Second Generation Spirit Detective

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Chapter 20: Sticks

Yo blinked stupidly at the narrow bit of wood Hatakana was holding.

"What do you need a stick for?" he yelled up at his sister's opponent.

Ai lost her seriousness and clapped a hand to her forehead, groaning. Even the grief-stricken Kyoko doubled over giggling. Ryo covered her mouth with her hand to suppress her laughter, but failed miserably and ended up rolling around on the ground with Kyoko.

Hatakana even turned out to be human when started chuckling, and not evilly.


Yusuke grinned to see the kids smiling again. He looked down at Hiei who had his arms crossed, exposing the long, bloody gash on his wrist. Yusuke winced at the sight of the half-dried blood of his friend.

The dramatic moment was cut short when Yusuke saw that Hiei's annoyed expression mirrored his son's. Yusuke started laughing and couldn't stop for a very long time.


Sulera wrinkled her nose at all of the tittering going on around her. She had half a mind to go slap Kurama around again to get them to shut up. Of course, that wouldn't be all business. She'd get a certain amount of pleasure out of humiliating the man who- well, she didn't want to think about that now. She would get her revenge on him soon, but for now she would watch Hiei's son make a fool out of himself.


Kurama pushed a few stray strands of his long, red hair out of his eyes. He made the mistake of looking up. She was watching him, her cold, unfeeling eyes penetrating everything in their paths. A smile left over from the "stick" episode died on his lips. Sulera glared at him more intently. Kurama suddenly had the urge to act like he was about five and stick his tongue out at the woman. Now he just wanted to cry. He was normally the calm, intelligent one with a clear head. But around her that was how he felt: like an angry, upset five-year-old.

He tore his eyes away from Sulera's and looked, instead, at his daughter. She looked so much like her mother.


Hatakana grinned pleasantly at Yo.

"It's not a stick," he explained, indicating what still looked like a stick to Yo. "It's- well, I guess it is a stick." Hatakana laughed and shrugged. Everyone looked confused now, except for Yo, for a change.

He snorted. "Whaddaya gonna do, poke her to death with it?"


Hiei groaned.

"Why did my son inherit the fool's stupidity?" he yelled at no one in particular, indicating Kuwabara.

Yusuke glanced from Kuwabara to Hiei.

"Yeah, and more importantly, how?"

There was an uncomfortable silence in which all of the men exchanged looks and Kurama chuckled. The women slowly grew red until they reached their boiling points.


"It was a joke, Keiko! OW!"


"Yow! What did I do?"


"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."


"Hey wait a minute! You can't hit your employer! Okay, okay, calm down, maybe you can."


"OUCH! You guys aren't even my wives! OW! No fair, four against one!"


Sulera looked upon her prisoners with great disgust. They were hitting each other, or rather, the women were hitting the men, and they were laughing. Kurama had given her a look of pure hatred when she had hit him, and here were four women whacking him over the head and he looked happy. She would never understand humans.


Hatakana merely blinked at Yo like he was stupid and continued his explanation.

"It is a stick," he said patiently,"but one I can use to store my Spirit Energy in and control how it comes out."

Yo still looked confused. Ai let out a growl of impatience.

"Just think of a magic wand, Noodle-Brain!" she shouted at her twin through gritted teeth.

Yo smiled. "Ah-hah!"

Jaiel glared at them.

"Can we get on with the fight please?" she snapped impatiently. She didn't have time for idle chit-chat. The sooner this wimp was defeated, the sooner it would be her turn to fight.

Hatakana smiled at Jaiel brightly.

"Of course," he said cheerfully. He turned back to Ai and gave her the same smile.

She smiled back at him, only now she was questioning his sanity.

"Right," she agreed. 'This guy's a total nut-case.' She stood with her legs spread apart and her sword at the ready.

Hatakana raised his stick, still smiling, and concentrated on transferring his energy through it. Ai saw it go in through the stick as yellow energy and then emerge as a golden dragon that towered above the stadium. She took a step backwards, gasping. How was she supposed to defeat a humongous dragon made of Spirit Energy?

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