The Morning After

by: Tragedy Storm (with help from Jarad and Lokum)^_^

Rated: NC17 for strong sexual content and language

Pairings: Cloud x Sephiroth

This is my first ever FF story ^_^ yayyyy *fanfare*

This story has a major amount of yaoi in it....I'm talkin' teeth gritting action if you don't like yaoi....then go away...because this story will scar you for life. Oh....and btw....don't flame me saying stuff about how you don't like yaoi and crap...because I'll print out your flames and post them up on my pf so everyone can laugh at you and send you emails telling you how very STUPID you are .....thank you ^_^

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Chapter 1: Hangovers

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOD MORNING! Its 6:00 on a beautiful Friday morning an- -SLAM-

Stupid Alarm Clock- I thought, letting the small rays of sunlight that had just begun to peak over the horizon shine into my sleepy eyes, blinding me temporarily.

I softly pull one of the blond locks of hair that lay in my face out of the way, felling it stick to my forehead with dried sweat. A headache spread across my entire face as the reality of a horrible hangover hit me. "What the hell?......I didn't drink any alcohol...." And then I remember, and smacked my forehead. "OW......" Stupid me......I forgot that I was hanging out with the infamous 'Punch Spikers' Cid and Vincent.

After a while of suffering from exposure to light, I started to wonder about some I was.....and how did I get in this bed.....and where the hell are my under shorts?! -thought I felt a breeze- I looked around, trying to remember where the bathroom was and where the aspirin was. I got up slowly trying, without victory, to keep the headache from spreading. After I got adjusted to the feeling of sitting up, it was time to try walking for the first time again. -yarg- I shifted around in my position uncomfortably -my ass feels.....weird.....-Just as the thought crossed my mind I felt a sudden shift in the bed beside me.

I froze in my place, widening my blue eyes.

"Maybe this is a water bed and me moving made IT move." I was very satisfied with that resolution until it was tossed out the window by a deep smooth moan from a hangover like mine.

My eyes widened again. -Beds don't moan in agony- I was in even more shock when a hand slapped into my back, making me jump out of the bed as if there was a lion behind me, grabbing the covers and taking them with me. I wrapped them around myself quickly but not before getting a glimpse of my 'partner'.

The silver haired man rolled over slowly revealing his completely nude body, and groaning from the loss of warmth from the sheets. My eyes widened even more when I got a halfway good look at his face.

"...................Sephiroth?!................" Hearing his name, and the loud sound, his aqua green eyes slowly fluttered open.

"...???????...." Sephiroth rose up holding his head. "Ohw....what happened?..." He looked over to me, all wrapped in the sheets and staring at him in shock.

"....Cloud?....." My name came off his lips in confusion, indicating that he didn't know what was going on either. "What's-...." Sephiroth's eyes widened suddenly and his face turned red as he grabbed a pillow and put it in front of him to hide himself. I just looked away, my face suddenly getting hot. I had forgotten all about my headache. I'm sure Sephiroth had the same feelings.

-What the hell happened last night?!- Sephiroth and I looked at each other for what seemed like an eternity, until I got up and ran lighting speed into the bathroom, leaving Sephiroth sitting there, just as shocked as I was.

"Shit!....." I cursed loudly. I didn't care who heard. "Shit shit shit shit...." I unwrapped myself from the huge white king sized sheet, and walked over to the tub to run a hot bath. I reached out and turned on the water, only to see a several huge red bruises on my left arm. - The hell?......- Seeing that mark made me check the rest of my body. I glanced over myself in the mirror, finding more than a few red marks and a reddish purple bruise on my right and left hip. And the smaller red ones were in odd places. I looked some more and found some that looked just like the red ones all over my body on my neck and running down my shoulder. -Dear God.....if these are the same as the others.......- I panicked a little. - These have to be.....-

"HICKEYS!" I said quietly and harshly at the same time. I gripped the counter so hard and it started to crack under the pressure. I just couldn't believe it! To imagine Sephiroth sucking on my........

I blushed violently, getting a very clear mental picture of last night's 'performance'. I could just see it... Sephiroth's lips lowering slowly down my neck, nipping and biting and sucking at it, leaving his little 'love marks' there that even HE wouldn't even remember giving the next morning. And what of the OTHER red marks? My mind went even farther into thought. Lips and tongue trailing down my body, only stopping every now and then to nip at my most sensitive places. My nipples were soar, probably from constant sucking and biting down on them. My wrists had the slight shapes of hand prints on them, Probably indicating my hands being held above my head as he traveled down my body...slowly....sensually... *

I snapped out of my thought, hearing the loud running of the water. I walked over and turned it off, and then grabbing the soap from the holder, I slid into the tub, making a small hissing sound as I entered it. Scolding hot. Just the way I like em. Maybe this will relieve some of that tension and slight anger that I was feeling. And maybe it would help to soak away these marks too. And it wouldn't hurt to not smell like a smutty night club either.

I ran the soap around on my body trying to get rid of the alcohol and sex smell. The sex smell was probably just in my mind, but none the less I tried my best to get it off my body and out of my hair.

After about a half hour trying to get that smut off of me, I decided to spend the other 30 minutes relaxing. I laid there starring up at the ceiling. - I just can't fucking believe this *sigh* I think I need to have a little talk with Cid and Vin- I smirked at that thought.-Oh yes, they are GOING to pay.- Thinking about the spiked punch brought me back to Sephiroth. The pictures were so vivid in my mind that I could actually feel his breath against my neck, his warm wet mouth travel down my spine and stomach. I closed my eyes and saw Sephiroth's beautiful aqua colored eyes looking up at me while his tongue made a steady trail up and down my erection, making me squirm and moan. I liked my lips and let myself go even further. It was like I was reminiscing on a night that I wasn't even sure happened.... imagination does that sometimes. I could still see Sephiroth's beautiful eyes while his tongue ran circles around the head of my swollen arousal and then took the whole thing in his mouth. *

I gasped for air, as I woke up from my dream and breathed sharply. The water was starting to get cold so I decided to get out and put some clothes on so I get home.

Then I remembered -DOH! I left my clothes in the bedroom- Of course....would you really blame me? I just woke up to find that I got drunk and was MOLESTED by Sephiroth. I was a little panicked. I didn't even bring a towel. I looked around and finding no towels in site I grabbed the sheet that I came in with and grabbed the door knob. -Please let him be gone, please let him be gone, please let him be gone, please let him be gone, please let him be gone- I opened the door to find Sephiroth sitting on the least he had pants on.

" Cloud......" He looked at me with most innocence than I could stand. So I just located my clothes and ran back into the bathroom. I looked back as I was closing the door and saw him let out a light sigh. I sighed right along with him...

God reality is harsh...I began to slip on my clothes, and couldn't help but notice a not-so-small note...

"Maybe I should take a cold Shower too....."

~~~ End of Chapter 1 ~~~

Tragedy: Wow! I've never worked that's hard on a story b4. Lokum: Well you had our help. Jarad: Yep =D Tragedy: Of course...I couldn't have done it alone Lokum/Jarad: ^_^ =)

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