One-Winged Angel

Pairing: Takari

Chapter One: A Simple Philosophy

Takari-san: This fic will be a three chaptered Takari; I got the idea when sml and I were arguing for fun. You know? Kouji and Izumi are so cute and Takuya and Izumi but Kouzumi is cuter! The three of them remind me of Jenrya, Ryo and Ruki… I love those three… they're just so cute… and Kouji, Takuya and Izumi are just like them! Oh yeah, I don't own Digimon and the song featured in this chapter, now that that's settled. Enjoy yourself to this Takari


It was drizzling once more on the streets of Odaiba, the rainy season is back and most people just stay at their homes, keeping themselves warm and dry…

A teenager was walking alone in the side walk not minding the rain… The young man wore a green sweater, gray pants and a fisherman's hat… He raised his hands to feel a raindrop, a faint smile forming on his face…

'It's a nice feeling… to touch falling droplets…' he thought, he looked at the book he was carrying, a philosophy book, they needed it for class… he looked at it and smiled faintly once more, he was reading the book, he stumble upon something there that got him thinking though… he remembered what it was…

'Everyone is a one-winged angel but it needs two wings to fly…'

He shook his head in confusion, when he was a child his mother told him this as well… that everyone was an one-winged angel but it needs two wings to fly… his mother explained it to him… 'Everyone is a one-winged angel, so they need to find the partner of their wing in order to fly…' his mother's words echoed in his mind…  'A definition of love… that's what onee-chan said…' he thought… he shook his head in confusion. Why was he even thinking of these things anyway? When he was young, the first time he heard of this, he didn't mind. Why, you ask? The thought of it suddenly made him blush crimson… 'Kari…' he thought blushing, soon putting his hands in the pocket of his sweater and walked away.


In the morning when you wake up

Open your eyes to a new day

Look around at the things you've got

You've been so lucky along the way

Time to finish what you begun

Have the faith you're the one

Throw your hat high- up to the sun

Now face your greatest test

Use the lessons that you have learned

Your goal is to be the best

And claim the prize that you have earned

Ever since you were a young man

You've kept your eye on the master plan

To reach the top- and touch the sky

It's your destiny

To spread your wings and fly

You can do it if you really try

You can do it if you really try

Spread your wings and learn to fly

You can do it if you really, really try

Keep movin' forward and stay alive

Trust your hear and you'll survive

Follow your dreams, never let them die

It's your destiny

To spread your wings and fly

'How fitting…' The young man thought bitterly. He just came home, welcomed by his mother who was obviously worried. He had just finished eating dinner and planned to listen to some music to brush of the things in his mind. Turning off his mp3 player he got up and approached his school bag, he planned on beginning on his weekend's homework. He sat down on his study chair and put all the work he needed to do on the desk and began…

It took him about 2 hours to finish and he soon went to bed… finding there wasn't anything else to do anyway…

"Takeru… what's wrong? You seem different lately…" Patamon chirped in, he just finished all the juice in his house and seemed full now.

"Iie… It's nothing Patamon, just zoned out I guess… maybe I got a cold because of the rain…" Takeru replied smiling at Patamon.

"You have a cold? Do you need some medicine? There's some downstairs…" Patamon said flying towards a green bean bag in the room, which was supposedly his bed.

"Iie Patamon… though I think a glass of juice is refreshing, though I believe you drank them all, didn't you Patamon?" TK laughed, tickling Patamon.

"Ha ha ha ha… stop that Takeru…" Patamon laughed.

"Hai, hai… I'm going to sleep now, okay? We're going to meet with the gang tomorrow… and don't go sneaking into the kitchen for candies… I locked them all up." TK said already in his pajamas, laughing faintly.

"You're mean Takeru…" Patamon pouted.

"I'm sorry Patamon; mom was getting angry already since a lot of our food has been vanishing especially at night… you really need to cut down on midnight snacks Patamon…" TK said turning off the lights going to his bed.

"Humph…" Patamon pouted, soon laying down on his "bed" and falling asleep.

"Oyasuminasai…" TK said falling asleep himself.


Light slowly filled a young man's room, he woke up with a start, finding his partner Digimon sleeping chocolate stains on his mouth…

'How did he find the chocolate, or does he keep a hidden stash?' TK thought looking at his partner before going to the bathroom for a bath.

He came out a while later, fully dressed to be greeted by a cheerful Patamon.

"Takeru!" Patamon greeted in his usual squeaky cheerful voice.

"Hi Patamon, you know I woke up this morning and it seems like you something again… let's say chocolate?" TK said teasingly.

"Oh that… I found some downstairs so…" Patamon said to be disrupted by…

"Patamon…" TK said shaking my head.

"Gomen Takeru…" Patamon smiled apologetically.

"It's alright… why don't we go to that picnic now?" TK smiled.

"Yey!" Patamon smiled as they exited the room.


Takeru walked slowly, entering the picnic area finding the digidestined sitting all sitting down laughing and having fun. He found Kari giggling with Yolei, 'must be having girl talk' Takeru thought.

He sat beside his big brother, Yamato and engaged in a conversation with him. The conversation ended quickly since before long Mimi made her fashionably late entry and his brother was gone with the wind and became Mimi's willing slave.

He sat there for a while, amusing himself by watching his brother act like some sort of idiot, a love sick idiot to be exact just like him. After a while, he found it quite boring, stood up, walked towards a tree, and hid at its shadow.

While there he found his eyes trapped in watching Hikari Yagami who was cheerfully laughing with Miyako, Mimi and Sora as the guys watched them with confused looks on their faces. His heart beat was going haywire. Kari soon stood up and went somewhere not know to Takeru and soon Takeru relaxed himself on the tree, his heart beat going back to normal.

'You look as beautiful as ever… my beautiful angel, Kari…' he thought before slowly drowsing off to dream land, not noticing a shadow of a female approach him.

*to be continued*

Takari-san: I know this is a bit rushed but I only have umm… five days before I update and I only have three fics… which is 'Through the Oddest Circumstance 4' {5th installment}, 'Understood' {my very first Shaman king fic, which is a Horo/ Tamao one-shot} and this… I'm in a verge of panic so gomen… I hope you enjoyed this and wait for the second chapter! R/R!

Next Chapter: Half of Each Other

Takeru soon wakes up and finds an angelic face watching him. They talk about their lives and Takeru is still confused of his feelings when he soon comes to the Realization that his "soul mate" or "half of his wing" is the angel in front of him. He realizes this but the question is, can he say it?

Takari-san: I hope you enjoyed… R/R! ^-^