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Notes: indicates telepathy, ** indicates thoughts, italics indicates pokemon talking.

Third Arc begins: Card Captor Ashura: Eclipse

Episode 78: Song of the Volcano? Cinnabar Gym vs. Blaine!

            "Hi Ash!" Teresa said, running over. "Guess what! I found Blaine for you! He says he'll meet you at four thirty in the Cinnabar gym!"
            "Cool." Ash said, as he put on a blue sweatshirt. *Brr, it's pretty cold here. I forgot that here in our dimension, it's getting close to winter… *

            "I made you a costume!"

            Ash inwardly sighed. * Please don't let it be pink… * "Can I see it first?"

            Teresa pulled a tiny rotating holographic device out of her backpack. It showed a floating costume.

            Ash looked and sighed in relief. * I can deal with this. *

            Pika-chan looked over to take a peek. "Hey, I like it!"

            Ash nodded. "I promise I'll change before the battle. Right now, I'm just going to lie on the beach and soak up some sunshine."
            Sounds good to me!  Vaporeon said, yawning widely and stretching out.


            Ash was dressed in a pair of dark red overalls over a bright yellow t-shirt. Over that went a black jacket with dark red and orange flame designs on it. He had short red boots, his hair held back by a red headband. The hat was nowhere to be seen.

            Pika-chan smoothed her own red jumper. "Let's go!" She chirped.

            Ash nodded. "Okay, so how do we get in?"

            Teresa led the way. Soon, they were inside Blaine's volcano.

            Blaine came out, still in his disguise. "I am the gym leader of Cinnabar Island, Blaine! Who is challenging me?"

            "Me." Ash said.

            "I see." Blaine said. "Very well. This will be a 4x4 match for the Volcano badge!"

            "Ninetails, I choose you!"

            Ash hesitated. * Should I use Skymew? Or should I do something else… she doesn't theoretically exist here… *

            "Vaporeon, I choose you!"

            "Ninetails, use Fire Spin!"

            "Vaporeon, break out of it with Hydro Pump!" Vaporeon nodded and slammed the full force of the pressurized water into Ninetails.

            Ninetails weakly stood up again.

            "Confuse Ray!"

            Vaporeon glazed over and fell limply to the floor.

            Ash threw her a Bitter berry. Vaporeon ate it and got up again.

            "Hydro Pump!" This time, the attack knocked Ninetails out. Ash sighed in relief. * One down, two to go. *

            "Interesting. Rhydon, I choose you!"

            "Vaporeon, Ice Beam!" Vaporeon nodded and fired the attack off towards the unfortunate Rhydon, which ended up frozen solid.

            "Great! Now use Bubblebeam!" Vaporeon nodded and the bubble attack K.O.'d Rhydon as well.

            "Rhydon, Return! Go, Rapidash!"

            Rapidash nailed vaporeon with Stomp. Ash winced and withdrew it.

            "Okay, Ponyta, I choose you!"
            Blaine blinked.

            "Ponyta, use Hydro Flare! Hurry!" Ponyta nodded and blue fire streaked towards Rapidash, before imploding in a wave of water.

            Rapidash neighed in pain.

            "Rapidash, use Fury Attack!"

            "Ponyta, counter with Agility!" Ponyta darted out of the way of Rapidash's flying horns and ran around in circles.

            "Rapidash, use Agility also!"

            Ash closed his eyes. * This is getting us nowhere… if I don't figure out some way to finish off Rapidash, Ponyta's going to get tired and I'll lose this round! *
            "Ponyta, try using Fire Blast!" Ponyta nodded and scorched Rapidash, who retaliated with Take Down.

            Both pokemon fell down.

            "This is a double knock-out!" The announcer cried.

            Ash tried to withdraw Ponyta. Sorry, girl. I thought Hydro Flare would finish it. Come back. But Ponyta refused to go back.

            It began to glow. The white light of evolution surrounded it. When the light cleared, a Rapidash stood there, with delicate golden designs on its legs and horn.

            Blaine blinked.

            "Rapidash, use Rapid Fire!" Rapidash nodded and streams of flames flashed at the other Rapidash, finally knocking it off the platform.

            "Um… Rapidash has been eliminated! Ash wins this round!" The announcer said.

            Ash hugged his newly evolved Rapidash. It licked his face.

            "Guess I'll have to play my trump card… Arcanine, go!"

            "Rapidash, use Hydro Flare!"

            "But can you hit my Arcanine?" Blaine asked as Arcanine dodged all the blasts.


            Rapidash's eyes glowed and it tracked Arcanine.

            "Arcanine, use Bite!"

            Rapidash kicked Arcanine… hard…in its wide-open mouth. Arcanine staggered and tipped over.

            "Now!" Rapidash nodded and this time, the Hydro Flare attack was right on. A drenched Arcanine was recalled.

            "Well, you have defeated me, so I confer upon you the Volcano badge." Blaine said solemnly.

            Ash cheered. Pika-chan jumped up and down happily.

            "Pose!" Teresa called.

            Ash nodded, sent out Vaporeon (who he fed a Revive to), and posed with his two pokemon. Blaine looked amused.

            "Cool! I'm glad we're out of that Volcano." Teresa said.

            "Me too." Ash said, smiling.

            "Same here." Pika-chan said brightly. "Can we get snacks now?"

            Ash would have said more, but then a rock slammed down in front of him. He jumped out of the way.

            On a hill, a shadowed figure and his Golem were throwing rocks.

            "Release!" Ash said angrily, grabbing his staff. * I knew I thought it was too peaceful… *

            "I choose you! Squirtle!" The little turtle appeared in a flash of white light, as Ash changed yet another card. "Use Water gun!"

            The shadowed figure and his golem began to run away.

            Ash sighed. * Well, I don't think it's a reporter… but whom? *

            That was close! Dragonair scolded.

            What else could I do? The 'shadowed figure' asked.

            You could have sent one of us. Gyrados said.

            Maybe next time… but he changed another one, right?

            Right. Dragonair admitted grudgingly.

            He'd better hurry, or else she'll run out of energy.
            Maybe not…

            Every time he changes a card, he drains Sabrina. If this continues, I still don't' know why she didn't feel the energy loss in the other dimension, but if he keeps changing them, she'll die.

            "Well, this is getting interesting." Eriol commented.

            "They actually beat Bob!"

            "I know that, Suppi."

            "MY NAME IS NOT SUPPI! Who is Suppi? My name is Spinel Sun." The little cat said indignantly.

            "Whatever you say, Suppi." Nakaru said, holding up a chocolate.


            "Now, now." Eriol said. "I just hope he can deal with this better than Sakura dealt with Yue…"

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