Gods all Bless

A moment in the Cavall study.

K. Ryan, 2003.

Summary: A moment between Owen of Jesslaw and Wyldon of Cavall, written for the Seanfhocal Circle writing challenges. Kel/Owen views.

18th of June, 460 HE: Fort Mastiff.

Lord Wyldon of Cavall leaned forward over his desk, head resting in his hands, his fingers just short of gouging his eyes. It was the sort of posture that, normally, he'd give himself a severe rap on the head over. But…not today. If he couldn't have the blissful lack of responsibility of a Page then at least, for once, he could sit like one.

Gods all bless; it had been a terrible day. It might be an honour to know Keladry of Mindelan, but dealing with the chit's pure, unblemished idealism had always been a trial. He expected it always would be, at least as long as dogs still bred and Tortallan royalty still made ill-thought decisions. Living in a century of heroes was depressing.

At least, the former training master thought, the girl was all right--even if she had corrupted his Squire. Speaking of which…


Wyldon straightened himself, and waited. At least, he prepared to wait. He didn't have time for anything else before the boy was bowing in the doorway, tears still staining his cheeks.

"My Lord?"

Something in the lad's dejected stance irked him. He was too old for melodramatics "Haven't cleaned yourself up, yet? You've been home for hours. Anyone would think that you've been stan…" the man stopped, seeing Owen's expression. "You've been standing outside my door all this time, haven't you?"

"My Lor--"

"--No, Jesslaw, don't answer that. You ought to know better."

"I'm sorry--"

"--And, for Mithros and all around him, don't apologize. I've no desire for a repeat of this afternoon."

"But…I…" Owen's face contorted, horribly.

"What lengths, Jesslaw, must I go to in order to get it through your thick skull that I am going to keep you?" Wyldon scowled. "Though, if you keep up this terminally apologetic babble, I may be forced to change my mind. You did something stupid. I've come to expect that from a lot of people. Why His Majesty allowed the girl in the first place, I'll never understand. A constant problem for so many years…"

"Don't you say things like that!" The dejected look vanished, leaving a flushed face and anger in its place.

The lord of Cavall didn't bat an eyelid. "You have something to say, Jesslaw?"

"You of all people shouldn't say those things. Kel's worked three, five, five hundred times longer than the rest of us, and killed all those monsters, and…and been so perfect, and saved so many lives…and…and…and…" Panting, Owen stopped, and blushed."


The boy looked at his feet, hair flopping into his eyes. "I was scared, my Lord."

"So was I, Owen." Wyldon's voice, if anything, was even drier than usual. "So was I. Welcome home."

Disclaimer: Owen, Kel, Wyldon and any person or thing you might recognise beings to Tamora Pierce