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Chapter 10: Only if you're ready

Sephiroth and I, on the day after Aeris came over to Sephiroth's place, were laying on the couch again, just like that first night I stayed. I buried my face into his shirt. I was surely an Uke, says Sephiroth. 'Not many Seme's act as cute as you'. I smiled a little - If anyone is cute here, it's him -. Sephiroth sighed lightly, making me look up at him. "Hey Cloud?" Sephiroth said with a curious look in his eyes. "Do you......think.....that we would have been together.....had we not gotten wasted that night?" I had a startled expression. I was just thinking the same thing just yesterday.

"I don't know." I was still pondering over that still, actually. With all that had happened, I HAD to keep thinking about everything. And I couldn't help thinking 'What if those two hadn't acted with their dopey sides that night? Would I have even given Sephi a second thought?' The entire waking up naked in a bed with a guy who I, didn't hate, but felt no feelings for him at all. Not even friendship. Now I was being held in this tall man's arms in a protected manner. I rested my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat.

I couldn't help laughing when my mind wandered back to Cid and Vince. It was a cruel joke, but a funny one. Their reaction to this new relationship between me and Sephiroth had sickened and weirded them out before, but know they had gotten used to it. They now knew however, to stay as FAR away from us when we want to be alone, especially at night.

It was also funny to think that just a few weeks ago, I almost broke my neck trying to get out of the bed with him, now I'm eager for him to toss me into it and do whatever with me.

I felt Sephiroth's hand roaming around my chest, trying with all his might to get under my shirt. I smiled deviously and pretended to not notice. Sephiroth made his protests clear when he began making little excited moans into my ear, nibbling on it. I moaned and adjusted my waist, which gave Sephiroth enough space to free the bottom of my green tank top from my jeans. He began to nip down my neck, sucking gently. "Sephy..." Sephiroth laughed at my pet name for him and slowly ran his hands up my chest, teasing at my nipples. I felt my face grow hot as he pulled the shirt the rest of the way over my head and off my body. Sephiroth laid me down on the leather couch we had been sitting on, pulling my feet up off of the floor and around his waist. I looked up at him as he lazily removed his own clothing, finding myself dumbfounded by the sight.

"Cloud..." Sephiroth whispered, snapping me out of my half lidded gaze.


"You're drooling." He said that last part with humor in his voice.

"Can you blame me?" I pulled him down into a deep passionate kiss. Sephiroth moaned as if he were tasting his favorite dessert. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer. His hands stroked down my chest, my stomach, until they pulled at the elastic of my boxers. Sephiroth gave a low, sultry moan. I lifted my hips upward allowing Sephiroth to pull them down my legs and around my ankles, pausing with my feet in midair. "Sephiroth?" He was still silent, holding me legs in the air. "Sephiroth stop fooling around." I whined, longing for more of Sephiroth's sweet contact. Sephiroth laughed, letting my legs down. I pouted, gaining a cute laugh from him. Sephiroth gave me a curious look again. "What?"

"How would you like to try being top for a while?" I blushed hard when Sephiroth said that. My entire body turned a bright shade of red.

"Me on top, huh?" I rose into sitting position, and gave Sephiroth a look of curiosity. He smiled sultrily and hugged me around the waist and laid backward, taking me with him. We both let out our own grunts and moans as our erections made contact with each other. Suddenly I didn't care what position I was in. All I cared about was that throbbing ache in my crotch. Sephiroth's moans and whimpers as we grinded into each other proved he was too no longer concerned with positions either. "Se...phiroth?"

"Yes, Strife?" He breathed out, somehow.

"Your arms?"

"What about them?"

"I thought you wanted to me to be seme?" I lowered my mouth and kissed his neck while I ran my hands down his soft but hard hips. He moaned in total approval, suddenly remembering his request...and then quickly forgot again.

"Mmmmmmm Cloud...that's so good. More..." Sephiroth closed his eyes and released his hold on me, allowing me to move lower down his body. I could feel Sephiroth's strong hands running his hands through my hair, pulling and pushing me, trying desperately to guide my movements. I teasingly ran my tongue over his stomach, dipping into his belly button, then moving lower. "CLO-!" Sephiroth's breath stifled as my lips and tongue traced over the base of his cock, then up to the tip before practically swallowing the entire thing. "Ahhhhhh! Don't stop...." He moved my head around in circles and continued to yell uncontrollably. "Cloud....."

I stopped sucking on him and moved my hands to the back of Sephiroth's knees, lifting him up into the air until my lips were clamped directly on Sephiroth's anus. Sephiroth let out the most adorable mewing sounds I've ever heard. I ran my tongue in circles around the soft flesh in between his cheeks, then pushing it as deeply as I could into his tight passage. Sephiroth moaned as loud as he could possibly muster. "CLOUD! Please!" Finally. I had Sephiroth squealing for more...more of what I was doing to him...I wanted to pay him back for teasing me on occasions, but neither of us were in the 'mood' for anymore foreplay. I let go of Sephiroth, letting him slump back on to the couch. Before I could say anything, he was turned around on his stomach waiting for me to enter him. "Cloud." He said with extreme desire in his voice. I blushed about what I had to say to him...

"Ummm....Sephy?.....I don't...have-"

Sephiroth cut me off, "Forget that. I just need you. Now." My eyes widened and heat fled throughout my body. I slowly and carefully lowered myself down on top of Sephiroth, positioning my cock toward his entrance.

I hit dead on.

Sephiroth scratched at the black leather couch and moaned in his throat as I entered him. I continued until I was buried deep inside of Sephiroth's throbbing hole. It felt so intoxicating, being inside him. Like a liquid heat that encased itself around me and drove into the logical and sane part of my mind. Sephiroth had begun to rock his hips from side to side, and up toward me. "Oooooooohhhhh...Cloud." He winked at me and smiled. "What are you waiting for koibito?"

I rocked into him, listening to my name coming off his lips. "Sephiroth...you feel so good..." I began thrusting softly into him at first, letting him adjust to me being inside. I could hear his sweet voice as he moaned and grunted, continuing to push himself further up in time with my thrusts. I grabbed his hips and nuzzled between his neck and shoulder, licking and kissing it gently. I turned Sephiroth on his back, staying locked inside him. He wrapped his arms around me, driving his nails into my back.

"MMMMMMMMM, MORE!" I took my mouth off his neck and looked into his eyes. They were half lidded and set above a red blush. He clamped his eyes shut and grasped my shoulders tighter, and I suddenly felt a surge between our stomachs. "UGHN!!!!" Sephiroth screamed in absolute bliss, his body buckling and shaking as he came. The muscles surrounding me suddenly clamped tighter than ever, and the sudden pressure caused me to spasm violently. I lost complete control of myself and thrust into him erratically, spilling over. "Cloud....." He wrapped his arm around my neck, pulling me down. I lowered my head down and kissed him passionately. "Hmmm...It seems you're not as much of an uke as I thought." He gave me a sultry smile, kissing me lightly.

"Heh...and you're not a very submissive uke." I kissed him again feeling him smile into the kiss. He had still been giving a few orders, even with him being the bottom this time. I finally slid out of him, gaining a small moan of complaint. I laid down on his chest, listening to his heart quickened heart beat slow. Sephiroth ran his fingers through my hair and down my shoulders and back.


"I love you too Sephy."

knock! Knock! Knock!

I fell off the couch with a loud thud. "SHIT! Ow, that hurt!" I rubbed my soar elbow.

"Who is it?" Sephiroth laughed out.

"It's Aeris!" She yelled at the door. GAH, she has bad timing!

"JUST A SECOND!" I yelled as I grabbed Sephiroth's arm and led him into the bedroom. I could hear Aeris laughing full blast along with two other voices who made sly comments like 'we all know what they're doing in there', and another voice that boomed 'AWWWW THAT'S SO CUTE!'. I blushed hard and quickly dressed. Well...I guess it's better they came now instead of 2 minutes ago. We quickly dressed and Sephiroth walked awkwardly to the front door. I couldn't help but laugh at his waddling. He looked at me with a raised eyebrow and opened the door. Aeris, Cid, Yuffie, and Vincent stood there. Yuffie had stars in her eyes.

"Hellllllllllooooooooooooo Clooooooouuuuuuud! Helllllllloooooooooooooooooo Sephiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!" Yuffie made her 'I love shounen ai and want to be caught in the middle of a boy boi love fest!'. I put my hand up to my forehead in aggravation. I gave Aeris a look that said 'Did you HAVE to tell YUFFIE?!'. She just giggled.

"I didn't mean to. She asked us where we were going. And well...here we are. Heh" She scratched the back of her head.

Vincent gave one his looks. It said 'I want to shoot her, now'. Cid looked at him and laughed under his breath. "Well do you guys want to have a seat?" Sephiroth so politely asked. Everyone had a seat (except Sephiroth) including the now hyperactive Yuffie...after some...persuasion.

"SO! Did we interrupt anything?" Aeris said brightly, with a humorous smile on her face. My face grew hot. Everyone laughed, including Sephiroth. Yuffie practically jumped across the coffee table and glomped me.

"AW! You blushed! That is SO cute!!!!!!!!" All I did was sit there while the laughing continued and Yuffie nearly strangled me with her forearms.

Sephiroth rose out of his set with a smile on his face. "Hey. This one is mine if you don't mind." She looked up him with big eyes.

"...........KAWAII!!!!!!!" She let go of me and began jumping up and down...I...sat there...blushing harder. Sephiroth, absent mindedly, took a seat. He cringed when he sat down and let out a small sound of discomfort. Everyone looked over to Sephiroth who was now also blushing, and HARD. Everyone burst into laughter again. Yuffie looked over to Sephi again. "..........O!M!G!!!! You guys did that?!" I put my face in my hands. Why the hell are they here?

"Why the hell are you guys here?" Sephiroth said with a smile. It's like he read my mind.

Cid sighed. "Well Aeris wanted to come and see you, but we convinced her not to."

"So what happened?"

Vincent finally spoke up, "Then...Yuffie overheard us talking...end of story." He slumped back on the couch and folded his arms.

"And judging by your actions now, it seems we DID interrupt something. SO!" Cid rose to his feet and grabbed the frenzied Yuffie, "We should probably leave!"

"Awwwwwww....but I wanna stay looooonger!" Yuffie kicked her legs in the air, currently being held up off the ground by Cid.

"Yes heh,,,we probably SHOULD leave you guys to yourselves...or eachother." Aeris giggled. "And we know you're not trying to throw us out." She waved goodbye and followed Cid and Vincent out the door, giving us a wink as she closed the door.

"...........Wow..........that was an interesting visit..." I burst into laughter. Sephiroth's comment just struck me for some reason. That and thinking about him sitting right onto his sore bottom. It was hilarious. Sephiroth came over and sat next to me, almost in a pounce. He growled at me and began to kiss my neck. He released the lever on the side of the recliner we were on so we laid back. I rubbed up and down his chest as he began to kiss me. One of my hands reached around his head and grabbed a handful of his long silver hair.

"I LOST MY-" Sephiroth's head snapped back and looked at Yuffie who was now staring at us with big eyes and a huge smile on her face. She screamed loudly. "AH!!! THAT'S SO SWEET! CLOUD AND SEPHI! HOW CUTE!"

Cid suddenly appeared and grabbed her and the shoe that she'd lost while kicking. "DAMNIT YUFFIE!" He carried her out the door once again. Sephiroth jumped up quickly and locked it.

"Is she always like that?" I raised my eyebrow. "Ah...I see." Sephiroth took off his shirt as he walked over to me. "Ready for another round Cloud?" He smiled at me, a sexy smile on his face.

He laid down on top of me, and began kissing my neck again. I just replied in the best amorous tone I could muster...

"Only if you're ready."

End of Chapter 7

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