Hey everyone! I think I need a little break from some of my bigger stories and angst one shots to do something a little new: fairy tales!

I was thinking a little to myself, after reading this amazing fiction, Queen of Glass by S.J.Maas on FictionPress.net (it's still needs to be continued but you should read it!), about fairy tales and how they are not very innocent if you care to do some research about that particular topic.

Adrian: Oh yeah, like the REAL story of Little Red Riding Hood. It goes like-

No way are you telling them. Who knows the ages of the people who read this! Anyways, before my muse interrupted me, I was thinking of writing a different version of a fairy tale. Well, this one is the story of the Little Mermaid, the REAL story that Hans Christian Anderson wrote, not the sweet, innocent version Disney cooked up.

Mind, it will be yaoi, and one of my first yaoi stories at that, but I'll do my best. I know this seems really odd. but I will do my best to please all of you. Thank you (bows).


Title: Silver for Glass

Genre: Romance/Angst/General

Rating: PG (for the moment)

Summary: The Little Mermaid was a female right? WRONG! Join the Yu-Gi-Oh! Cast in the NEW version of Anderson's story. Warning: Shounen-ai Y/Y


Silver for Glass

The story of The Little Mermaid is a cherished story. A story of love lost and yearned for, and selflessly given. In different versions it ends in sad loss, or sweet joy.

However, know that this is not the lightest of fairy tales, like many of them. This is not a story meant for the lovers of the media of today. The Little Mermaid was never a girl, but instead a boy, a boy with the most beautiful voice under the sea, that loved another who lived above the water. He yearned for the love returned and a chance to receive it was given, but at a terrible price. Yet perhaps was this attempt doomed? And perhaps it was, for how could love be portrayed without words or song to carry it?

Over time the story had been twisted, as details fade and die away from the word of mouth. It has changed almost completely, but has a single, shining feature that shines within it, a diamond in the rough: the sacrifices one makes for love. Some argue about the morality of a male loving a male, so they have changed it, for the sea boy to become a maiden instead. But- some things that are meant to be secret return at the strangest times.

Without further adieu, I present Silver for Glass.


Prologue: Under the Sea


I loved the ocean dearly. It was I, and I was it. Seawater seemed to flow through my veins rather than blood; currents moved me about rather than any motion of lean, lithe form or trailing tail.

It knew my emotions. It chuckled when I laughed, it raged when I was melancholy. When I was young, it sang me to sleep, telling me of the mysteries of the depths. As I grew older, the water was my companion, not my nurse, showing me the things it had sung about to me.

I was happy, the youngest son of the king under the waves. My brothers and I played, unafraid of the things the curious humans above the waters feared. The terrible kraken, which dragged the ships of the two-leggers forever into the depths of our underwater kingdom, was our playmate. We never feared the sharks, for they never harmed our people or us. And the Leviathan of the Deep? He was my godfather.

The palace I lived in was lovely to look upon. Tall spires of crystal needles and elegant, sweeping galleries made of glass and amber and coral was settled upon the ocean floor. Words could not describe it, even now. Oysters of black shells with soft interiors of delicate pink and linings of silver decorated the walls, opening to reveal their treasured hearts of pearls of white, rose, black, and gray, each lighting the palace with their different hues of light. Fish swam freely through the palace, jewel bright in color with trailing, soft fins. They were like the birds of above we heard so much about, coming to beg for a treat or to simple settle upon an offered shoulder or hand. Music was everywhere, the soft crooning of the currents, the chiming of the crystal ornaments swaying in the water, and the singing of the merpeople, as well as the inhabitants of the great sea.

My brothers and I sang as part of that music, and we were said to have voices that none could rival, even down here in the ocean. Our audiences murmured that we were the very epitome of the lovely sirens who still dwelt in the far north, crooning their hypnotic songs to humans and lulling them to their doom within the ocean. But I had the most beautiful voice of them all, or so I was told. When I was with my brothers in a storm, when the ships of humans broke, casting the wretched sailors down, we sang to them to not be afraid, to accept the gentle embrace of the water. The waves would calm slowly at the sound of our voices, being soothed. Alas, they are not like ourselves, and do not understand our language as we crooned our melodies to them. Eventually they drowned, their bodies turning to white skeletons forever dwelling on the ocean floor.

Ever curious, my brothers and I wanted to know of the surface; of the world the humans lived in and came from. I had three brothers, and of them I was the youngest. We were all different, in appearance and nature alike, but we made our father proud.

Ryouji was the eldest of us all. He was the quietest, yet the most intense of all of us. I remember his eyes the most of everything about him. His eyes were the green of emeralds, calm, knowledgeable optics of the same hue as the ocean water at night, when the many undersea lanterns were lit. They seemed to look right through whomever he was talking to, seeming to penetrate his or her mind. Father always said he would make a wonderful king.

I agreed completely. Ryouji was meant to be a leader; nothing else was suited for him. However, despite his quiet personality, he could have a fiercely competitive nature, especially in the case of strategy games. When he was younger, he grew angry when he did not turn out as the best because of his stubborn pride and ruthless ambition. However in time and age, he learned to temper his anger, gradually as an ocean storm would calm down as time passed. He became graver in his thoughts and actions, for my father constantly reminded him of his responsibilities as a monarch. However, my eldest brother did not resist in having a bit of fun once in a while with my brother Malik.

Ryouji had half of the mermaids at our court swooning over him and Malik. It was hard to resist his well-built body and his fins of the deepest green, the exact shade of his eyes, as well as his long hair of the darkest black, darker than the ink clouds of squids. His skin was pale, like mine, going very well with his handsomely chiseled face. He was built to be quite a showy merman, and lived for the role. There were almost always admirers nearby wherever he went, a feature he admitted in secret to me that was most uncomfortable at times despite his shows of preening. Despite his many faults, he was an excellent role model for me, and like my other brothers, took care of me.

There was then the second oldest, Malik, the most impatient of us all. Yet to me, he was always gentle, a sparkle of brotherly affection in his eyes when he looked upon me. He never hesitated to drop his work to help me with my studies or to explain about the mysteries of the sea and our people.

Many of the more savage creatures of the ocean enjoyed his company. He could be seen with the manta rays, the powerful but playful creatures that glided gracefully through the water upon their enormous fins, swimming with them and learning their secrets. It is rather unusual that Malik would ever be able to be with them, for they could be very shy, despite their fearsome appearance, and any sign of temper or frustration was enough to cause them to swim off in fright. But yet, they trusted him with a most admirable degree of faith, something that was akin to god worship.

He was always easy to pick out, at least in my eyes. His appearance was exotic, like our cousins in the warm waters of the east. Hair of fine white gold fell into his cool, level eyes of the softest lavender; however, the strands of hair stubbornly refused to be tamed and smoothed down at the most ill-opportune moments. His skin was a warm brown, colored with the palest hue of the odd material the ships of the humans were made of. He was built powerfully, but I knew that his strong, fine-boned hands would never rise to strike a child. His tail and fins were of a delicate violet, a shade darker than his eyes, and glowed strikingly when the sunlight hit them from just the right angle. He did not mind preening a little with Ryouji, being one of the most handsome mermen in the court along with him, yet it never went to his head, as he was a shy, somewhat solitary merman at heart.

Then there was my brother Honda, the third oldest. He was not as hot tempered as Malik, but he had the same gentleness. However, he never showed his affection completely in ways we would call normal. His affection was more in the way of play fighting and mock-anger toward us, his siblings. I tolerated it, thinking it great fun at times. Malik thought it was ridiculous, and Ryouji humored him, though usually with dour expressions.

He was the rebel of our family, but never quite crossed the line dividing conformity to full out disobedience. Father thought it was quite amusing really. Unlike my other two brothers, he did not attract quite as many mermaids to him with his looks. Yet some were indeed interested in his rebel personality, and somewhat tough exterior. Despite the somewhat callous facade, Honda was quite sensitive, prone to going into moods of depression when turned down by a particularly pretty mermaid.

He had the most curious appearance of us all. His hair, no matter how much attention he paid to it, always insisted on being untamable, a sort of crest of brown hair that protruded from his scalp. Malik enjoyed calling him a narwhale to irk him, for the way the crest was shaped, and infuriating the brunette successfully. Putting aside the odd hair, which was his most distinguishing feature, Honda was not a total loss. His eyes were a most elegant gray, sometimes flickering silver when he was upset or angry, set within his well-sculpted face, which was not handsome like Ryouji's or beautiful like Malik's. It was well formed, which was the only thing I could really say, yet that was a feature that belonged to him, making him unique. His fins were of a rich blue, almost sapphire, a nice color that suited him.

And there was myself, Yuugi. I was the most unusual one, and the shyest of my brothers, even more than Malik. Others told me I was thoughtful, a dreamer, and I suppose that was true. I found no interest in most of the things my brothers liked. Instead of flirting, I preferred to sing or to play with the occasional pods of dolphins that passed. If I had the chance I always enjoyed solving puzzles, the more difficult, the better. I suppose I was rather solitary, despite my usually optimistic personality.

Of all my brothers, I was the one most curious of the surface, and this curiosity granted me several disapproving looks from the elders and several of my peers. Despite being young and being "unusual," I still had a number of admirers, who often chased after me because of my voice and my appearance. Unlike my other siblings, I was built to be somewhat frail, very delicate, so I wasn't quite as capable of staying out as long as them and at risk from the chases my admirers provided. My brothers were always very careful around me, fending off some of the more persistent admirers.

I was very slight, yet I could be remarkably fast in the water, eluding my brothers easily. It wasn't as thought I didn't appreciate their help, but I had my own ways of disappearing from ill-favored company. My hair was most unusual, black yet with a red sheen to it, the bangs yellow gold. It always insisted on sticking up straight in odd spikes, as infuriating as Honda's crest, to my chagrin. My eyes were violet, but much darker than Malik's. Malik once commented with a soft smile that although my eyes were darker, they were far more innocent than anyone else's. My tail and fins were colored white, like the pale pearls that illuminated the palace, glowing with soft hints of pale blue and pink.

Those days were lovely, as we played and lived in bliss within our world beneath the waves. However, I always felt something missing in my heart, something seemed to diminish the happiness I felt, no matter how great. No one could understand it; no one could fill it.

Until the day I saved the prince.


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