Jarod watched Miss Parker sleeping on the bed, she'd passed out of exhaustion right after he'd helped her shower. He'd made sure every part of her body was clean from that damn acid. The liquid had damaged her skin badly. But Jarod had promised her it would heal. She just had to give it some time. He hated to see her like this, he felt so sorry for her. He sat down on the bed and took Miss Parker's limp hand in his. He gently squeezed it. Miss Parker whimpered.

"I'm so sorry Miss Parker, I'm so sorry.I should never have let them do this to you.I'm sorry.." Jarod said, now, tears was rolling down his cheeks. He felt like he'd betrayed her. Once, he'd promised her that he would never let anyone hurt her again. And now this happened.

"Jarod?" Sydney's voice made Jarod turn his head to look at him.

"How is she?" Sydney asked.

"She's sleeping. But I think she is..." Jarod's voice failed him, he shook his head. Now tears were streaming down his cheeks, he wiped them away.

"Jarod, how are you feeling?"

"I don't know Syd, look at her.she's.they marred her, her body.her beautiful body."

"She's going to be all right, you said that yourself."

"Yeah, but how long will it take? God, I promised her, after she got hit by that car. That I would never let anyone ever hurt her again. How could she ever trust me after this?"

"It wasn't your fault, you did everything you could to help her. She's alive. And she will be okay."

Jarod watched her in silence.

"Jarod." Miss Parker whispered weakly.

She slowly sat up in her bed. She moaned as her sore skin ached.

"Miss Parker, how are you? Does it hurt much?" Jarod asked softly.

Miss Parker nodded and tears started to fall.

"What's wrong?"

Miss Parker didn't answer, she looked down at her arms. They looked terrible. And her whole body was the same. She felt ashamed. She didn't want anyone to see her like this. She looked up at Jarod, looked into his deep brown eyes.

"How's your shoulder?" Jarod asked. His voice filled with concern.

"I don't know what's worse, the gunshot injury, or the..the." Miss Parker started to cry. Her pain almost broke Jarod's heart. He gently took her in his arms and held her close. Miss Parker wrapped her around him. Tears were steaming down her cheeks. Jarod cried as well.

Sydney watched them for a while. Maybe they did the right thing. To not take the Parker twins to the hospital. Jarod had insisted on taking them to Syd's place. The Centre would turn every hospital upside down in their search for them. The would never expect Jarod to chose Syd's own house for refuge. He decided to leave Miss Parker and Jarod alone for a while. He left the room to see how Lyle's doing. As he entered his guestroom he heard Lyle call out Miss Parker's name.

"Lyle? Are you awake?" No answer. Sydney walked up to the bed and sat down on its edge.

"Lyle?" He gently shook Lyle's shoulder. Lyle opened his eyes, first he didn't see anything, everything was blurred. After a while he saw a silver haired man staring down at him. He quickly sat up in the bed. Letting out a load moan of pain.

"Who are you??"

Sydney gave him a confused look.

"What? Don't you know who I am? Lyle, don't you remember??" He asked shocked.

Lyle just stared at him. He shook his head slowly.

"No, what happened to me?"

Sydney didn't know what to say. Didn't Lyle remember? How was that possible? He kept thinking for a while, but it didn't make sense.

What Sydney didn't know was that the drug that Raines had given him could cause temporary memory loss. In some cases it was more than temporary.

"Tell me!"

He heard Lyle say.

"Lyle are you sure you don't remember anything?"


"But what about Miss Parker?"


"You just called out her name when you were asleep."

"Did I? Please tell me what's going on."

"I don't know where to start.."

"What about who you are?"

"My name is Sydney.ehm, you used to call me Syd!" Sydney started. " I don't know if you're ready to hear this, not in your condition."

Lyle stared at the older man. " What are you? A damn shrink!?" He snarled.

Sydney smiled. At least his temperament hadn't changed.

"Yes I am.."

"Oh, eeh.it doesn't matter. I can handle whatever it is, just tell me."

"Okay..we used to work at a place called the Centre. You were like everybody else around there. Evil, callous. You used to kill whoever came in your way." He stopped as he saw Lyle stare at him in shock.

"I killed people?" He whispered.

"You have changed, you are a good person now. don't think about what you did okay."

Lyle nodded slowly, waited for the old man to continue.

" This change.I think it was because of your sister. You wanted to help her escape from the Centre. Raines.he found out. He did this to you. He also did quite terrible things to your sister. But.you're safe now.all of you."

"Who is my sister? Where is she?"

"Her name's Miss Parker. She's here with us, Jarod's taking care of her."

"Miss Parker? Why 'Miss'? isn't that a little formal to call a sister?" Lyle asked puzzled. Sydney smiled.

"That's what everybody calls her, that's what she wants to be called."

Lyle nodded. "Who's Jarod?" He asked.

"Oh, it's a long story.lets say that he's a friend, your sister and he are.ehm.very.close.. you will understand when you get your memory back."

"I hope so."

Suddenly Jarod entered the room.

"How's Miss Parker?" Sydney asked. "She's sleeping. I didn't want to leave her. But I have to see how my other patient is doing."

Lyle looked at Jarod.

"Jarod.Lyle has amnesia." Sydney whispered to Jarod.


"Yeah, he doesn't remember anything."

Jarod looked at Lyle.

"Hi, I'm Jarod..." He said. Feeling extremely ridiculous.

"I'm going to check your bandage."

When he was ready he looked at Lyle. He seemed confused.

"It looks fine.just.ehm.keep taking painkillers, your wound are going to heal in no time. And, I'm sure you'll get your memory back." Jarod said.



"Are you a doctor?" Lyle asked.

Jarod smiled. Didn't know how to answer.

"I am today.." He finally said. Knowing how stupid it must have sounded.

Lyle looked at him, more confused than ever.

"You will understand when.."

He got interrupted by Miss Parker's voice. He turned around and saw her standing in the doorway.

"You're up! How are you feeling?"

"It still hurts.I just wanted to see Lyle." She said in a weak voice.

"Maybe that's not." Before Jarod had time to explain, Miss Parker walked up to Lyle's bed. She sat down and looked at Lyle.

"Oh my god! What happened to your skin? You look terrible!" Lyle exclaimed, without knowing how much his words hurt her. Miss Parker looked down, once again tears started to fall. She nodded. " I know.." She got up on her feet and left the room, crying. Lyle stared at Sydney and Jarod.

"What did I say?" He asked shocked.

"Excuse me." Jarod left the room to comfort Miss Parker. Sydney sighed.

"That was your sister.she is very sensitive right now. She has been hurt so many times, physically and emotionally." Sydney explained.

"Oh no, I didn't know. I hurt her.I didn't mean to say that, it just slipped. What happened to her?"

"Corrosive acid"


"Jarod's taking care of her.."

"I have to apologise"

"Not now."


"No, get some rest.I'll stay with you.."


Lyle slowly laid down in the bed. He fell asleep almost as he closed his eyes.

Miss Parker sat on her bed. Her head buried in her hands. Jarod heard her sobbing. He walked up to the bed and sat down next to her. He put one arm around her shoulders. Miss Parker rested her head on his chest.

"He's right, I look terrible.." She sobbed.

"Miss Parker, Lyle didn't mean to hurt you. He has amnesia. He didn't even know who you were.I'm sorry.."

"What?" Miss Parker whispered.

"I just found out too."

"He didn't know? He doesn't know who I am?"

"No, I'm sorry Miss Parker."

"Jarod, I'm tired.."

"Yeah, it has been a long day, why don't you rest?"

Miss Parker nodded. She laid down and Jarod helped her to tuck her in. He got up on his feet and headed towards the door.


Jarod stopped as he heard his name.

"Can't you stay? I don't want to be alone. Please, can you sleep beside me?" Miss Parker begged.

Jarod walked back to her. "Of course, I just thought you didn't want me to."

"Oh Jar.C'mere.."

Jarod smiled. He took of his shirt and laid down beside Miss Parker. He wrapped the quilt around them. Miss Parker snuggled up against Jarod, resting her head on his chest. Jarod put his arm around her.

"Comfy?" He asked softly.

"Yes, have I thanked you for saving my life?"

"You don't have to. I would do anything for you.I love you."

"I love you too" Miss Parker was surprised at how easy it had been to say those words. Actually it had been the first time she'd told Jarod she loved him. But of course, they didn't have to say the words to know what they shared. But for Miss Parker it was a relief to be able to say it. She'd always been afraid that if she admitted that she loved him. She would lose him. Like she'd lost Thomas. Sydney stood in the doorway, watching Jarod and Miss Parker in silence. Jarod took his eyes of Miss Parker and looked at the older man.

"Hey." He whispered.

"She's sleeping?" Sydney looked at Miss Parker.

"No I'm not.." Miss Parker mumbled.

Jarod smiled.

"I didn't mean to disturb you, but I have to get back to the Centre. If they realises I'm gone, they're gonna be suspicious." Sydney said in a half whisper.

Jarod nodded. "Just be careful, I don't want anything to happen to you."

"I will. I promised Lyle to be there for him if he wakes up, but.."

Sydney started but got interrupted by Jarod.

"It's okay, I'll take care of him."

"Are you sure? I know that Lyle isn't exactly your favourite person."

"He has changed. And, believe it or not, I have decided to give him a second chance, especially for Miss Parker's sake." Jarod explained.

Sydney nodded, he didn't want to ask anymore questions, even if he still wondered. He saved those questions for later.

"I have to go, I'll be back in a couple of hours."


****THE CENTRE****


"Sydney, where have you been?" Broots exclaimed as Sydney entered his office.

"Shhh..don't let anyone hear you"


"It's okay. Have anyone been here, asking questions?"


"Thank god.."

"I.is.M.Miss Parker okay?"

Sydney nodded. "We shouldn't talk about this here. You know the Centre walls have ears" Sydney took up a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it over to Broots. Broots shot him a confused look.

"Do as it says.." Then he left the office, leaving a puzzled Broots staring at the paper in his hand. He slowly unfold it and started to read.

After work, come to my place as quickly as you can.
Make sure, nobody is watching you.
Lyle, Miss Parker and Jarod will be there.
Just in case, bring Debbie.
We don't want anything to happen to her. Do we?
But prepare her, the Parker twins are badly injured.
Hurry / Sydney.

Broots folded the paper and put it in his pocket. So, Miss Parker and Lyle was rescued and safe at Sydney's house. Than Raines must have found out they're gone. He wondered if Mr Parker had something to do with it. Could he really do something like that to his own children? No, he couldn't be. Not even Mr Parker himself could be that evil. That heartless. It must have been Raines' doing. Suddenly there's a knock on the door.


The door opened and Mr Parker entered.

"Hello Broots. We didn't want you to get involved. But we need your help. "

Broots looked at him, tried to figure out what he was talking about.

"You need to find Jarod, and you need to find him now!" "W.well.I..I.I don't have.he hasn't been sending any clues lately.." Broots stammered.

"This is more important than ever. If you find Jarod. You will find Miss Parker and Lyle as well."

Broots stared at him dumbly.

"Don't give me that look, you know what I am talking about"

"D.Did you know that Mr Raines."

"Raines only did as I told him to." Mr Parker interrupted.

"Wha.you caused them all this pain.they're your children.."

"This is not about family matters Broots. By the way, how did you know?"

"I.I heard Mr Raines and Willie talk.."

"It doesn't matter.just find them!" Mr Parker left the room, leaving a now shocked Broots staring at the closed door.

"He doesn't care about them at all." Broots shivered. All this evil. He shook his head. Tried to not think about it. He had to wait a little longer. Then he would pick up Debbie and go to Sydney's. He didn't know how he was going to tell Miss Parker that her own father was behind the whole thing. He sighed. Poor Miss Parker.



Sydney, Broots, Jarod and Debbie sat at the table. Trying to decide what to do. Broots hadn't talked to either Miss Parker or Lyle. Both were still asleep. But he'd watched them. Seeing Miss Parker like that had nearly broke his heart. Then it was Lyle, he seemed healthier. But he had this amnesia. God, when was something nice going to happen? Jarod had suggested that Sydney Broots and Debbie should come with him and the twins. Broots had thought is sounded like a good idea. To get away from the Centre. To start a new life.

"Yes it seems like it's the only way. Jarod, where have you planned to go?" Sydney's voice brought Broots back from his thoughts.

"There's a place called Everwood. A small town in the mountains." Jarod explained.

"Everwood?" Debbie said.

Jarod nodded. Debbie turned to her father. "Dad, are we going to move there?" She asked.

"Yes Deb, it's too dangerous to stay here. Just see what the Centre did to Miss Parker"

Debbie nodded slowly. She knew this was the only way. But she didn't know how to feel. She was excited, moving to a new town could be fun! But she was also sad, she had to leave her friends and start a new school. Everything would be so.different. Suddenly a loud scream sounded. Debbie looked at the others in horror.

"Was that Miss Parker??" She whispered.

Broots nodded. Jarod was already on his way towards the bedroom. Miss Parker was sitting in her bed. Her face was pale and she was panting hard. Jarod rushed over to her and took her in his arms. She wrapped her trembling arms around his neck.

"It's okay.it was just a bad dream.you' re safe now.." Jarod said softly.

"It was so real."

"Do you remember what it was about?"

"Not really.it was blurred.I think it was a house, a porch.it was snow ..and blood, a lot of blood. Someone had been killed." Miss Parker said in a shaky voice.

"Was it Thomas?" Jarod asked warily.

Miss Parker shook her head. "No.it was a girl.Lyle was there.Oh Jarod.it was so real."

"It was just a dream.okay.you're safe now.." Jarod just held her for a while, without saying anything. Broots had followed Debbie who was standing in the doorway.

"Miss Parker." Jarod slowly pulled away. But Miss Parker just wrapped her arms tighter around him. Not wanting to let him go. She wanted to stay like this forever. She felt so safe.

"No please.just hold me." She whispered.

"Miss Parker, you have visitors.." Jarod said.

Miss Parker let go of him and stared at Broots and Debbie.

"Why didn't you say something!?" She asked Jarod. Embarrassed of letting Broots see her like that.

"I tried." Jarod said, rather amused.

"H.Hello M.Mi.Miss Parker..." Broots stammered.

"Hi Broots, no need to be nervous. I won't bite."

"Oh.H.How are you feeling?" Broots entered the room.

"It hurts. it really does.."

"I'm sorry" Broots mumbled. Not knowing what else to say.

"Debbie, I'm sorry you had to see me like this. Are you okay? you look a little pale." Miss Parker looked at the young girl still standing in the doorway.

"It's okay, I just had a little to think about.but.I'm glad you're okay.." Debbie smiled.

"Thank you for not laughing, it's not a secret. I do look like shit!" Miss Parker said, fighting against the tears that threatened to fall. Jarod noticed. He put an arm around her shoulders to comfort her.

"Of course we don't laugh Miss Parker.." Debbie said.

Miss Parker smiled weakly. Normally she hated children. But Debbie was special. She was a great kid.

"Do you mind leaving me alone for a while?"

"Sure Miss Parker."

When the visitors had left. Jarod looked at Miss Parker.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I'm fine." Miss Parker mumbled.

Jarod knew she was lying. Pain was showing in her eyes. A low moan escaped her throat, she clutched her shoulder.

"Do you want me to get some painkillers?" Jarod asked. He couldn't stand to see her suffer.

"I'm fine!"

"No, you're not"

"Okay! But I can get them myself!" She snapped. She got up of her bed. The quick movement was to much for her weak body, her legs gave way under her. To avoid falling, she grabbed the nearest thing. Unfortunately it was a thin cupboard. Before Jarod had time to stop it. It fell down over Miss Parker. She screamed as the hard wood hit her body. The pressure on her sore skin ached. She didn't dare to move, 'cause she knew it would hurt even more. Her shoulder send waves of pain through her entire body. She whimpered.

"Hold on Miss Parker. I'm trying to move it!" Jarod said. Not that the cupboard was heavy, but he didn't want to hurt Miss Parker.

"What's going on in here??!" Jarod looked up and saw Sydney hurrying into the room. Followed by Broots and Debbie.

"Someone, get her painkillers!" Jarod said as he removed the furniture. Broots hurried away. Jarod gently lifted Miss Parker up and put her down on the bed.

"What happened?" Sydney asked again. Looking at the fallen cupboard, then to Miss Parker and back again.

"I'm sorry.I thought I could stand.I just tried to not fall." Miss Parker whispered.

"No, don't think about it.. it's okay.I'll fix that later." Sydney said.

"It's so frustrating.."

"I know. " Jarod said softly.

Broots re-entered the room, he walked up to the bed and handed Miss Parker a glass of water and a painkiller.


"I'm just going to see how Lyle's doing." Sydney said as he left the room.

The painkiller started to set in immediately. Miss Parker leaned back in her bed.

"You feeling better?" Jarod asked.

Miss Parker nodded.

"Good, from now on. You are going to let me take care of you. Even if you like it or not.!"

Miss Parker gave him a half smile.

"Miss Parker.. there's something I have to tell you.." Broots said. He knew the time was bad, but he had to tell her.

Miss Parker looked at him, puzzled. It seemed important. What could Broots possibly want to talk about?

"I don't know how to start."

"Just say it!"

"O.Okay.. I T.Talked to your father earlier this day.it wasn't Raines who did this to you."


"He only did as your father told him to."

Miss Parker stared at him as she'd seen a ghost. She couldn't believe it. Her own father. How could he?!

"Oh my god.he.no."

"Broots are you sure?" Jarod asked.

Broots nodded. "I'm sorry Miss Parker.." He said.

"He knew! I kept telling myself that he would come to rescue me.He's my father." Miss Parker almost cried.

Jarod did the best he could to comfort her.

"I just wanted you to know the truth..Debbie are you coming?"

Debbie nodded and followed her father out of the room. Broots stopped in the doorway and looked at Jarod.

"Jarod, tell Miss Parker about Everwood. Sydney is telling Lyle right now" He said. He smiled sadly as he saw Miss Parker's confused look. Then he left the room.




Miss Parker sat at the porch, watching the sun set over the mountains. It had started to snow, it was beautiful. Maybe this time, everything would work out. Maybe she could be happy, now when she had Jarod. She still had a hard time realising this was really happening. She hoped they could stay here. She didn't want to move. Not when everything was so perfect. She turned her head to watch Lyle. He was sitting at a park bench in their garden. Close to a woman with long blond hair. They'd met a couple of weeks ago. Lyle had claimed they were only friends. But she knew better. She knew he had feelings for her. And for Lyle's sake. She hoped the feeling was mutual. Lyle deserved some happiness, he really did. Miss Parker took her eyes of Lyle. She touched her shoulder. All that was left of her injury was a white scar. And her skin had finally started to heal. Lyle's wounds had turned into scars as well. And he had a lot of them. She felt sorry for him. Everytime he looked at himself in the mirror, he would be reminded of the Centre. She knew how it felt like. She experienced it herself.

"Hey Sis!"

Miss Parker was brought back from her thoughts by Lyle's voice. She saw him and the blond walking up to her.

"Hi Lyle, Hi Caitlin!" She smiled.

"Where's your boyfriend?!" Lyle teased. He took one step back. He remembered the last time he'd called Jarod her boyfriend. She'd almost strangled him. Miss Parker smiled. She knew what he was thinking of.

"Don't worry dear brother. This time.I wont deny it"

"Oh! So you're not going to strangle me?"

Miss Parker shook her head. "Not this time.."

Lyle looked at Caitlin. She looked back at him, puzzled.

"I'll explain later.." He said.

Just than Jarod came out of the house.

"Speak of the devils! "Miss Parker said.

"You were talking about me? Only good things I hope" He chuckled.

"Yeah, so it is true. You and Sis are a couple?" Lyle replied.

"She said that?!" Jarod said with a big smile.

"Yes, Something like that"

"Lyle, I have to go." Caitlin said.

Lyle just nodded. Didn't know what to say.

"Is something wrong, Why are you so quiet?"

"Ehh, nothing's wrong..I'm just trying to find a way to ask you."

"Ask me what?!"

"Ehhm, if you.If you wanna go out with me tomorrow." Lyle finally said.

Miss Parker smiled. She knew it!

"Are you asking me out?!"

Lyle nodded nervously. Caitlin gave him a big smile.

"Of course I want to! I'll meet you here.gotta go!"

"See ya Cait.."

Caitlin said goodbye to Miss Parker and Jarod. Then she headed towards her car. Miss Parker saw the way Lyle watched her as she walked. She understood that he liked her. She was beautiful. Thin, tall. Not as tall as Miss Parker. And her blond hair, streaming in the wind. Miss Parker was a little surprised. She'd always thought Lyle prefered dark haired women. But, you never know.

"Hey! If you don't stop staring like that, your eyes are going to fall out!" Miss Parker teased.

Jarod laughed as Lyle shot her one of his 'frosty glares'.

"Miss Parker, maybe I should see what Debbie and Angelo are doing. They're making a hell of a noise up there" Jarod said.



"Oh.. Angelo. Of course. I'm still not used to have him around" Miss Parker said. They had taken him with them when they'd decided to escape. And now Debbie and Angelo had become best friends and spent most of the time together.

Jarod smiled. "I'll be right back.."

Miss Parker turned to Lyle.

"I'm so glad you have your memory back. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't remembered me. you know, it felt so.strange."

"Yeah, trust me, I'm glad as well. Not that my past is the best to remember.."

"None of ours are.."

"You're right. But that's going to change."

"Dinner's ready!"

Miss Parker and Lyle turned their heads. Sydney was standing in the doorway with a saucepan in his hand.

"We're coming!" Miss Parker started to walk, Lyle followed her.

As they entered the kitchen, Debbie, Broots, Angelo and Jarod were already waiting at the table. Miss Parker smiled. Maybe this was how it felt to have a real family. Maybe, from now on.things were only going to be better.


****THE CENTRE****


"Mr Parker."

"What is it Raines?"

Raines walked up to the other man. Dragging his oxygen tank behind him.

"It is working. This child is going to be the best pretender we've ever had." Raines wheezed.

"Better than Jarod?"

"Of Course, Jarod has the best pretender genes we could ever get. And Miss Parker may not be a genius, but she's not dumb. You should know that."

Mr Parker nodded.

"By the way, what are you going to do with them? Are you just going to let them be?" Raines asked.

"Yes, we don't need them anymore. And there's no need to worry. They don't have information enough to use against The Centre."

"Are you sure? What about Broots and Sydney?"

"They were idiots. Our new technician is going to change all the passwords, and the codes to the surveillance cameras in the sub levels. Broots won't be able to tap into them. And nothing else for that matter. And what my children concerns. I'm not going to let them forget about the Centre. Not ever."

Raines looked at him, puzzled. " What do you have in mind?" He wheezed. "You'll find out in time."



Miss Parker had curled up in front of the fire place with a blanket wrapped around her cold body. It was freezing. One of the coldest winters since she'd mover to Everwood. Two years had passed, and they hadn't heard anything from the Centre. She'd started to think they would be left alone, finally. For the first time in her life she was really happy. The first time since her mother had died. Since Thomas had died. It was almost too good to be true. She smiled to herself as her thoughts wandered back to almost one year ago. It had been the happiest day of her life. Her wedding day. It had been a double- wedding. Lyle and his beloved Caitlin. And herself and, of course- Jarod. Everybody they knew had been there, Syd, Broots, Debbie, Angelo, Caitlin's family. Which involved her brother and parents. Even Jarod's family had been there. She still recalled the look on his face when he'd first seen them. Miss Parker had worked for months together with Broots to find them. And they'd managed. She hadn't told Jarod anything 'cause she wanted to surprise him. And she certainly did. She had never seen Jarod that happy. Lyle and Caitlin had moved into an own house. They were Miss Parker's closest neighbours. Broots, Debbie and Angelo on the other side of the street. Like one big happy family! Miss Parker smiled to herself. She finally had a normal life.

"Honey. You're freezing?"

Miss Parker looked up and saw Jarod standing behind her. She smiled. "Yeah.."

Jarod sat down next to her.

"Maybe I can keep you warm." He said in a dark seductive voice.

"Maybe you can.." Miss Parker let go of the blanket and crept up in front of Jarod. He put his arms around her and pulled her close. Miss Parker snuggled up against him. Leaning her head against his chest.


"Yeah." Miss Parker closed her eyes.

"Have I told you how happy I am to have you as my wife?" Jarod asked.

"Mmmmm" Miss Parker purred.

Jarod laughed.

Miss Parker opened her eyes and looked at him. "What?" She asked.

"Nothing, I just cant stop thinking about how happy you've made me. By marrying me, and finding my family. I don't know how I could ever thank you.."

"You don't have to. Just promise me that you will never leave me."

"Leave you? Miss Parker, I would never do that.I love you. I love you so much.."

"I know. I guess I still have a hard time to believe this is real.." Miss Parker mumbled.

"You'll get use to it!"

"Yeah, I hope so.Jarod, I love you." Miss Parker snuggled up closer against him.

"I could stay like this forever." She purred.

Jarod smiled. "Me too Miss Parker, me too."


****LYLE'S HOUSE****

"Lyle, why don't you come to bed? It's cold. I don't want to be alone.." Caitlin asked as she heard Lyle pass outside the door.

Lyle stopped and peeked in. "You feeling lonely?"


Lyle smiled. "Than I better join you!" Lyle walked into the room. He took of his shirt and laid down next to his wife. Caitlin moved her body close to Lyle's.

"Lyle, I love you.."

"I love you too Cait, I don't know what I would do if anything happened to you."

"You don't have to worry about that. I will always be by your side." Caitlin said softly. She snuggled up closer against Lyle's warm body.

"Caitlin, you have made me so happy. Actually, it's almost to good to be true. I still cant believe it. You know, you and me. Sis and Jarod. It's just so perfect!"

"Yeah it is.Ehhm Lyle.there's something I have to tell you. But I don't know how to start.."

"Just say it. It cant be that bad.." Lyle said.

"It depends."

"What is it Cait?"

"Lyle.I am..I'm pregnant.." Caitlin finally said.

"WHAT!!" Lyle exclaimed. "Is it true? Are you really pregnant? " He asked in a calmer voice.

"Yes." Caitlin mumbled.

"Oh my god! Cait, that's great news!!" Lyle laughed.

"So, you're not mad?"

"Of course not. I love you!"

Caitlin started to laugh "You better tell Miss Parker she's going to be an aunt!" She giggled.

"Yeah, that will be fun" Lyle said with a big smile.


Lyle woke up. He felt something wasn't right. The room was dark. He turned his head to look at the alarm clock - 03.40- he turned to watch Caitlin. She was gone.

"Caitlin?" He asked. No answer. Lyle started to get worried. He got out of his bed. Noticed he still had his clothes on. He checked the bathroom. She wasn't there. Now, He started to get scared. What if something happened to her? He ran downstairs. Walking across the hall, towards the kitchen he noticed the front door. It wasn't closed completely. He walked up to it and slowly opened it to look outside. Then he saw it. She was lying on the porch. The snow had turned red by the blood.

"CAITLIN!!" Lyle screamed. He fell down on his knees next to her frozen body.

"NO!!" He shook her, trying desperately to wake her up. The bullet had hit her in her head. she had been murdered, in cold blood. Lyle refused to believe it. She couldn't be dead. She couldn't! Tears streamed down his cheeks. He took her in his arms, stroking her blond hair out of her face.

"Caitlin.wake up.please, wake up and tell me everything is going to be okay.please." Lyle cried. He gently stroke her face.

"Oh god.no...no."

Lyle didn't know how long he had been sitting there. Holding Caitlin's body. Hours had passed. It had started to dawn. Suddenly a voice broke the painful silence. It was Miss Parker's. Lyle didn't bother to look up.

"Lyle??" Miss Parker asked.

When he still didn't answer. Miss Parker walked up to him.

"Lyle, what's.oh my god!"

What she saw made her take a step backwards in horror. She couldn't believe it. To shocked to speak, she just continued staring. To see Caitlin lying there. With a bullet between her eyes, made her think of the day she'd found Thomas on her porch. Now, the story had repeated itself. Only this time it happened to Lyle.

That's when she came to think of it. She stared at Lyle and Caitlin in shock and horror. She felt her legs become weaker, she had to grab the rail to steady herself. She'd dreamt this. It hadn't been just a nightmare, it had been a premonition of the future. Miss Parker closed her eyes. She did the best she could to control her feelings. She had to be strong, for Lyle's sake. She let go of the rail and walked up to him. She knelt by his side.

"Lyle.I'm sorry.." She said, struggled against her own tears. To see Lyle crying nearly broke her heart. He was devastated. She knew what he was going through. All to well. But at least he wasn't forced to go through it alone. Like she had.

"Lyle, I'm here for you. You're not alone." She said.

"Miss Parker.." Lyle mumbled.

"Yes Lyle, god, how long have you been sitting here? You need to get inside."

"I can't leave her here.." Lyle said in tears. Miss Parker felt so sorry for him. But he needed to get inside. Or else he would freeze to death.

"Lyle, you have to let go.C'mon.."

Lyle slowly let go of Caitlin's frozen body. Miss Parker helped him to stand. His whole body was trembling, both with cold and sorrow.

"C'mon Lyle.." Miss Parker helped him inside. Leaving Caitlin on the porch.

Miss Parker left Lyle on the couch and came back with a big blanket. She wrapped it around him to get him warm. Lyle looked at his sister. Tears were still streaming down his cheeks.

"Sis, how am I going to survive without her?" He asked.

"I don't know Lyle.it hurts. I know the feeling.." Miss Parker said sadly.

"Thinking of Thomas?" Miss Parker nodded.

"Does the pain ever go away?"

Miss Parker frowned. She didn't know what to say.

"No, " She finally said. " But it's going to be easier with time. I promise. And you're not alone. I will be there for you. To help you through this."

"Oh Sis.." Lyle cried.

Miss Parker took him in her arms and held him tight.

"The Centre did this." Lyle said sadly.

"They doesn't know where we are.."

"Than how.who did."

"I don't know Lyle.." Miss Parker mumbled. Maybe Lyle was right. Maybe the Centre did this. But why? Why would they kill Caitlin and not capture Jarod? Without letting her know they found them? It was so strange. And unfair. Why was it being so unfair!? Why would Caitlin have to die. She'd never done anything to hurt anyone. She was so nice. She had really been a good friend. Miss Parker sighed. She would miss her, so much. But she had to put her emotions aside. She had to be strong. She had to help Lyle. She shivered. She didn't dare to think about what she'd done if she'd lost Jarod. Poor Lyle. This must be killing him. He'd really lover her. Suddenly a thought struck her. If the Centre did this. It would only be a matter of time before they would come back and capture Jarod. Or even worse, kill someone else. But what if it wasn't the Centre? She really had to talk to Jarod. As soon as possible.

"Lyle.." She whispered.


"If you're right. If this was the Centre's doing. I promise you. I will make them pay. I will bring down the Centre."

"But first, I need to find out if you really are right.." She thought to herself.


Outside, the snow had stopped falling. And the sun rose over the mountains. On the porch, A small white envelope stuck up from the snow. The sentence read..

Sometimes fairytales come true. But not in your case. 'Cause, we will never let you forget. Not as long as you live. But don't worry Angels. We don't need any of you, Anymore..

With regards..from Blue Cove..

****THE END****