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Bullet in the Dark

Chapter 18: Her Fairy Tale Ending

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When are you considered heartbroken and lost to the world?

Is it when you die?

Or maybe it is when you hear--see the very truth in front of you.

"Very good! It seems you have Miss Arnoul eating out of the palm of your hand. Excellent."

How could he?

She thought that he loved her, even for a second that maybe there was some good in him, that maybe he might…

Choose her, over all these things… Over his life?

Fighting hard not to groan, she wondered why she hadn't seen it sooner.

Of course he wouldn't.

Of course he would choose his own life over hers.

Why had she even thought about it?

How could she have ever believed that in this cruel world, there would be a love so true and innocent that nothing could ever touch it?

How could she be such a fool?

If she was along, if she was back in her room, she would have collapsed and cried.

Cried until her tears, dropping from the wells of sadness in her eyes, would finally dry.

But she was being optimistic.

She would never forget him, never forget anything about him.

She should just die…

No one would miss her.

No one would ever think of her.

And she would never have to think again.


He wondered what she was thinking of, why her eyes were so glazed over with pain.

He wanted to go over and hold her, tell her that nothing would ever happen to her.

But the words that Shiva had said threw away all hope of that.

He would never be happy.

He wasn't meant to enjoy himself.



Shiva grinned as he saw the girl slowly lose herself hopelessly in depression.

It was like hitting two birds with one stone; his assassin would be dead and the girl would so sad and heartbroken that she would never object to dying and giving all her father's money to him and his brothers.

"Well, Mr. Shimamura, it seems the time has come for you to die," he said with a lilt in his voice.

He raised his gun.

It would all be over soon.


When is the best time to burst into a room dramatically?

This was one, he expected.

With his gun raised in his hand, no doubt he looked godly, powerful… No wonder they all trembled in fear.

Shiva had almost dropped his gun… His brothers looked stunned.

The assassin, the one who had stolen his fiancée, his little heiress… Now on the floor, seemingly suffering…

Badly injured dogs were put of out their miseries… right?

He smirked slightly as he turned to see the girl.

The fear in her eyes was delicious, like honeyed wine… Her pale skin almost seemed glowing like the moon… She was beautiful, that was true, and her money only made her more appealing to his eyes.

She shivered, not from the cold, but from him…

She was afraid of him… How very thoughtful of her. He would use that to his advantage.

What was this…? She seemed to be protecting the assassin.

If he was not serious, he would have made a mocking voice and said something… But this time he was out to kill.

If he couldn't have her, no one will.

And if she didn't want him… Well… That was just too bad then.


Shiva hissed his outrage like a fiery cat ready to attack--and be stopped by a hunter's gun.

Why had he come? Why was he even there? It was not… according to plan.

No matter…

He was becoming a bigger threat anyway. One more bullet to the head never hurt anyone…

Not that he would know.

He heard his brothers ready their guns, too… They didn't want to die… Not when they were so close.

He raised his gun, preparing, about to…


He was just the assassin… All he was supposed to do was to kill…

Why… How did all this happen?

Why did he feel these weak, these powerful feelings for someone…

For someone he could not have?

It was ironic… Ironic enough to make him scream, to cry, to throw himself to his death, but….

But then, she would be alone…

And he didn't want that.

These monsters would kill her, would kill her beautiful, pure spirit…

Not until… Then he would leave… Disappear into the shadows…

Never return.


Françoise wondered what would happen if she died right then.

No one would ever get hurt again, right? She wouldn't get hurt, and he wouldn't either…

She should just die, then, and disappear into a different world, where she didn't have to remember, didn't have to try to think anymore about any of the pain, any of the hurt that she was feeling. It was like her heart had exploded… Now she was bleeding…

No more of Scarl, who wanted her for her money and money only.

No more of the men who wanted to kill her beloved…

No more…

No more him, either…

Did she want that?

If she was gone, would he disappear, too?

Maybe she would find him again, and they could be together once more.

Without them…





The girl fainted, the weakling as she was, like a doll.

She was much to beautiful to be real, anyway.

It was better to have her die.

No more complications.

He, Shiva, could kill them all.

Including his brothers.

So much for family. So much for loyalty.

He just wanted the money.

And no matter what… He was going to get it.


Scarl smirked as he saw the look in Shiva's eyes.

There was greed, lust for power… And the subtle edge of betrayal.

Waiting for him to make his move, watching him as if in a theatre, he stopped.

Shiva turned back, stared his brothers in the eye…

And shot.

Vishnu fell… His eyes wide and filled with shock, pain, anger…

But now he was dead.

Shiva glanced at his one remaining brother, Brahma, whose eyes were clouded with anger towards his brother.

How could this have happened?

They worked together, and always together.

His brother betrayed them…

Without warning he, this time, shot his brother.

Too late… Too late…

He was going to die… Blood was seeping out of his chest…

At least his brother would join him soon.


A chuckle was Scarl's response to the deaths.

Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu… all dead.

Who knew it would be this easy?

Now… To get rid of the assassin, and take what rightfully belonged to him…


He was an assassin…

One who protected. No matter what… No matter what, he would protect his love.

With his life.

Shiva's gun was inches away from him.

He reached forward, his fingers making a desperate stretch…

And got it.

His eyes, filled with the love for the woman that had won him over, was fused with his assassin heart.

He aimed…

And fired.


He heard the shot…

He never expected it.

Who knew… Who knew…

The shot was fatal…

He was going to die.

Maybe he wasn't immortal after all…



The lights darkened on him.

He felt nothing more.

Saw nothing but…

But the dark.


He suppressed the pain in his arm and carefully, lovingly, grasped her waist, carrying her to his car.

He committed the last kill he would never make.

Was it worth it?

Of course…

He loved her.

And there was no denying it.

If only they were meant to be.

If only…


Françoise woke to the sound of birds.

Was it a dream…?

Was it just a horrid nightmare that never happened, a mere web of her hidden thoughts?

Her eyes opened slowly to see her room…

She saw raised a hand to cover her eyes, trying to calm herself, trying to believe it was just a dream.


There was a sign.

A slender, silver ring on her finger.

It was not hers…

Tears filled her eyes.

It was not a dream.

She wanted to forget.


The days passed quickly enough.

She felt nothing anymore.

Nothing at all but searing pain, stabbing her heart over and over again like cruel knives…

They told her that she had been found in her room, unconscious, that she had cried in her sleep for days.

She didn't care…

She wouldn't eat, wouldn't do anything but cry silently.

What was the point of living…?

Yes, what was the point of living?

She slowly got out of her silken bed and towards the balcony.

She stared down… It was so far…

Maybe she could throw herself down…

Maybe she could just forget about everything…?

A small, bitter smile grew on her pain-filled face.

No more of this.

She jumped.


'NO!' He screamed in his head.

Days without her.

Days and days and hours upon hours and he couldn't forget her.

Who was he kidding?

She was…

The love of his life…

She had jumped…

He ran, and with his lightening speed caught her arm.

And raised her up again, stared into her tear filled eyes.

They flowed freely down her cheek as she stared at him.

"I thought… I thought you left me." Her voice was soft, without her spirit.

"Never… Never again."

He stared into those enchanting eyes, and drew a deep breath, preparing to say the words that were always in his heart, never in his mind.

"Françoise… I love you. I love you more than anything in the world. I could never forget you…"

His voice was quiet, filled with passion…

He was taking back his humanity.

She smiled, tears rolling down her cheek, and wrapped her arms around him.

"I waited a million years to here you say that."

It was all he needed.

He smiled at her, the first smile…

Leaning closer, he kissed her. With all the fervor in the world, he kissed her. Crushing her to him, he expressed his love…

He didn't care about anyone else now… He had his life back.

And it was all thanks to her.


Maybe there isn't a thing as happily ever after… Maybe there isn't a thing as a fairy tale ending…

But this…

This sweet, intense joy…

This is good enough for her.

~~~The End~~~


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