a few kids," Tristan went on. "I'm sure you'll make a great mom."

Devlin whipped around and grabbed Tristan, pressing their bodies together. "Why don't we try making them first? Maybe we'll be a medical miracle."

Tristan quit his snickers, realizing that Devlin would only turn around and tease him back.

- Poisson made a startiling confession -

"If I'm not back in five minutes send a search party."

Joey jogged up the steps to his house. He opened the door and headed for the kitchen, thinking to grab some of the instant popcorn they had for the movie tonight.

There was a half naked woman on his counter.

"Oh my GOD!" Joey screamed turning his back on her. He shook his head for a moment, trying to force the image out.

"I'm terribly sorry," she said, and he heard her bare feet hit the floor. "I just seem to have misplaced my top."

"Erm," Joey responded, not sure what to say as he'd actually never faced this problem before. It was rare that his father's women stuck around until the afternoon. He must have been getting them some place new recently. "I just, wanted to get some popcorn."

"Oh please go ahead," she said saucily. "I won't be embarrassed."

Joey gave a forced laugh. It wasn't her embarrassment he was worried about.

"You're cute. You're not his son, are you?"

"Ah, yes I am," Joey responded, trying to back up to the drawer where the popcorn was kept without turning around.

"That's hard to believe." Her voice was getting closer and Joey nearly tripped over his feet. "You're so much better looking."

"Yes well," Joey answered, trying to force his voice steady. "I'm only sixteen." He said it both to justify the way he looked, and to warn her away from him.

"You don't look sixteen either," she said, getting closer.

Joey, deciding popcorn was not worth this, shouted and ran from her. An unfortunately placed chair leg impeded his escape. He fell forward, but an arm caught him and kept him from hitting the floor. Realizing who it belonged to, he never wanted to smash his face into the floor more in his life. He tried to crawl away, but her arm restrained him, and his strength had deserted him in his panic.

"Joey?" came a voice from the doorway.

Joey's heart nearly gave out in relief. "Yami, thank god."

Yami found himself staring at an interesting scene. Joey was on the floor, attempting to escape the clutches of a topless woman. He wanted an camera, badly.

The woman released Joey's arm, putting her hands on her hips. "Who are you?" she asked hotly. Yami wished she would at least have some shame and attempt to cover herself. She was going to put somebody's eyes out with those.

"I'm his boyfriend," Yami answered.

The woman, resentful at no longer being the sexiest thing in the room, grabbed Joey off the floor and held him against her. Yami was afraid Joey was going to pass out, and he looked close to it. "You mean to tell me that this beautiful boy would lower himself to the likes of you?"

Yami stalked forward and grabbed Joey, yanking him away from her. "Actually, he does lower himself for me, nightly. Now kindly take those elsewhere."

She stomped hard with one foot, and Yami closed his eyes in order to protect them. She turned and stormed out of the room, and Yami noticed that her bra was sticking out of the back of her pants.

"Joey are you alright?"

Joey slowly came upright. "Yami I would kiss you right now."

Yami laughed and gave Joey a pat on the back. "I'm sorry you had to witness that Joey. Don't worry, Seto will make you forget all about it later tonight."

Joey gave one last shudder, and grabbed the popcorn out of the drawer.

- School Week isn't the same without Fish and Poisson -

Tristan sat awkwardly on the edge of Devlin's couch. The green eyed boy returned a moment later with two sodas, handing one to Tristan. "So, what would you like for dinner?"

Tristan blinked. "You're making me dinner?"

"Well of course I am, if you're staying until nearly midnight I'm going to feed you."

Tristan blushed. "I don't care, whatever you make best."

Devlin smiled. "Okay. So what would you like to do now?"

"Erm, I don't know."

"Let's play game," Devlin said, grabbing a deck of cards of the coffee table.

Tristan was slightly surprised, but nodded. An hour later, they were still playing cards, having moved on from poker to war to go fish. Tristan didn't know what to do. Devlin hadn't done anything to him. In fact, they hadn't even touched. Actually, in a moment of complete honesty with himself, Tristan was disappointed.

"Do you like fish?" Devlin asked.

"Erm, sure," Tristan answered.

"Good," he answered. "You win. I'm going to start on dinner, you want to help?"

Tristan followed. Devlin pulled a Tupperware container out of the refrigerator. When he opened it, the smell of soy sauce smacked Tristan in the face. It took him a minute to realize that the fish had been marinating in it. Devlin took salmon out and put it on a tray. He began to walk out of the kitchen, and Tristan followed him, confused.

They ended up on the back porch, where Devlin lit up a grill. To say Tristan was impressed would have been an understatement. He was floored by how independent the other boy was.

"It takes about an hour," Devlin explained, turning around to face Tristan. "We should stay out here with it though. Fish burns easily."

"It's nice out," Tristan observed.

"Here I'll show you the garden," Devlin said, grabbing Tristan's hand. The brunette gasped slightly at the touch. It was the most contact they'd had the whole time. "This is my vegetable garden. Not much is ready yet, but everything will be ready by fall. The flower garden is out front, that's the most impressive in the sum–"

Tristan cut off Devlin's explanation with a hot kiss. He just couldn't take Devlin's distance any longer. He expected, based on his behavior this afternoon, the other teen to resist, but Devlin gave in completely to his control. Tristan was reminded of what Joey had said earlier. Devlin wasn't avoiding him, he was waiting for Tristan to take over.

"Shall we go sit on the porch?" Devlin asked breathlessly, hooded green eyes staring up at Tristan. The brunette nodded, leading Devlin over to the padded lawn chair. He sat down and pulled Devlin onto his lap, seeking out his lips for another kiss. Devlin's hands buried themselves into Tristan's hair, while Tristan's wrapped his around Devlin's waist.

It was lucky they were close enough to smell the fish, or it would have burned.

- ff.n takes all the fun out of life, no lemons and no fish -

Their movie over, the five teenager lounged on various pieces of furniture in the room, tossing popcorn at each other or themselves.

"So Joey," Yugi said, sitting up and allowing all the popcorn that had accumulated on him to fall to the floor. "We haven't seen you for a few days. Tell us about your relationship with Seto."

Joey rolled his eyes. "Yug, if you wanna know what da sex is like, jus ask me what da sex is like."

"What's the sex like?"

"Outta dis world," Joey answered. "I'm not comin in limpin for notin you know. I mean, I don intend to let him be in charge all da time, but right now I'm not mindin in the slightest."

"Better keep that frame of mind, Pup," said a voice above him. Seto looked to Yugi. "Nobody answered and the door was unlocked. I hope you don't mind."

Yugi shrugged; he could care less.

Seto turned back to Joey. "There will be a cold day in hell before I allow you any kind of control."

Joey stood up in his chair, making him taller than Seto for once, and leaned over the back of it to give his boyfriend a proper greeting. "You're home early, love," he said softly after pulling away just far enough to form words.

"I had a reason to come home."

"Did you stop at the store?" Joey asked sweetly.

"Of course, dear," Seto answered.

"Good." Joey leaned forward, and kissed Seto again. The brunette reached out and pulled Joey against him as much as the chair would allow. Joey pulled their lips apart to kiss Seto's neck. Slowly his lips traveled up to Seto's ear. "You forget, my love, how much control of you I already have. You can't resist me, and therefore, I own you."

Seto growled, and pulled Joey off the chair and into his arms. "Say goodbye to your friends Joseph," he instructed sternly.

Joey smiled at them and gave a light wave, very pleased with himself.

Ryou bit his lip as they left, but managed to wait until the door closed to speak. "Joey just got in a lot of trouble. Seto's going to pound him."

"I think that was his goal," Yami observed.

"Well guys, guess this party is over, we all have homework to do yet. See you tomorrow Ryou."

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Bakura wanted sex. He couldn't help it, but Ryou was laying on his bed doing his homework, kicking his legs back and forth, and being completely adorable. Bakura knew he wasn't going to get sex by asking for it. They'd already had sex this afternoon, and last night, and yesterday afternoon. Ryou would only want to cuddle tonight. Not that Bakura minded the cuddling. It was worth it for the amount of sex he got. Hell, losing a limb would be worth it for the amount of sex he got. But he didn't want to cuddle right now, he wanted sex.

The last thing he wanted to do was to resort to begging. He had to find some way to trick Ryou into giving him sex.

Ryou flipped over, resting the back of his head on his homework. "I'm hungry."

Bakura jumped out of his chair. "What do you want?"

Ryou raised an eyebrow at his yami's eagerness. "Actually, I could eat one of those bagels."

"Finish your homework," Bakura instructed, fleeing the room. Ryou was touched that Bakura would do that for him, and turned back over to work on the last of his math problems.

Bakura came back up a few minutes later. "What took so long?" Ryou asked, closing up his books and turning to look at Bakura. There was no bagel in sight. "Oh, I thought you were bringing me a bagel." That's when he noticed Bakura's pained expression. "What is it?"

Bakura pointed to his groin. "I brought you a bagel," he said through clenched teeth.

Ryou stared at the bulge in Bakura's pants. He was aroused. After a very confused minute, Ryou came to a horrifying conclusion. With hands of lightening, he reached out and undid Bakura's pants. He stared for a moment, then burst into laughter.

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