Second Generation Spirit Detective

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Chapter 1: The Algebra Test

The alarm went off. A loud beeping sound disrupted Kyoko's dream. She groaned.

"Kyoko! Wake up!" shouted her mother, Keiko Urameshi. "You too, Yusuke! Get out of bed, you two!"

In unison, Yusuke and Kyoko mumbled, "Five more minutes."



Kyoko staggered into the bathroom and shut the door. She heard her mother telling her father that he was a bad influence on her as she put toothpaste on her toothbrush. "C'mon Yusuke, get going, you're going to be late for work! Y'know, you are such a bad influence on our daughter. Would you just GROW UP?"

"Keiko, stop shouting, it's early," Yusuke whined, "Besides, I'm not a bad influence."

Back in the bathroom Kyoko shook her head. That's Dad, she thought, screwing the cap back onto the toothpaste bottle. She stared at her reflection in the mirror. She looked identical to her father except she was a girl and was only thirteen. She looked nice, or at least every boy in school thought so. She pointed her finger at the mirror in the shape of a gun. Energy rushed to her fingertip. She sighed.

"Kyoko, let's go, it's time for school!" Keiko yelled from the kitchen. Kyoko rushed into the kitchen. She grabbed her bag and kissed her parents goodbye. Keiko looked at her daughter and sighed.

"Hey!" Yusuke shouted after her, "Don't let that Takenaka push you around, okay?"

"Not a bad influence?" Keiko yelled, "She's wearing that green outfit you gave her!"

"She looks good in green," Yusuke argued.

"She has to wear her uniform, Yusuke!" Keiko exclaimed.

"She looks better in green."

Keiko rolled her eyes. "You have an appointment with Botan this morning, remember?" Keiko reminded him.

"Yikes! Gotta run, bye Keiko!" Yusuke kissed her on the cheek and walked out the door. Keiko shook her head.

On her way to school, Kyoko met up with Yukina and Kuwabara's daughter, Kitako. Kitako looked like Yukina mostly, but had Kuwabara's nose, which Yusuke said wasn't the worst thing in the world; she could've had his hair.

"Hi Kyoko!" Kitako said.

"Hi Kitako! So, ready for the huge Algebra test?" Kyoko asked. She may have inherited her father's looks and fighting skill, not to mention his green jumpsuit, but she was proud to say she took after Keiko in the academic department.

"No! I hate Algebra. I'm going to fail. Oh, good morning Yo, Ryo, and Ai!" Leika said cheerfully to two rather short twins, a boy and a girl, walking up to them accompanied by a taller girl with beautiful, long red hair and green eyes.

The boy, Yo, replied, "Hn." His sister bopped him on the head. "Ouch Ai, that hurt! What'd you do that for?"

"Just because Father goes around saying "hn" all the time like an idiot doesn't mean you have to," Ai said.

"I'm telling Father!" Yo yelled.

"Fine, see if I care!" Ai shouted.

"You will once you're grounded!"

"You wouldn't dare!"

"Yes I would!"

"Oh yeah?"


"Is that so, well, you can just go to-"

"Would you guys knock it off?" said a voice from somewhere behind them. The twins jumped.

"- Makai," Ai finished sheepishly, "geez, Ryo, don't scare us like that!" "I'm trying to study, like you should be," Ryo said, burying her nose back into the book. They walked the rest of the way asking each other math questions. Kyoko got every single one right and so did Ryo.

When they got in the school they passed Mr. Takenaka who saw Kyoko and sighed. Five minutes into first period, Mr. Takenaka, the principal now, came over the loud speaker.

"Urameshi! Please report to Mr. Takenaka's office immediately!" Proudly, Kyoko exited the room and strode slowly down to the principal's office, a place she had come to know well; starting with her first day when Yusuke told her his name was Mr. Talksalota.

"Hello, Mr. Takenaka! Can I help you?" she asked. She brushed a few stray hairs out of her face and grinned like Yusuke if he wore lipstick.

"Urameshi, please! I just got rid of Yusuke and then you come along! Could you please just wear your uniform more then twice a week? Please, Urameshi! That outfit has haunted me enough!" he begged, pointing at the green jumpsuit.

"But Mr. Takenaka, I wear it every day, sir. I'm wearing it right now!" she said innocently. She slipped off her green shirt to reveal the school uniform. Mr. Takenaka covered his face with his hands. He gave her a do-I- really-look-that-stupid look and shook his head.

"Could you wear it on the outside?" he requested weakly. Kyoko was Yusuke, only she was smarter and did homework. Thank god Keiko was her mother or Mr. Takenaka would have died.

"You know what, Mr. T? I'm feeling nice today, so I'll wear it like you said for today. Just don't tell my dad, okay? That would be embarrassing," she said. After making him swear he wouldn't tell her father that she wore her uniform she pulled off the rest of the outfit and looked like any other girl at school. She smiled sweetly at him and left.

She stowed her outfit in her locker and made it back to class just before the Algebra test.

Everyone came out of the classroom grumbling about the test and their scores.

"Did you see that thing? Fifty two questions in twenty minutes!"

"How do you get a seven?"

"Some of that stuff was from Chapter 8! This was a Chapter 3 test!"

"How do you tell the difference between an "x" and a multiplication sign?"

"I dunno they look the same to me!" "Oh, cheer up, Kitako, I'm sure you can't have done that bad!" Kyoko said to Kitako who was looking at the ground.

"But I did!" she insisted.

"What did you get?" Ryo asked.

"Seventy seven," she said glumly.

"That's not that bad. Anyway, don't worry," Kyoko said reassuringly, "my dad told me that your dad once got a seven on a science test. You scored seventy more points than him, you should rub it in!"

"What did you get?" Kitako asked the others.

"I haven't looked yet," Kyoko admitted. She grabbed her paper out of her bag and looked at it. She sighed. "Whoa, just made an A, barely. Ryo, your turn."

"I got a 93. I must admit, I am rather disappointed," she said. They all turned to the twins.

"We got 85s," they said at the same time.

"Good job guys," Kyoko said. The twins glared at each other's test papers.

"HEY! That's my answer, Yokai!" Ai yelled, using Yo's real name.

"I wrote it down first! You're the cheater!" Yo retorted.

"Am not!"

"Are to!"

"That's mine too!"

"And I'm tellin' ya, it's mine!"

"Would you two shut it?"

Finally the bell signaling that they could leave wrung. They started walking to Kyoko's house to do their homework. On the way they ran into a group of boys, obviously a gang. The leader approached Kyoko.

"Hey, girl, give us all your money and we'll let ya pass by," he sneered. Kyoko smiled.

"Or if you're short on cash, we could always take somethin' else," another one of them piped in, smiling. Kyoko looked at them innocently. "I'm afraid that won't be necessary, boys!" she said with an evil grin, "So, how does it feel to meet Kyoko Urameshi in person?" The boys' eyes widened with fear.

"Urameshi?" They gasped, slowly backing away.

"-and Kitako Kuwabara?"


"-and Ryo Minamino?"


"-and Ai and Yo (cough, Kai) Jaganshi?"

"Oh crap! C'mon guys, let's get out of here and leave these beautiful ladies alone, shall we?" the leader suggested timidly.

"What do you mean 'ladies'?" Yokai shouted. He grabbed one of them by the collar and punched him in the face. The rest followed suit. "So- how-beautiful- am- I- now?" Ai asked in between punches, "Call my brother a lady? You'll pay for that big time!" Kyoko was busy with the leader. Well, at least he was busy with her.

After every member of the gang was either out of sight or unconscious, the girls and Haru walked to Kyoko's house to do their homework. Keiko greeted them with snacks and a squeal of delight when she saw Kyoko in her uniform on a Tuesday. They shared their test results with Keiko.

"So," Keiko said through a mouthful of chocolate chips, "we're getting together tonight, all of us."

"Is Grams coming over too?" Kyoko asked, referring to Atsuko.

"I don't know. You know her, she'll show up if she feels like it," Keiko answered.

".and hit Dad over the head. Honestly, that's got to be my favorite part of her visits," Kyoko said laughingly, as though gazing into her memory and watching Atsuko whack Yusuke over the head. Keiko suppressed a giggle. The doorknob turned and Yusuke walked through the door.

"Hi Keiko!" he said. Kyoko jumped up to greet her father.

"No "hi Kyoko", huh?" she asked in mock annoyance.

"Hi Kyoko," Yusuke said, grinning. "So, how was your meeting?" Keiko asked him.

"Oh, it wasn't much of a meeting. But guess what? Koenma and Botan are getting married!" Yusuke exclaimed.

"Really?" Kyoko asked, "Wow! But how did- hey wait a minute, was he in his baby form or his good-looking one?"

"Oh, his normal one," Yusuke turned to Kyoko and whispered, "but let's hope that's not the form he's in when they-"


"OUCH! Keiko that hurt!"

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